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How To Masturbate With Your Partner

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

When most people hear the word “masturbation” they think of a solo activity, something done on the sly when their partner is not available. The truth is, masturbation can be a couple activity as well, and, usually, it makes it even more satisfying! So, if you have not thought about making private playtime couple’s playtime, read on, you just may find a way to masturbate with your partner.

I think most couples, at one time or another, have had a sort of “accidental” encounter with mutual masturbation. Think about early in a relationship when you are kissing and fondling and your lover finds his / her hands exploring your genitals and your hands, in turn, find his / hers. Yep, that is a simple and early form of mutual masturbation. We get so excited, so turned on by our partner touching us, that we NEED to touch them. So, imagine you can do this NAKED! Yep, strip off the clothes and recreate that moment when things got so hot you just had to make your partner cum via hand / finger stimulation. There are various ways to do this, but most commonly lying side by side in bed will provide the proper angles needed to achieve this. If you are asking, “Why would I want to just get off this way and not go full-on sex?” The answer is, you do not HAVE to do this to completion and should feel free to take it to any place you would like. However, sometimes it is just hot to make your partner quiver without sex or oral. Yep. Give it a go!

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I am always surprised at home many people say, “I could NEVER masturbate in front of my partner!” Um, yes you could and more so you SHOULD! I am sure it will not be surprising for you to read that a man would LOVE (and I mean L O V E) to watch his partner pleasuring herself. Men are extremely visual and watching you give yourself pleasure is a huge, huge turn on for him! It will likely spark his own self-pleasure as he will not be able to contain himself. Imagine how hot THAT is? You are pleasing yourself, putting on a sexy show for him, and he is so aroused, so crazed with desire for you, that he can’t help but to stroke himself. His passion for you stokes your passion and pleasure and it becomes and immensely erotic and extremely intimate experience! Similarly, many women never think to watch their partner masturbate, as if it is some secret thing he need only do when you are not available. Ladies, watch him! Get excited by him stroking himself for you. Watch what he does, how he gets himself aroused and watch how into you watching him he is! Furthermore, both of you can learn a lot from watching each other. See where she puts her fingers and how fast she rubs – and watch how he grabs his penis, how tightly and how fast he strokes. IT is educational and erotic!

Since we have already established that men love to watch their partners self-pleasure and that you should enjoy watching him as well, why not make it more of an interactive game? There is something extremely and intensely erotic about hearing our partner telling us what we can and cannot do to ourselves sexually. When he says we should insert our fingers into our pussy, or when she says he should stroke it faster – we are turned on not only by the action, but by the intense interaction between us and our partner. We are becoming an actor / actress in the most intimate experience, doing what our partner tells us. This combination of hearing the dirty thoughts and desires and DOING them creates an extremely arousing experience. I would dare you to do this and not have a powerful orgasm!

Finally, I would be totally remiss if I did not at least suggest that during this masturbation experience you interact with one another using sexual enhancement products! Women love to use their vibrators for masturbation – but do you know what is even MORE erotic? Yep, having your partner use it ON you. The visual stimulation he gets combined with the realization that he is helping to give you pleasure is intoxicating! Furthermore, there are many masturbation items for men too – such as personal penis strokers – that will take on a whole, new level if she is the one helping you to use it. Don’t forget that toys can be a fantastic couple’s experience too!

Do You Masturbate With Your Lover? Share With Us!

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Date 12/18/2017
Haven't in a long time we usually move on to other things but I think I would like to! I like to see him pleasured and knowing he's getting off watching me is a huge turn on.
Date 12/19/2017
We do sometimes as a part of foreplay. He gets really turned on watching me strip and start on my self. Don't usually watch him but I would!
Date 12/23/2017
My partner and I have done this before and I would love to do it more! I get really hot watching him touch himself to me, and I get to see how he likes to be touched. I think it would be pretty sexy to watch him use a masturbator!
Date 12/27/2017
Yes I asked my wife to try this and she was reluctant at first but got into the idea when I suggested she use her toys or even buy some new ones. She used her wand massager and a few different dildos. Really enjoyed the sight
Date 3/6/2018
Pussy liking
Date 3/6/2018
Pussy liking or sucking
Date 5/2/2018
Deidre Babin
Yes. My partner love watching me masturbate. Either with my fingers or mini vibrator. He gets sexually excited. Especially when I come. Then we are ready.
Date 6/10/2018
It would be a big turn on to watch my wife masturbate in front of me while I am masturbating myself. She has cum into the bedroom when I am masturbating, and I ask her to watch and masturbate herself. she says she's not ready to try it yet. I told her I just want to spice up the sex since we have been married for 40 years.
Date 12/2/2018
Shandal Clay
I masturbate alot, i have a smoking fetish, so when i masturbate im usually smoking a misty menthol 120, im already horny just talking aboit it, i have 4 or 5 female friends that dont mind hanging out while i do it sometimes they join
Date 4/1/2019
I love masturbating in front of my girl and she likes to watch and usually starts masturbating herself, it is such a turn on. When we are not together we can face time and masturbate together and it is so much better than by yourself! I love watching her do it!

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