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Mikayla's Favorite Elite Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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I love sexual enhancement products.  Always have, always will.  I have a wide range of items from the $2.99 cock rings to the over $300 electro-sex kit.  I believe, firmly, in investing in my sexual health and well-being as well as in my own, personal pleasure.  There are times when a higher price tag is necessary to give you the power, quality or long-lastingness you desire in a sexual enhancement product.  Just like anything else in life, sometimes you do get what you pay for.  While I understand that not everyone can spend a lot of money on a “sex toy,” I do believe that there are many items worth the money.  So, here are my picks for my favorite elite toys.

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There is absolutely NO sex toy that is more powerful than a magic wand.  None.  Nope.  Don’t even look.  The Magic Wand is amazingly intense with ultra-powerful vibrations, a soft, padded end for sensual stimulation, and, the best part – you can and SHOULD actually use it as a massager!  This item is like getting a two-fer – a remarkable massager AND a super powerful vibrator.  While you can’t insert this item, what you CAN do is have cord-free, rechargeable freedom to massage or play anywhere you choose!  Plus, those vibrations are so immensely effective that you will be having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.  I, personally, would pay even MORE for a toy that does all that!


I actually remember the very first We Vibe Couple’s vibrator and thought it was amazing!  How ingenious is a toy that you can insert INTO your vagina, will give you clitoral stimulation AND will give both of you stimulation DURING sex.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This item is used DURING sex as a couple’s vibrator.  While skeptical that they could make that item any better, they DID.  It has a longer lasting battery (3 hours on one charge), a better, sleeker design for better staying power, it also has a unique App that you can load onto your phone for – wait for it – REMOTE ACCESS!  Not just remote access but LONG distance remote access!  How COOL is that?  This item is hands-down the most unique couple’s toy I have ever come across and it actually works as it should!  Keep in mind different body shapes can make positioning of this toy a little different for each person, but basically just insert, grab the remote and PLAY!  Definitely a great investment in a couple’s sexual happiness.


Over the years I have had a chance to buy different masturbators for my lovers.  I especially always loved the ones that looked like a “real” pussy because then we could have the threesome fantasy where I was giving oral sex to the lady while my lover was inside of me.  The item that I have is no longer available, as porn stars du jour change all the time.  However, the closest to what I have is the Veronica Ricci pussy.  I love Veronica, I find her amazingly sexy.  She normally does lesbian porn, but that won’t stop her from letting you guys play with her amazing pussy.  Sculpted FROM HER, this toy is anatomically accurate – how cool!  Made of realistic feel material, with a ribbed canal, you will have the best of both worlds! If you and your lover like to experiment or if you are a guy who loves to masturbate with something that looks real, then you can’t go wrong with this $100 masturbator.  It’s a bargain at twice the price.


I have had and enjoyed the Form 6 by Jimmy Jane for nearly 2 years now.  It is easily one of my favorite vibrators.  Firstly, it is rechargeable and has a long, long lasting battery.  Rechargeable toys are SO worth the money because you more than you think on batteries.  This toy is waterproof and submersible (you can use it UNDER water), it is elegant and sleep and contours to hit your every secret and special place.  Both ends vibrate – with dual motors – and the smaller end curves up just right for G-Spot stimulation.  The reverse is a bit larger, if you enjoy a bit of stretch.  The sleekness of this toy’s silicone exterior makes insertion smooth and sensual, and the roundish shape is quite pleasing while playing.  The vibrations are quite strong – but very quiet – for convenient and discreet play.  Plus, the small end can be placed on the clitoris during intercourse too, so this instantly becomes a couple’s toy as well.  Definitely an investment worth making!


Anyone who knows me or of me knows that I LOVE bondage in all its delightful forms.  I adore being restrained, I find great pleasure in any sort of spreading, tying, affixing to anything.  Spreader bars are one of my favorites because, well, when you are spread on a spreader bar, you don’t move.  Your ankles stay affixed to the bar and that is it – you don’t get to wiggle free.  As a submissive woman, I love that.  I love that A LOT.  When I put on my Domme cap, I love it equally as much.  Definitely a win-win.  Not to mention, a spreader bar is multi-purpose.  You can spread not just ankles but also wrists.  There are a variety of scenarios that can happen.  This spreader bar is particularly wonderful as it is made of high quality leather and brass and just looks elegant.  It is extremely sturdy with the claps which will attach to pretty much any wrist or ankle cuff.  The bar has not 2 but 4 clasps as well – so the possibilities are definitely endless.  While you don’t have to be a millionaire like Christian Grey to afford this spreader bar, it does have a high price tag – but I assure you, you will get more than your 50 shades of erotic on with this!


Women are not the only ones who can benefit from an elite toy, men do have some items that are worth the investment.  I have strongly advocated to my lovers that they try anal stimulation.  It is an amazing sensation for me – so why not for them – especially since, well, they have a prostate for that extra pleasure!  The Aneros Eupho is a fantastic item meant to stimulate the prostate with the perfect little contour for a “worry free” insertion.  This toy is made from a hard plastic and if taken care of, will last for years!  It is the perfect size for beginners or advanced players.  While the idea of spending this amount of money on a toy which you are unsure would work – let me assure you, you will love prostate massage – alone or combined with other activities!

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Date 12/8/2015
I love the rechargeable wand because its just as powerful but cordless.
Date 12/8/2015
Gorgeous 27
ive never had a toy as nice as these but i think i should it seems worth the money!!!
Date 12/8/2015
i have a few 50 shades of grey toys that i really love. they were expensive but definitely worth it. very good quality

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