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Top 10 Sex Resolutions For The New Year

Posted by Kaitlin to Men's Issues
Give yourself something to look forward to in 2015 - upgraded sexual experiences.  You've heard all of the eat better, live better, read more resolutions, but have you ever made sex resolutions for yourself?  Kind of like a sexual bucket list, I've come up with some simple tips and tricks to create a very hot 2015 for you and your lover(s).  Hop on the resolution bandwagon (and your lover) with my Top 10 Sex Resolutions for the New Year!  Leave the past in the past and gear up for an exciting, passionate, romantic, and maybe a little rowdy 2015!

1.  DO YOUR KEGELS:  Maybe you make this resolution every year, or maybe this is your first go, but you’ve got to stick with it!  Kegel exercises strengthen the Kegel muscle, AKA the pelvic floor, and can help with orgasm control and strength!  These are the muscles that constrict and release during climax, so squeeze your kegels or use orgasm balls and keep up the sexercise!

  ‘Tis the season to take your time and enjoy sex
Increase your foreplay time (15+ minutes is ideal) and really get to know what you and your lover’s bodies are good for!  Try building sexual tension by sustaining slow, rhythmic sex, and get exactly what you want!

3.  BUT STILL HAVE SEX MORE:  Okay, I know I said quality and not quantity but, you can have LOTS
of quality sex!  I know it was the first thing that popped into your mind when you saw “Sex Resolutions,” so go out and get it!  Yes, quickies are still allowed (and encouraged), just remember that one good sexual experience is better than one okay experience!

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  I’m not going to tell you that you have to hit your goal weight in two weeks like some of the other crazy resolutions out there.  However, it is proven that working out is a serious sexual stimulant!  Overall it makes you feel amazing, triggers some of the same sexy responses as being intimate, and if you can increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength while you’re at it?  It’s a win, win, win, win, win!

5.  HAVE PRE-WORK SEX:  Whoever said that sex was a nighttime activity only has not felt the thrill of pre-work sex.  Also known as morning sex, this taste of naughtiness before putting on your pants can really amp up productivity throughout the day.  You may be prone to a few more daydreams, but what’s a better wake-up call than a make-out session followed by early am sex?!

6.  FANTASIZE MORE:  Getting yourself turned on and ready-to-go is an excellent talent to have.  Women and men who fantasize throughout the day (and night) have healthier sexual appetites and better sex!  Wouldn’t you if you were picturing lush lovemaking all day?  Getting vocal, and trying these fantasies is an even better perk for all your naughty thoughts!

I said try it, didn’t I?  If you haven’t read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E L James there’s still a good chance you know what it’s all about (BDSM sex, mainly).  With the first film installment coming out on Valentine’s Day 2015, why not add a little kink to your toy collection?  Even if you’re not into the pain/pleasure balance of BDSM, you can still enjoy some fun with blindfolds, teasing feather ticklers, and a little vibration running through your bodies.

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You’ve been doing missionary so long that you both just get into position without any excitement.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the missionary position, but there are so many other options out there for you to try in 2015!  We even have a whole blog category dedicated to sex positions!

9.  SPEAK UP IN THE BEDROOM:  I’ve been playing with this notion throughout the entire list, but it’s time to express yourself before, during, and after sex!  Fantasize, and then tell your lover about it.  Moan during sex and it may actually heighten your orgasms by helping your breath control and stimulating your brain.  Oh yeah!  After sex, quietly giggle about your favorite moments, think about what you want to try next time, and then, go for it!

Okay, I know it sounds a little weird to try and get you to plan to be spontaneous, but it’s SO important!  Just make a resolution right now to be be more open to new kinds of sex!  Go with the flow, feel the sexual tension between you and your lover and get yourself some action!  Don’t shy away because you’re out of the house, or in the wrong room, or a little “too timid” - see what I did there?  Make 2015 the year of incredible orgasms!

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