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8 Times You Thought She Had An Orgasm

Posted by Randa to Men's Issues

When a woman reaches orgasm, it’s not always so obvious, is it? With men, you can always tell. He either did, or he didn’t. But the female orgasm is not as apparent. Heck, sometimes women aren’t even sure! Because the female climax has the tendency to be mysterious, it’s not uncommon for men to mistake certain sexual responses for an orgasm. So, here are eight times you may have thought she had an orgasm, but she didn’t!

She Moaned Loudly
sex moan
For a lot of women, loud moaning is an indication of orgasm! But not always. Sometimes it’s just intense pleasure or passion or excitement. She might be moaning louder to entice you and help you to climax. Moaning is not always an adequate indicator of orgasm, especially if your partner is a bit vocal as it is.

You Came
funny sex scene
Some men are under the impression that if he came, his partner should have also reached the peak of pleasure. This is rarely the case. Timing orgasms to occur simultaneously is not easy to do, and it is even less likely to happen if you and your lover aren’t making an active attempt to do it. So don’t assume she is completely satisfied just because you came!

She Said It Was Great
Thumbs up
And she probably means it! But that doesn’t mean she had an orgasm. Great sex is not contingent on orgasm, and she may just be satisfied. If she says, “Oooh, that was great, Baby!” right after you came and puts her pants back on, she may just not be in the mood to finish, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it immensely!

You Tried A New Position
kitchen sex
“This move is SURE to make your partner orgasm!” If you’ve ever looked up sex positions, you probably read something along those lines. There are sex positions intended to increase stimulation for women and help them achieve orgasm more easily, but it’s not magic. She may LOVE the move, but it might not be what she needs to orgasm!

Signs She's Loving The Sex

You Used A Vibrator
Kinky vibrator sex
Vibrators can help women orgasm during sex tremendously, but it doesn’t always happen. It probably made her moan, got her really into the sex, and made her super wet (all decent indicators of climax), but it’s not absolute. Just because you two used sex toys doesn’t mean she came before you did. It wouldn’t hurt to keep using it on her!

She Was Really, Really Wet
Sexy dirty talk
Orgasm makes people wet – but she might be super aroused or simply loving the sex! If she is very wet, she’s probably having a great time (which is ultimately what you want), but it doesn’t mean she already finished. It doesn’t matter. If she loves it, don’t stop everything just because you suspect she came, even if you already did.

You Did That Thing She Loves
erotic spanking
Your partner may have a few end-all weaknesses in the bedroom that you are well aware of and chances are, when you want her to cum, you exploit these weaknesses. Good. Do it. Those are the best kinds of weaknesses to exploit. But just because you whispered that one naughty phrase in her ear while doing it in her favorite position doesn’t mean she is definitely going to orgasm.

She Faked
fake orgasm
NOT ALL WOMEN FAKE, but some have, and this is a really good reason why you would think she had an orgasm when she didn’t. She may have gotten tired or didn’t want to hurt your pride, but whatever her reason, she pretended to have one. You obviously can’t be held responsible for this miscalculation because she WANTED you to think she came.

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Date 3/14/2016
Once or twice a week depending on how busy we are (we have 3 little ones) but at least once a week on date night :)
Date 3/14/2016
Ty 2
Almost every single day great sex life ;)
Date 3/14/2016
first married a few times a day five years later about once a week trying to do it more though
Date 3/16/2016
A few times a week but I would like to have it more!
Date 5/15/2016
At least once a day, but 3 days of the week it's twice a day (morning and night), so...about 9-12 times a week.
Date 5/16/2016
meduim build
Date 5/16/2016
3 to 4 times a week
Date 5/18/2016
I have never had an organizm during sex sadly. However I can if I use a vibrater directly on my clit.I would love to have an organizm during sex with the one I love.i usually only have an organism when alone with my toy from too
Date 8/22/2017
DArmae Markel GRiffin
I want to have sex with angela.

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