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Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas For Her

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Marital Bliss

**Remember, women like things a little more romantic than men – so don’t go “ick” and “ugggh” when you read them!

#10: Kid free=stress free – I do realize that no every woman has kids – but, if you do – one of the best gifts you can give your lover is some kid-free time! Take the kids to the MCD play land, rent them a movie, take them to Grandmas – just keep them out of the stress free zone where Mom is. Let her do whatever she wants – read, knit, watch TV. If you do not have kids, then still give her some ‘her time.’ Get her all the supplies she needs and let her be! Believe you me, after a few hours of quiet time, she will be begging you to come to bed!

#9: Clean House = Clean Mind – Yes, I am suggesting you clean. Perhaps this can’t be done ON Valentine’s Day, after all most companies don’t count it as a paid day off work. Do it the weekend before, or the Friday after. Clean the house or apartment! Dust, do laundry, dishes, vacuum, clean the toilets! Trust me, if she has a sparkling clean house she will be FOREVER grateful! While you are cleaning, send her to her room to read or draw her a bath in a clean tub! This is perfect for new Mommies (trust me, I would LOVE this!) Now, if your lover keeps a clean house already – then find something else to lend your helpful hand to. If still nothing – move on to number 8!

#8: Breakfast in Bed – Now, keep in mind that this only ranks as #8 if you actually MAKE the breakfast! Whatever your honey likes – fruit salad, eggs, toast, English muffins – you MAKE it and bring it to her on a little tray with a flower and a card. Remember fellas, Egg McMuffin = No, No – homemade eggs or waffles = morning whoopee!

#7: Sexy Somethings – Valentine’s Day is the holiday for lovers and what better to surprise your honey with than some tasteful lingerie with some sexy toys, oral sex gels or massage creams. Try to find lingerie that is more romantic and less slutty. When you think of sexual enhancement products, try to get tasteful and couple-oriented. Couple’s games, massage oils, light restraint kits – all of these suggest couple fun! Stay away from things she might be offended by!

#6: Artistic Vision – Are you a poet and didn’t know it? The truth is, women LOVE when their man shows his sensitive side! Giving your lover with a card with a personalized poem inside (or even just some romantic words and true feelings) will send her over the top! Make it sincere and romantic and not overtly sexy (nothing like: roses are red, violets are blue, boy I’d really like to f*ck you!). Present it to her with one red rose (or flower of her choice) and she will be reminded of it all day!

#5: Feeling the Footsies (and more) - Foot massages are the gate to the best sex of your life! Every woman in the world is stressed and a 10 minute (or one hour) foot rub can take loads of that stress away. This massage offer has to come with ‘no strings attached’ meaning – you have to give her a REAL massage, with massage oil and everything! Massage whatever ‘parts’ she wants done, but remember – NO STRINGS! If it leads to sex (and it probably will) GREAT – and if it doesn’t – then it doesn’t! Your woman will LOVE you for it –and feel so much better after.

#4: A Garden of Flowers – I think everyone knows that women love flowers (most women do anyway!) However, there is a good way and a bad way to send flowers. (1) KNOW what type of flower your lady likes – there are different kinds (2) at least a dozen (anything less is a waste) (3) get good ones from a nice florist, not the grocery store on the way home from work (4) send them to her at work to make a great impression AND bring her some more when you pick her up or get home.

#3: Womanly Things – It is no secret that a woman’s idea of fun and a man’s are TOTALLY different. For example, perhaps your woman has always wanted to go see a musical like “Wicked” and you would rather have your teeth knocked out. IF you want to show your lover how important she is to you – get her tickets to the show! This could be anything from a ‘girlie’ movie to an art exhibit – whatever she wants that you normally would never do – do it for her!

#2: First Date – Yes, you can ‘date’ your partner even if you have been married for 10 years! One of the most romantic Valentine’s Days that I ever had was when my hubby and I went on a date like it was the first. Write her a note the day before asking her on a ‘date.’ Get a babysitter (if needed), get dressed up, go to the front door to pick her up. Give her flowers and open the door for her. Ask her questions like it is your first date and encourage her to play along. If possible, re-create your first date by taking her where you did on your very first date. Relax, connect, enjoy and try to recapture that ‘first date’ tingly feeling that you had when you first held hands, kissed or made love! It will be another night she will never forget. If your first date was lame (sorry guys, could happen) then make up for it this night and blow her away!

#1: The Full 9 Yards – This means a whole day of surprises! Start with breakfast in bed (homemade of course!), followed by flowers sent to her place of employment (or home),frisky phone calls or notes left in her briefcase or car, then an invitation to dinner at whatever restaurant she wants or even better, MAKE DINNER! After dinner use your imagination – either go to a fantastic show or a movie, then come home and pamper her with a massage or draw her a bubble bath. Make the day about her. IT is not about money spent – but TIME spent! Try to make it memorable and stress free! IF the mood is right – and why wouldn’t it be – then make love with lots of foreplay and orgasms for both!

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