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Mikayla's Favorite Fifty Shades Of Grey Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Check Out The Official Line Of Fifty Shades Of Grey Toys!

When the new 50 Shades line of toys came out I was, quite literally, GIDDY!  Since I love bondage in all its lovely forms AND I loved the 50 Shades books, I was nothing less than super excited to see what they would produce.  I was extremely surprised at the quality of the items as well as the exceptionally sensual way that the toys are packaged.  Each toy is elegant in black and gray (if there is a color choice) and always presented in a gorgeous box with a 50 Shades outer box.  Also, certain items come in a 50 Shades satin bag for safe and proper storage.  In short, these items are a class act from start to finish.  Absolutely.  Not to mention, these are fun, flirty and sometimes even naughty, sticking with the idea that bondage can be (AND IS) fun!  So, these are my top items from the 50 Shades line.

How To Orgasm While Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey!


I love, no, adore, glass toys.  There is nothing more sensual than the smoothness of glass; and nothing more stimulating than being filled by something hard which warms to your body instantly.  This glass dildo is so elegant with it’s clear white glass with internal embellishments, the slightly bulbous head makes for full and stimulating insertion, the grip with etched glass and the 50 Shades emblem is simply stunning.  Drive me crazy is RIGHT!  This items is 50 shades of fun!


The 50 Shades line has more than one restraint set, but this one is my favorite.  It comes with both ankle and wrist cuffs (made slightly different for each), adjustable tethers to attach them to, and a blindfold – because you ALWAYS need a blindfold.  The cuffs attach via a secure bolt snap (think on the end of a dog leash).  These cuffs can be used in SO many ways.  You can use them separate from the tethers, secure the cuffs together, use the tethers and place it around a headboard or chair.  There really is little limitation to what you can achieve with this set – and that is a great thing!  Not to mention the very affordable price for all the 50 shades fun you can have!


There are so many rabbit vibes out there but this is definitely a home-run option.  It is absolutely sleek in its matte-black design.  The silicone material makes the sensation lush and sensual, and the fact that it is waterproof – well, what more could you ask for?  It has 36 – YES, 36 – vibration levels to explore and trust me, you will want to explore each and every one of them.  Every girl needs a rabbit vibe, and “good girls” get the 50 Shades Greedy Girl rabbit vibe.


If you even have to ask me why you need a riding crop if you are into bondage play then you are in the wrong article.  If you want to know why you need THIS riding crop, well, I will tell you!  Riding crops are not just for the sting of the snap, but they are also used to run up and down the body, caress against a hardened nipple, tap against a swollen clit.  It can be lightly brushed against any part of the body – sending shivers up and down your spine.  Or, if you like, you can use it with a little more “snap” and make a lasting impression on your prisoner.  The 50 Shades version is absolutely stunning in black and silver.  The black stem is flexible and soft.  The silver pad on the end is soft, yet still can sting when flipped correctly.  All in all this affordable little crop is a great way to experience the fun of playing with a riding crop without the sting of a hefty price tag!


Yes, I know it is expensive.  Yes, I know it is a flogger.  Yes, you have to have it.  Now.  Go on.  Mikayla says get this now.  Why? *sigh* OK.  Floggers.  Are.  Fun.  Don’t be afraid of them.  Take the idea out of your head from all the bad BDSM porn you have seen with women being slashed by a flogger – this is NOT the purpose.  A flogger has many tendrils of soft leather.  These little tethers act like hundreds of little fingers all caressing you at once.  Oh, now you get it!  Imagine your lover running those little fingers slowly all over your body, up and down, around and around.  Yes, now you see.  Then, if you want, a flogger can be used to gently spank the skin.  Buttocks, thighs, maybe a little on the vaginal area.  Guys, those tethers feel amazing on your balls and shaft (I have heard) so it is not just for the ladies.  This flogger is expertly made with quality leather and suede to excite your every nerve point.  Invest in your erotic future, even if you have no inclinations toward bondage.  If you want some naughty fun, try this flogger.  Go on, do it.  Mistress Mikayla says “Now!”
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Date 12/7/2015
I would LOVE to turn our basement into a little Red Room for us ;)
Date 12/7/2015
My husband and I have been into dominant/submissive sex for a while now. It's a lot of fun and we didn't start using many different toys until the book came out
Date 12/7/2015
oh I love that riding crop! I have only used one paddle but I love getting spanked!
Date 12/7/2015
pat wilks
wouldnt mind a little whipping or spanking. sexual punishment seems like fun
Date 12/7/2015
I need to see the second movie so I can get more ideas ;)
Date 12/7/2015
i like to be tied up and blindfolded and let him just have his way

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