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How To Use A Suction Cup Dildo With Your Partner

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Using A Suction Cup Dildo With Your Partner View The Best Dildos!

Many people assume that a suction cup dildo is only for use solo and not with a partner because it is traditionally used for solo play; but in reality a suction cup dildo can be used with a partner as well.  If you have ever wondered about the fun you can have with your partner and a suction cup dildo, read on!


Many couples discuss the possibility of threesomes, specifically threesomes with 2 men and one woman.  However, men being possessive creatures, they often do not feel like actually sharing their woman with another man, even though the idea of watching her being pleasured by another man is very appealing.  How do you do this without any fear at all?  YES!  You use a stand in penis such as a suction cup dildo!  Simply attach the dildo to the headboard, a chair, in the bathroom – wherever – and then you can pretend there is another man there.  You can give “him” a blowjob, or simulate threesome sex or even do a double penetration scenario!  When you are done with the extra man in your bed, just stow him away!  You can have three for free.

7 Ways To Use Your Dildo Alone


While many men may not admit it, they often have the fantasy of being anally penetrated by their woman wearing a strap-on.  Suction cup dildos can be used with a variety of harnesses AND they can be used without them as well.  There is no rule that states only a woman can ride a suction cup dildo.  So, if your man is interested in experimenting with anal penetration - or even oral sex experimentation on another penis – this is a viable, safe and fun option for both of you.

Sexually Intimate Couple GIVE HIM A SHOW

Since men are very visual it is no surprise that they very much enjoy watching their partner be stimulated.  While this can be achieved with dildos or vibrators, there is something a little different about watching her “fuck” a toy.  Since suction cup dildos can be attached in many different ways and placed there are ample opportunities for her to put on a sexy show for you!  Attach it to a chair and do a sexy strip tease that ends in full penetration.  Stick it to the wall and back that thing up!  Place it on the headboard and watch her stimulate herself while you enter her mouth!  Imagine what you can do with just one suction cup toy!

Top Picks:

"Real Man" Cyber Skin Dream Dildo

This suction cup dildo is made of ultra-realistic material to fulfill your sexual fantasies.  This is the perfect hands-free dildo to act as a third in your threesome fantasy.  Your partner has no reason to feel intimidated by this sex toy, but its superior design will satisfy your intimate desires.

All American 6" Whopper & Universal Harness

Spice up your love life with a realistic dildo and strap-on harness!  This kit includes a suction cup dildo and a universal harness which can be used with a variety of compatible dildos!  It is perfect for strap-on play or solo use.

Pleasure Soft Jel-Lee Dildo

Give him a show he will never forget with this realistic suction cup dildo!  The real-feel texture will give you the pleasure you crave while your partner enjoys the site of you riding this dong hands-free!
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Date 7/6/2016
Karen G.
We use vibrators but not dildos. Im trying to ease him into it I think it would be a lot of fun
Date 7/6/2016
Vibrators mostly dildos are for my own private time lol
Date 7/6/2016
all the time
Date 7/6/2016
yes! we used dildos in all of these ways and love to use vibrators also. it keeps things hot!
Date 7/6/2016
she likes it more than i do but its awesome to see her so turned on
Date 9/1/2016
Used them in all these ways. Would like her to do me more and try that three for free thing to ease into a three some. Either com or mmf.

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