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The Sexiest Professions

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Polls / Questionnaire Results
Lustful lawyers, seductive secretaries, delicious doctors
When you were young did your mother ever say to you, “make sure you marry a nice Doctor?” Or, were you a girl with her own mind who went for the ‘bad boys’ who liked to get dirty when they worked? Was your mother’s suggestion of marrying a good Doctor based on earning potential or on the ‘sexiness’ of the profession? Is there such a thing as a ‘sexy’ profession? I decided to ask our forum members to see what profession they thought was the sexiest – and I was quite surprised at the results!

Here is the list of the answers given – in no particular order:
*Men in Uniform
*Investment Bankers
*Construction workers
*Truck drivers
*Female Farmers
*Female Writers
*Artists / Musicians
*Female Cops
*Rock stars

WOW – that is quite a list huh? Can you guess which ones were repeats? I NEVER would have guessed that Cowboys would be the number # repeat pick, followed by Men in Uniform and the hodgepodge of ‘blue collar workers.’

Cowboys huh? I guess that song “Save The Horse, Ride a Cowboy” has some significant meaning. Unfortunately for me, the only ‘Cowboys’ I think of are the ones from “Brokeback Mountain” and that does NOTHING for my sex drive! Apparently the more traditional view of the rough riding, dust covered, hat wearing Cowboy makes many women gush in their cowgirl wanna-be panties! Oh well, not my choice buy who can dispute so many?

I think the overall consensus from the women that responded – and my friends whom I asked – is that a hard working man, who has muscles, a nice tan and ‘dirty, rough hands’ seems to make our blood boil! I can relate to this – all the men I dated BEFORE my hubby were total ‘greasers’ in that they worked hard for their money! Ironically, I married a total white collar man!

Artists and musicians were next on the list in popularity – as well as with my gal pals. There is something about a ‘throws the cares to the wind, live for one’s ‘art’ kind of guy that seems to make my friends want to backpack through Europe on some art excursion! The idea of long hair, tattoos and living for one’s talent seems to be very appealing to many women!

I understand the trend toward men in uniform – especially since many of the women my age grew up with Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” – dreaming of being swept off our feet by our own military man! In an age where there are so many men being sent to war – who wouldn’t get a little steamy thinking of their own private MP!

Of course Construction Workers made the list – since they are the quintessential ‘man’s man’ and who doesn’t want to be hooked up with a man who builds big things for a living? Not only is he likely to be toned and firm, but if you get married he can build stuff for you! The sex appeal goes more than skin deep with this one!

One of my top picks was Bartenders. Who doesn’t love to sit at a bar when there is a hot-hottie serving up the frothy drinks behind it? Come on ladies, you all know which bars in town have the hottest bartenders – male AND female! I personally have a friend who is a bartender, and he has a larger collection of phone numbers than the Yellow Pages! Bad boy meets bottle of liquor – dangerous combination!

Low on the list were Lawyers, Investment Bankers and Doctors. Sorry Mom, I guess your daughters are not getting in line to marry a Doctor! Or, does what we find ‘sexy’ not have to have any relevance on whom we marry? I doubt many women would kick Dr. 90210 out of bed!

The few men who responded picked Waitresses – mainly due to their nice, friendly ‘how can I serve you’ manner. Come on guys, we all know you want to marry your mothers! Having someone to serve you food! A man’s heart is in his stomach after all! Female cops made an appearance as well. This is clearly a sexual fantasy – having the big-busted cop with her top buttons bulging pull him over to ticket him for moving violations – and then having their own moving violations later! Oh yeah, couldn’t see that coming!

Female farmers – now that one threw me for a loop, since I have never actually thought about what a female farmer would look like. Then I though, ‘Daisy Duke’ might be the idea ‘farm girl’ – or perhaps the naïve girl who had pigtails and whose father sheltered her away in the barn until some able bodied man comes to sweep her into the hay! Not too sure about that one!

Female writers made an appearance! I take personal joy in that one – since I am a writer and FEMALE! Not sure of the reasoning behind it, but I think a hot woman with brains has to be one of the sexiest things out there!

While the answers were varied – one theme that kept on repeating was ‘hard working’ and ‘willing to get dirty.’ All in all I think women and men just like the typical good looking, hard working, average person – and that is very good to know! So there you go average people of the world – you do not have to be a Doctor or a Lawyer to be sexy! In fact, some posters even said ‘it isn’t anything about the profession, but the individual person!’ Glad to hear we can still judge people individually!

This was a fun little survey to do and the answers were varied indeed! So ladies, forget bringing home that Doctor – you need to go get yourselves a Cowboy or a Mechanic – they are the ones to beat! I guess that is why I have never seen a “Hot Doctors” calendar huh? Thanks for participating guys and gals – it was interesting and fun!

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