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Top 4 New Ways to Spice Things Up This Valentine's Day

Posted by Angela to General / Misc Info
The Top 4 New Things you both will enjoy this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Are you sick of the same old tradition? Flowers, chocolates, and a nice dinner are all great things, but what about after? Here are 5 new treats you both can try in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day:

Watch a naughty DVD:

If you have never done it before, it may be awkward at first. Give it a try! You can ease into it by making a joke out of it. You will surprisingly find yourselves feeling a little less awkward and a little more frisky. Don’t feel the need to compete with the stars in your naughty film. It is just a fun new way to get you both revved up in the bedroom. Here are some popular DVDs you both will enjoy:   

Play a board game together: (and no, we don't mean Scrabble)

Adult board games have many uses! It can intensify your sex life, it can rekindle your romance, it can tease you both to mind-spinning orgasms-there are so many uses, you have to try it! From naughty card games, to sex dice, to actual board games-Here are some popular games for you and your lover to play together! You both are guaranteed to win.

Incorporate a new toy during intimacy:

Adult toys are a fun way to spice up your sex life. You can use a vibrating penis ring that will not only help prolong his erection, but the vibrations will feel amazing throughout his member and against your clit. A mini clit massager is the perfect little device you can hold against your clit as your man thrusts himself inside of you.

Enjoy a sweet treat...on each other:

There are many different edible lubes and kits available for couples to enjoy together. Make a game of it! Blindfold your lover and put a dab of yummy lube on all of your “hot spots” and make them search for your spots with their tongue. Edible undies or bras make the perfect snack for your partner. These edible products are the perfect choices for a whole new level of foreplay:

Enjoy everyone!


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