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Being Submissive

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
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After years of trying to deny it, I have embraced the fact that I’m a bit of a control freak. It works well in my career but can occasionally cause problems in my personal life. Recently my boyfriend told me I was too controlling in the bedroom with my sexual demands and it was making him uncomfortable. I thought I was being a good communicator but I was obviously pillow talking him right out of his sexual excitement. It was time to try something different that would put him in the driver’s seat, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my own sexual satisfaction.

The next time we were together we sat down to watch TV and I started playing a new DVD I bought called the Ultimate Sexual Massage. At first he rolled his eyes and said there was nothing he didn’t already know but when I told him I wanted to learn new ways to pleasure him, he suddenly became interested. The information on the program was great - it begins where other massage programs leave off and shows how lovers can give each other intimate and intense happy endings.

BDSM Blindfolded SexWe learned how to find new erogenous zones, locate our G-spots, and how to give each other genital massages before intercourse. Each technique was demonstrated step by step along with a mini anatomy lesson which made everything easier to replicate on each other. I learned a lot and I loved watching my lover tilt his head in amazement while his brain absorbed some new techniques I knew he couldn’t wait to try out. Toward the end of the program there were some great sex scenes that left us both so turned on we started ripping each other’s clothes off. Once the DVD was done my boyfriend took my hand and led me to the bedroom where I had the Vanilla Bondage Kit laying on the bed. It was nothing fancy and nothing intimidating; just some white silky hand ties and a blindfold. He looked at me and said with a mischievous smile, “Now you’re in trouble.”

Before I knew it I was under his complete control as I laid on the bed naked tied up and unable to see a thing. At first it was very uncomfortable but the attention my body was getting kept my mind off the total lack of control I was experiencing.

Are You Dominant Or Submissive?

After about ten minutes and one major orgasm I felt my entire body relax and give into the experience. He was doing things to me I never experienced and I could tell the complete control thing was a huge turn on for him. My favorite part was when he explored me in very different ways and actually found my G spot; a place I thought only existed in urban legend. All I can say is this area can produce an amazing and very different full body orgasm that is much different from orgasm through clitoral stimulation. I now know why the G spot gets so much press because it lives up to all the hype.

Exhausted and satisfied from my multiple orgasms, my boyfriend took the ties off my hands but made me promise to keep the Blindfold on. He then moved me around into different positions as he thrust himself inside of my very wet and engorged vagina with his hot engorged penis. The turn on for both of us was intense and very surprising for me. I couldn’t believe how something as simple as being tied up could result in amazing sex, but more importantly deeper feelings of trust and intimacy. We still enjoy mixing our sex life up with bondage and when it’s my turn to tie him up I marvel at how easy it is for him to let go of his control, something I am still working on. I get turned on by watching him enjoy the moments of sensual and sexual pleasure especially when he knows his turn to tie me up is coming.

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1. It’s not just saying what you want; it’s how you go about saying it. I was able to get what I wanted in bed by showing him through a sex video rather than dictating to him while in bed.

2. Sex videos can be a turn on, but more importantly they can be educational for both parties and can take you out of your hum drum sexual routine which can improve the quality of your relationship.

3. While I still ask for some things, I realize I get more when I show him by doing. If I want a massage before having sex, I will give him one first to turn him on. Once he’s turned on and his body is screaming for sex a guy will be open to doing almost anything to get inside. Prolonging the foreplay and having fun makes for a much better sexual experience.

4. The expression you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is completely wrong.

Are You Dominant Or Submissive?
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Date 10/14/2015
Just read your deal here as I have just recently met someone who I think is gonna make me verrrrrrrry happy. At the same time she is a Kinky little Vixen and right up my alley in many ways. I love to get spanked while getting my ass drilled. Well turns out her thing is she is submissive and apparently has been a submissive for most of her adult life. About 2 years ago I signed up over at mainly due to the fact I want to scratch my kinky side and be honest with myself instead of pushing it away as I have in the past. Well in PMing her and talking on the phone turns out a couple of her favorite things to say is *yes* and *yes Sir*. Just to be on the safe side and knowing as she does we guys guys are wired different. (Read that Ladies we are as fucked up tween the ears as you womenfolk!) She has told me numerous times she is a SUB or to be more precise she is *sub* and I am diggin' it!! We have a 1st set up for Thursday and more than any 1st date I ever been on I want it to be fantasyland PERFECT!!! I think it will be. I plan on bringing everything I own dildos rope leather cuffs incense my nipple clamps the whole 9 yards. I am talking a suitcase full!! Didn't know how I could pack it till just now. I have a brand new MOLLE assault pack with mass separate compartments so will bring it all in that puppy. As I said earlier as a submissive her main thing (I think) is she adores hot sexual pain from spankings and such.Well as it turns out some of my favorite porn is watching women get their tits flogged then spun around and having their soft bottoms turned red by their Masters hand or implement. She has made it quite clear to me she craves punishment like I crave chocolate and having my dick smoked so again I am of the mind that we will make a good team and possibly may end up living together as Daddy and his little girl. I say that as she has made it clear that she has no problem calling me Daddy and the kinky bastard I am loves to hear her call me Daddy! Well I am off to Anal Avenue!!
Date 8/3/2016
I have a more submissive personality and like being tied up or held down during sex :)

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