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Sex Positions For Your Table!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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“Sur le table” is French and translates to: on the table!  Yes, we are going to talk about some great sex positions to use on your dining room table.  After all, dinner is not the only thing that should be served there!  A table is a great place for some naughty nookie because the height of it offers some wonderful possibilities and it is outside of the bedroom which means the naughty factor is up and the erotic factor is WAY up!  So, before you retire to the bedroom for dessert, consider having it on your table!


Personally, I think that being eaten out on the table is a wonderful experience!  There is nothing quite like laying down on the table, having your partner pull you toward his eager mouth and then just spreading yourself for him to devour you!  It is the perfect height; he can sit comfortably and just go to town!  sex_positions_for_your_tableIf it is you (the female) who wants a penis for dessert, he can lay down just the same as you!  The only difference is you may have to stand to perform on him!  For this one time it is OK to stand at the table!


Who says you can’t use your fingers in your food?  Not me!  At least not when it is fingering your partner.  As mentioned above, a table is a great place for oral sex and it is even better for any type of fingering / toy play!  Your lovely lady lies lusciously on the table and you can play and watch and finger her while sitting comfortably on your chair!  Furthermore, she can give you a little masturbation dinner theater if you desire!  It is like being up close and personal at your own, private strip show!  Just make sure you lick your fingers!

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Oral is not the only thing you can do on your dining room table – you can have some fantastic sex too!  For most couples the table is the perfect height for sex where the man stands at the side of the table and his partner lies with her butt at the very edge.  He can then grab her legs and thrust into her at an almost perfect height!  Just remember to put a blanket under your lady’s bum so that she doesn’t “stick” to the table as you pound into her!


Sure, you are not supposed to put your elbows on the table, but what about your breasts, arms and stomach?  You heard me!  Have your lover stand at the side of the table and then bend down, placing her torso on the table. You can then enter her from behind, thrusting into her as she uses the table for stability!  Depending on how flexible she is, she may hoist a knee up onto the table to offer greater access, and if she is REALLY flexible, she can bring both knees up onto the table and then spread her legs wide so her entrance is near the table top – and if you are tall enough, you can enter her that way!  All etiquette rules go out the window during table-top sex!


If you are so inclined to a little light bondage, tables make EXCELLENT places to do so!  There are 4 corners and 4 appendages that need to be secured – perfect match!  Just have your lover (either male or female) lie on the table, stretch their arms and legs out to the corners, and then simply tie them to the table with whatever cord, rope, bondage rope, tethers, etc you may have!  Then, have a delicious time teasing and taunting them while they are helpless to stop you!  Now that is some serious dinner theater!


Finally, let’s just be simple for a second – you can have actual SEX on the table!  No matter the position, missionary, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, what have you – sex on the table is fun and sometimes easier because you have a hard surface to steady yourself on!  This works especially well for the woman on top frog position (where she is up on her feet) because a table does not sink like a mattress!  Use your imagination here, but there is one warning:  MAKE SURE YOUR TABLE CAN SUPPORT YOU!!!

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Date 8/11/2015
Love having sex anywhere outside the bedroom, bc it adds a whole new feeling to the sex. makes it even more fun.
Date 8/11/2015
the shower
Date 8/12/2015
TJ 34
Date 8/12/2015
Samantha P
Table sex is fantastic ;)
Date 8/13/2015
This might not count as sex at the table, but I love going out to dinner with my fiancee and giving him the remote for my vibrating panties during appetizers. We always scarf down our meals and get home for dessert! LOL the dessert is me :D
Date 8/15/2015
kyle watman
The den is always nice. we have a fireplace and nice seating in there for a lot of different positions.

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