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The Silicone G-Spot Massager You NEED And Why!

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
Check Out Our Silky-Smooth Silicone Vibrators!

If you want to have intense G-spot orgasms or blended orgasms, you need a vibrator like the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe.  This impressive sex toy for women has 30 unique vibration functions and is perfectly shaped for spot-on G-spot massage and clitoral stimulation.  It is also made of silicone, which sets it apart from other G-spot toys.

Silicone is one of the best sex toy materials available, but why?  What makes it special, and how does it heighten your erotic pleasure?  Well, to start, silicone is a firm yet flexible toy material.  It holds its shape, but still has some flexibility to it.  This allows you to massage yourself intensely – just like you would 
Body-safe silicone luxury vibrator
with a toy made of a harder material (such as plastic) but you get the benefit of a softer, more comfortable texture.

Secondly, silicone is hypoallergenic, making it the preferred choice for women with allergies to materials such as phthalates, latex, and rubber.  Silicone is non-toxic and body safe for women with sensitive skin.  This is definitely an elite feature of the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe because many G-spot sex toys are made of firm plastic or jelly.  This G-spot massager is also a dual stimulator, and the clitoral vibrator is also made of silicone!

Silicone also has an arousing texture.  It is silky-smooth to the touch and has a really nice glide to it.  This makes insertion more comfortable.

Finally, silicone is non-porous.  Although silicone is a softer material, the material is packed tight, making it very easy to clean and extremely durable.  Jelly sex toys, though pleasurable, need to be replaced regularly.  But silicone is a higher-quality material that can withstand the test of time.  It won’t wear down like other sex toy materials, adding life to your favorite sexual stimulators!

The velvety silicone material is one of the most essential reasons the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe is a luxury sex toy.  This high-quality adult toy material benefits your sexual health, intimate pleasure, and the toy itself!  With proper care, your silicone sex toy can last a long time and give you explosive orgasms every time you masturbate!


Date 2/18/2016
I LOVE the feeling of silicone. It's the only kind of toy I use!
Date 2/18/2016
mrs stone
i have latex allergy very bothersome
Date 2/18/2016
silicone is our favorite - we like it over any other materials because it doesnt get very dirty
Date 2/18/2016
SIlicone and glass are my 2 favorite materials bc I have VERY sensitive skin and silicone is great bc its soft but still bodysafe like glass

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