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Mikayla's Favorite G-Spot Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Every woman wants to achieve that powerful, and oftentimes, elusive, G-Spot orgasm.  While it is, usually, much easier to reach that noble goal with a partner, we do not always have an extra pair of hands, well, handy.  So, this is where a G-Spot toy comes into play.  To be effective, most G-spot toys have to have the Triad:  Firmness, G-Spot “curve” and appropriate size.  IF you have a toy which is solid and won’t bend, creates a delicious sensation with a curved tip AND is just the right length to reach your G – well, then you are in business!  Here are some of my faves for G-Spot toys.

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Personally, I think that a glass toy is absolutely the most perfect toy for serious G-Spot stimulation.  In fact, even WITH a partner, a glass toy is the go-to item for proper stimulation.  The particular toy is nicely curved, very solid and has a proper girth.  The tip is smooth and not “realistic,” meaning there is not “penis head” shape on the end.  This provides a very smooth sensation more like a fingertip.  Definitely a top pick for G-stim.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to achieve a G-spot orgasm then it is very necessary to invest in a high-end G-spot toy!  The GiGi is the perfect pleasure investment.  Made of smooth silicone, the firm, yet pliable toy comes with a very unique and effective G-spot tip which will “hook” right on to your swollen spot!  It is a rechargeable toy for long-lasting play AND the ability to not need to insert batteries.  The waterproof design is also a huge plus if you like underwater action!  Various vibration selections will bring you to the brink over and over.  Yes, the price tag is a bit higher than some, but totally and utterly worth it!


With a similar shape to the GiGi, the Le Reve is a more affordable choice.  It is a petite toy, which is a good option for a G-spot toy as you only need about 2-3 inches inside to find the golden area!  This toy’s shaft is adorned with pleasure ridges to stimulate your insides in a way that is pleasing and fun.  The G-Spot tip won’t bend under the pressure and will deliver that much needed stimulation.  Vibration options add to the pleasure potential and the 100% silicone makes it smooth and sensual and 100% waterproof makes wet and wild fun a great option!


The main functionality of a G-spot toy is the unbending, curved tip.  For this reason I can highly recommend slender toys that are not very wide, but will still provide the necessary stimulation where you require it.  This toy looks like metal, but it is hard plastic.  Plastic is a perfect material for G-Spot toys because it is hard and won’t flex.  This item is slender, a little larger than a male finger, and has a really pronounced tip.  It has 5 vibration levels to help you find the golden ticket to orgasm.


This pretty purple toy won’t leave a G-spot orgasm just a dream any longer.  No, with this uniquely fashioned item you will be exploring the pleasure options immediately.  The curved G-spot tip fits wonderfully inside.  The soft, plush rubber cote material is sensual and insertion is always a dream.  Waterproof with 5 vibration selections, this toy is sure to pleasure you in ways you never knew!
What's Your Favorite G-Spot Toy?
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Date 12/8/2015
I love glass gspot toys too because they are firm and always rub that spot just right!!!
Date 12/8/2015
Hmm I have one just like the #4th and it's okay but i use it for my clit more often so I'M looking for a different G-spot vibe
Date 12/8/2015
Vikkie Haynes
I never tried G-spot vibrator before but my friends say I should have one
Date 12/8/2015
thinking about getting a lelo because of the quality of their toys!

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