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Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas For Him

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Marital Bliss

**Remember, men have a different idea of romance, so don’t think, “ick” or “ugghhh” when you read these!
#1-10 – HOT SEX! Just kidding!

#10: Man Time - Men need free time too! Many Dads work all day, then spend time with their kids all night. Some men have two jobs, others just work obscene hours! Whatever the situation, men could use some time to just do….nothing! One of the best gifts I can give my hubby is a little time to himself to do those ‘manly things’ in the garage, putz on the computer, or even just nap. Even if you have the kids all day all the time, if you sense your man needs some alone time – give it to him. Then, later after he is recharged and grateful, you can have HOT SEX!

#9: Video Gamers Delight – I am not sure that ALL men like this sort of thing, but I have quite a few male friends who would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have their girlfriends play Nintendo Wii or Playstation with them. Combining their two loves (you and the game) and having a stress free night of fun! You can even invite some of his buddies over for a gaming marathon (with you providing the goodies and beer) and then after all his buds go home you can have your games! The only caution is, sometimes when guys start playing, they have a hard time stopping. Although, if you promise him a little after gaming activity like HOT SEX – he may be more apt to stop at a decent hour!

#8: Breakfast in Bed – Men love breakfast – they love sleep – so combine the two and give him breakfast in bed! Make his favorite tasty treats and bring them to him on a tray in bed. Sit and watch him eat, looking sexy and flirty in one of his shirts. Then, after breakfast, throw the tray on the floor and have some HOT SEX!

#7: Naughty Maid – If you are dating a bachelor, the chances are his apartment, house or condo could use a little…cleaning up! Even if your man keeps a clean house (or if you do) he would love to see his new “maid” – meaning you – cleaning it up for him! If you feel the desire, you can even wear the sexy maid outfit – sure to lead to HOT SEX.

#6: Porno Party – No, I am not suggesting that you have an orgy, but instead watch a sexy, adult feature. This may be something you do already – but if not, it will definitely thrill him! Have a nice dinner, send the kids to bed, get comfy in some nice lingerie or comfy pajamas and pop in a porno! He will be intrigued and of course it may inspire some HOT SEX!

#5: Massage His Parts – Men like massages too – truly they do. They especially like naked massages. Men are stressed too – a nice, long, slow back rub with massage oil and your 10 skilled fingers can work wonders for his mood. Also, massages are infamous for leading to HOT SEX!

#4: Lunch at the Office - If you can manage it, a nice afternoon visit to your man at work with a picnic type lunch and bring it to your man’s office. Just that ½ hour to hour of time will make his day! Make sure you dress nicely with make-up and hair done. Looking the part will make him even MORE grateful that you are there. If you can, you can even have some HOT OFFICE SEX! Don’t get caught or risk loosing his job though!

#3: Sports Chick – Even if you are not a ‘sports chick’ pretend to be one (or give it your best shot) by buying tickets to a sports event. Buy you both beers and hot-dogs (or whatever stadium food they have) and cheer, whoop and holler! Make sure you know what team he likes, and if it is in your budget, buy a jersey for that team to wear! Then, you can wear the jersey and nothing else for…HOT SEX.

#2: Fulfill a Fantasy – Has your man ever asked you to have a threesome? Perhaps he wants you to role-play or have anal sex. Maybe he wants you to do a sexy strip tease or pretend to be a hooker for a night! These are all common male fantasies – so why not give him what he desires? You can get a ‘realistic’ vagina for a naughty threesome, buy some slinky undies for a satisfying strip, or have him pick you up at a bar for a night of role-playing! Whatever you do – be open to new ideas! Men love it when there woman thinks outside of the box (or bedroom) and this can really spice up not only your Valentine’s Day, but any day! Plus, it will definitely include HOT SEX!

#1: Hot Sex – Yes, I know, you were hoping that I wouldn’t go here - again. The truth is, what most men want from Valentine’s Day is HOT SEX! OK, maybe they really want a big screen TV, but hot sex is a close second! For men, Valentine’s Day can be about love and romance, but most men (according to a national survey) really just think it is guaranteed nookie night! So if he is good to you ladies, be good to him too! You will both enjoy it and what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day!

I know you are thinking that the man’s portion of this was a bit of a joke – and it was. Truthfully, however, men do want to have sex on Valentine’s Day – and so do women. It is not necessary to buy things for your partner – sometimes a thoughtful gift that can’t be ‘bought’ is the best way to go. Time spent with your honey is top on the list as well as time spent alone! Try to figure out what your lover could really use or would really like and give it your own personal twist! Remember, no one knows your partner better than you – so use your common sense and imagination.

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance – so don’t forget that! The days of giving toasters and vacuums for V-Day are OVER! If you are good to your partner, he or she will be good to you! I would love for every couple to have a wonderful, romantic, relaxing and sexy Valentine’s Day – and of course – HOT SEX!

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