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The Complete Guide to Penis Pumps

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Have you ever wondered how some *not to be named* male porn stars have appeared with such HUGE penises?  Or, maybe you just want to be bigger, wider and, yes, stronger in the penis department.  Perhaps you have some mild erectile dysfunction (ED) and you would like to see if pumping could help you!  Penis pumping is not a myth and really does work.  It has varying results – depending on your goal – and it can be very effective in fighting ED.  It should be noted that a penis pump is NOT a sex toy.  Meaning, this is not a masturbation sleeve, it is not going to make you orgasm (most likely).  There are some that are more masturbatory pumps, but these are not the ones that I am discussing here.

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Penis pumps are, in essence medical devices, so you should always read all the information and cautions before you take on any penis pumping.  The two main reasons for penis pumping are:  to
increase the overall size of a penis and to aid those with symptoms of ED.

First, let’s discuss what a penis pump is.  Essentially, a penis pump
is a cylindrical chamber that you insert your penis into, form a vacuum seal and then PUMP it up.  There is a constrictive band at the base of the penis that will help maintain the blood flow into the penis.  When the air is pumped out of the chamber, the blood flows into the penis and it becomes erect.  The more you pump, the more blood flow that comes into the shaft and the harder (and larger) the penis becomes.  This, of course, DOES have limits.  You can not pump a 3 inch penis to a 10 inch penis the first go-round (or ever!)

  The most common type of pump is the HAND pump.  To make the pump work you have a hand squeeze bulb or squeeze handle to remove the air from the chamber.  There is always an emergency valve to release the pressure and let the air back into the chamber.  There are also electric pumps which eliminate the need for the hand pumping, but these are expensive and have more restrictions to use.  All in all, a hand pump is more than efficient to achieve the intended purpose.

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HOW TO USE A PUMP PROPERLY:  Every pump will come with instructions and warnings so make sure you are very familiar with how your pump works.   However, some common sense instructions are to never continue if you are in pain, watch for numbness that does not go away or for a change in color that does not go away.  Normal pumping will cause the penis to look bruised or purple, feel cold and sort of numb.  However, these side affects should be minimal and go away after the penis has become flaccid.  There may be slight bruising at the very base where the penis meets the abdomen after pumping. 

YOU SHOULD NOT USE A PUMP IF:  You have a penile implant, have a blood clotting disorder, or if you have a new genital piercing.  If you have any doubt or questions, ask your doctor!

PUMPING FOR INCREASED SIZE:  After your first pumping session you will notice an increase in the size of your penis, but this is temporary after only one session.  In order to achieve longer-lasting results you should pump on a regular schedule.  Most information suggests that a 30 minute session per day seems to render results.  However, you have to be careful not to maintain the suction of the vacuum for more than 15 minutes at a time, so two sessions per day may be ideal.  It is very important that you read ALL the information that comes with your pump.

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PUMPING FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION:  Because this pump forces blood into the penis it is an effective way to treat mild ED.  It is suggested that a cock ring or other restrictive device be used in this case as well to maintain the blood flow to the penis after pumping has ceased.  Continued penis pumping has shown help in fighting ED overall in many cases, but if you suffer from ED is it important to consult your doctor regarding a pumping regimen. 

So, whether you just want to add a little something extra to your penis in a safe and natural way or whether you have some ED issues, a penis pump can be a very effective method to achieve these stronger, longer, and wider erections.  I would highly suggest if you are using a pump for ED that you see a doctor BEFORE starting a pumping regimen.  However, if you just want to PUMP up your PENIS, then read the instructions that come with your pump and get started!

Great Penis Pump Options:

Fireman's Pump

This simple pump has an easy to use squeeze bulb and a quick release.

The Boston Brass Pump

A great option for anyone who is serious about penis pumping!

Dr. Joel Kaplan Pump

One of the most popular pumps, and doctor approved!

Grand Prix Stroker Pump

The blend of a textured sleeve and a pump means the perfect combination for pumping and masturbation.

Fanta Flesh Pussy Pump

Another superior choice for masturbation.

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