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The Products of 50 Shades of Grey

Posted by Angela to Bondage
View The Official Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Toy Collection

By now, you’ve heard all about the famous erotic romance Trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. The erotic series is about the relationship between a sexually inexperienced woman (Anastasia Steele) who meets a man (Christian Grey) who is a dominant and practices BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism). The erotic books unfold their sexual and personal relationship together.

BDSM - a form of personal relationship involving the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role play.

How To Have Hot Fifty Shades Sex

BDSM has been mistaken for “being all about pain.” In fact, it is the exact opposite. Whether you are the Dominant (participants who are active – applying the activity or exercising control over others) or the Submissive (participants who are recipients of the activities, or who are controlled by their partners) it is all about pleasure. Controlling the pleasure of you and your partner. There are “safe words” between the dom and sub that are used to ensure there is comfort during role play. It is a practice that requires a lot of trust in your partner. Here are some products mentioned in the books that will help you and your partner explore a more kinky side of your sexual relationship.

Just click on the Product Images to view more details: - or view all 200+ Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys here

Restraints and Tie Ups (Click Here to View All)

Ultimate Bed Bondage System

Turn your bed into a bondage playground.  Simply slide the restraint straps under the mattress for an instant bondage bedroom.  Easy to set-up on any size mattress.  You can even position the straps around the bed for different uses.  Each strap adjusts to fit any bed.

Breathable Ball Gag

Don't say a word!  Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time at all with this BDSM ball gag.  The sturdy plastic gag fits snugly in your mouth and features several air holes for easy breathing.  The strap is adjustable for the most comfortable fit.

Master & Servant Set

Act out your deepest desires and take turns role-playing - one minute you're in control, the next the roles are reversed.  Who's the true master?

Suction Cup Bondage Set

Get stuck on seduction with these alluring suction cup cuffs.  The strong suction-cup sticks tight to nearly any surface - bathroom tiles, counter tops, walls or glass!  Durable neoprene-backed cuffs easily adjust to comfortably fit.  FREE Love Mask included.

Knotty You Silk Rope Kit

Kit includes:  2 six-foot silk ropes for all your light bondage-play needs.

Fantasy Restraint Kit

Use the adjustable sportscuffs to explore bondage and enhance sexual positions.  Link together to create a collar or thigh cuff.  The leather blindfold enhances fantasy play by heightening your other senses.  Sensuously lined and fits all sizes.  One handed adjustable tether lets you concentrate on your excitement to keep the action HOT.  This is a great kit for bondage beginners OR experienced players.

Thigh & Wrist Cuff Set

A little restriction goes a long way!  Sportsheets classic wrist cuffs, with thigh cuffs attached.  Soft, strong neoprene material, with adjustable straps up to 30".


Complete with two deluxe keys.  Official polished finish.

Whips, Crops, Floggers and Paddles (Click Here to View All)

Fancy Flogger

This beautifully crafted flogger is perfect for beginners and BSDM enthusiasts alike.  Made from super-soft suede, this flogger has a textured handle to ensure an easy grip.  With one crack of the whips tails, your lover will definitely know who's in charge!

Designer Paddle

Explore your dominant or submissive side with the Designer Paddle II.  One crack of the Paddle and your lover will know who's in charge.  It hurts so good!

Icicles #38

This elegant flogger has genuine leather whip tresses and a hand-blown glass handle that doubles as a dildo.  This is perfect for couples looking for pain and pleasure!

Sweet Sting Riding Crop

Straight from the official Fifty Shades line comes this 23" crop!  If you are looking to whip your lover into shape, this will do the trick.

Rubber Whip

When it comes to love games, size isn't everything!  When it's time to stop being dainty, pick up our Rubber Whip and discover the unique stimulation of quality rubber strips.

Duotone Orgasm Balls

Duotone Orgasm Balls with extra length heavy nylon string for multi-purpose use.  Scientifically weighted for your pleasure.  Easy to grip.  Extra length heavy nylon string for multi-purpose use.

Cats Eyes Steel Ben Wa Balls

The weighted steel orgasm balls are the ultimate in vaginal pleasure.  Simply insert them and go about your day - if you're able to, that is! Give your PC muscles a work out you can't help but enjoy!  These Ben Wa Balls come in a hard plastic case for safe keeping!

Metallic Weighted Orgasm Balls

50% larger than the original!  Nearly an inch in diameter, these weighted balls are seamless, nickel free, and non-tarnishing.  Designer pouch included!

Waterproof Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Now a vibrating double powered version of the original Ben Wa.  A woman inserts the balls and will become aroused as they move while she moves or walks around.  Also builds muscle strength.  The balls are weighted so that you have to contract your muscles to hold them in.  This is not only helpful with strengthening vaginal muscles but also helps strengthen bladder control.

XL Ben Wa Balls

Here's the secret to intimate stimulation and extra-tight kegels!  Built bigger for maximum pleasure, insert these balls and go about your day.  Any movement you make will send waves of pleasure throughout your body.  Comes with its own color-coordinated, velvet carrying pouch!  Give your body the pleasure it deserves!

The Leopard Duotone Balls

Perfectly weighted duotone balls.  Sturdy nylon retrieval cord.

My Secret Buddy

Plushy soft and pliable, waterproof, powerful, 4-speed vibrating probe shaped for pleasure with sturdy suction cup base.

Mini Vibro Tease

Slender probe with removable, power-packed waterproof, push button stimulator.  Flared base for safe use.

Dare Silicone Anal Toy

Non toxic, hygienically safe silicone vibrating anal toy with 10-function remote.  Comfortable tapered shaft for ease of use.

High Intensity Vibro Tease Plug

This vibrating anal stimulator has powerful vibrations that resonate throughout.  This slender anal sex probe has a removable, high-intensity, quiet, push button stimulator.  Extended easy grip base.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these multi-speed Vibrating Nipple Clamps.  With 10 patterns of pulsation, vibration, and escalation to choose from, nipple play has never felt this good!  Choose the desired tension and adjust the rubber-coated clamps until they're nice and snug.  Select a function and let the tingly vibrations tease and seduce you!  Try it with the free satin mask and heighten your senses even more.

Micro Vibro Clamps

The One Touch Micro Vibro Clamps is discreet, lightweight, power packed wireless fully adjustable jelly coated clamps.  Since it is wireless now you can have hands-free nipple fun with this quiet vibrating clamp!

If you or your partner have any questions about Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism or any products related.  You can personally and confidentially e-mail me:  (Don't be shy!)

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Date 4/8/2016
Fifty Shades is great! Love the vagina balls!
Date 6/23/2016
Read the books and saw 1st moving looking forward to the next part!!

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