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Mikayla's Favorite Dildos

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Oh do I love a good, classic dildo!  A dildo is, basically, a phallic-type (penis shaped) toy.  Dildos come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.  Some even offer vibration options as well.  Dildos are great to add in with a mini-vibrator for masturbation or simply on their own.  Also, a dildo makes a good addition with a partner for a realistic double penetration experience.  So, if one of your fantasies involves experiencing two men at once – a dildo can be your absolute best stand-in option.  If you have never tried a dildo – or if you are just looking for a new toy to try - then read on.

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Glass is probably my favorite material option for dildos.  The solid nature of them provides a stimulating insertable experience.  The Icicles line of glass toys is hands down my favorite.  They combine stunning and beautiful designs, with unique textures and curves to create a unique, orgasmic experience.  This particular item is a traditional phallic shape, with little bubbles of blown glass decorating the top and lines of ridges toward the bottom of the base.  It is a very pleasing length and girth and is simply gorgeous with clear class and pink accents.  Very affordable considering that a glass toy will last forever if you care for it right!


Sometimes a girl wants a little bend for her buck and this toy has one heck of a curve!  At a stunning 8 ½ inches, this is no small toy.  Plus, the greatest selling points are the fantastic curve which is absolutely perfect for G-Spot stimulation but also the slight, upraised texture of the pretty, blue swirls that adorn the shaft.  Made of high quality glass, this toy can be warmed or cooled to provide temperature sensations.  Whichever route you go, this item is sure to heat you up but quick!


There are a few dildos that do come with a vibrating option – which is fantastic!  What girl wouldn’t want a realistic feel penis that also vibrates!  This particular item offers not only a very realistic look and feel with traditional phallic appearance, popped out veins, tight little balls and a prominent penis head – but ALSO a suction cup for safe and secure placement AND it vibrates too!  Win – Win – SCORE!


Sometimes you just need the feel of a real man to satisfy your sexual desires.  When my partner is MIA and I need a fix, this is what I go for!  This dildo is ultra-realistic in look, feel, and size so I can enjoy myself like I was really with my partner.  Plus, is VIBRATES, and we all know how great it would be if our guys all came with vibrating functions.  Plus, this dildo is totally waterproof, making it a snap to clean but also turning my typical morning shower into the experience of a lifetime.


Sometimes, the material is what draws me to a toy.  Silicone toys are some of my favorites due to their soft and smooth feel as well as their hypoallergenic and long-lastingness.  Many dildos come in silicone options because silicone is the optimal material for a dildo.  This particular one is fantastic.  Smooth and silky, this simple yet pleasing silicone dildo is great for warming up.  With a small curve to the tip, stimulation takes on a new feeling upon insertion.  Not too large, it is perfect for vaginal or anal play (as long as you don’t go from anal to vaginal!)  The silicone material makes for super easy insertion.  Just remember, no silicone lubes with silicone toys!
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Date 11/23/2015
I love a big dildo that feels just like a real dick ;-)
Date 11/23/2015
Pam W.
I like glass toys but I never tried a curved one i bet they are good for G-spot
Date 11/23/2015
Cassandra Hays
lol some of those look intimidating but still good
Date 11/23/2015
Glass toys are my favorite because they are so easy to keep in good condition and they are so smooth and nice! Highly recommend just about any glass toy!
Date 11/23/2015
Mmmm very cool toys so unique!

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