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The Male Orgasm Explained

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Ahhh, the orgasm – that pleasurable (OK, VERY PLEASURABLE) result at the end of a sexual or masturbatory encounter that we all strive for!  According to foremost experts, Masters and Johnson, the orgasm is “the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that produce intensely pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation.  Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and abandon, when the mind is focused solely on the personal experience.  The orgasm is thought to be the 4th portion of the arousal cycle.”

While this is the technical definition of an orgasm, it is important to note that an orgasmic experience is different for every person – and – can be different from experience to experience.  However, the main components of the event are the same.  So, now that you know what it is, let’s
take a look at the steps of orgasm.  Here is The Male Orgasm Explained!

  Before anything can happen with the orgasm, the male has to become aroused.  This usually occurs when he encounters a person / situation / visualization that cause him to think sexual thoughts.  Be it a kiss with a beautiful woman (or handsome man), watching an erotic video, or the physical touching of his penis by his partner.  The arousal stage signals his brain to tell his penis it is time for an erection.  An erection occurs when blood rushes to the penis at up to 50 times the normal speed and the veins circulating the blood close so that the penis remains erect.

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  An orgasm will not occur simply because the penis is hard (wouldn’t THAT be embarrassing!)  Some stimulation (manual, oral, through intercourse) must occur to cause the build up of tensions that will result in orgasm.  A man can learn to control the effects of stimulation that will lead to the next steps in the cycle, but mostly this step signals the “lift off” stage of orgasm and when continued stimulation occurs, orgasm is inevitable.

STEP 3 - PREPARATION:  Once the previous steps are achieved the body begins to prepare for the impending orgasm.  The heart rate increases significantly, involuntary movements of the pelvis start to occur and the muscles (especially in the buttocks) start to contract.  A clear fluid (pre-ejaculate) often begins to weep out of the end of the penis.  This clear fluid signals extreme arousal as well as prepares the urethra (the canal that both urine and ejaculate travel through) for sperm survival by changing the delicate Ph Balance.

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  There are actually 2 phases to the male orgasm – emission and ejaculation.  Emission is the state where there will be an ejaculatory response and this is characterized by the semen being deposited near the top of the urethra.  (Incidentally, sperm and semen are NOT the same. Sperm is, well, the little swimmers that cause baby making and semen is the overall ejaculatory liquid package including the sperm.)  The second state is the actual ejaculation (cumming), where there are very strong and rapid muscle contractions in the penile and anal muscles that force the ejaculate (semen) out through the urethral opening.  The pleasurable feelings that happen during ejaculation are the characteristic orgasm.

  It is common knowledge that after an orgasm a man is “good for nothing.”  We love you men, but you're spent!  Often a period of HIGH sensitivity, the moments right after orgasm signal the immediate loss of erection, a feeling of drowsiness and a feeling of being satiated.  During this period a man can not usually achieve another orgasm, and this period can last from 5 minutes (usually in teenage males) to many hours to even days (elder males).  

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Well, now that you have a better understanding of how a male orgasm works you can have a greater appreciation for how complex the cycle is, even though it may seem that your man gets hard “every time the wind blows!”

Note:  Information for this article was gathered through various medical sources.


Date 10/3/2014
wow now i know why hes useless after lol thx mikayla
Date 10/4/2014
We are NOT useless, because we still have our hands and our tongue. Lol
Date 10/6/2014
Ha ha ha. Fair enough Thomas, fair enough.
Date 10/7/2014
It would have been nice if you would actually instruct women how to bring us to orgasm in the same manner you've told us. This is like a science class... your explanation about female orgasm is much more hands on. Many women still don't know how to manually or orally stimulate us. But, thanks for letting women know that just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's immediately ready to explode. We are much like women in that way. But, you are right on about the 'useless' part. That's why it's very important for the women to orgasm first!!

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