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How To Wake Him Up In The Morning

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
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Have you ever been snuggled up next to your lover, watching him sleep (and maybe snore) and thinking – “man, I wish you would wake up so we could have sex?”  Of course you have!  Why wait until he is awake?  Seriously.  How do you think your man would rather be woken up – by an annoying alarm clock or by his sexy lover giving him a special morning treat?  Not to mention men usually wake up fully prepared for the fun (i.e. morning erections) so you can’t let that go to waste now can you?  Read on for a few fun and flirty ways to wake up your man in the morning.


If you ask a man if he would like to wake up to his lover giving him a blowjob the answer will almost exclusively be HELL YES!!  Imagine you are a man, sleeping soundly.  You start to feel something amazing.  You wonder if you are dreaming.  Sexy Man Waking UpYou start to feel tingly and alive.  You are still half asleep.  Your hands move down to do your morning scratch and adjustment and you feel HAIR!  Your lover’s hair!  You think, “Am I dreaming this or is my lover sucking me?”  Then you slowly wake up as your penis hardens in her mouth and realize it is a dream but you are AWAKE!  You have the best lover in the entire world!  Yup, it is just that simple!

Women, why should YOU do this for your man?  Well, it is quite fun to take his semi-erect member and bring it to life in your mouth.  It is also amazing to see how he will react to you waking him up this way.  Every man is different, but the overall consensus is that it is an amazing feeling!  Why wouldn’t you want to make your man feel amazing?  Plus, maybe he will reciprocate!

Tips For Waking HER Up In The Morning


Imagine your man's surprise to find you naked, with his cock in one hand and another playing with yourself!  What a wonderful way to start the day!  While your guy is still sleeping soundly, grab the lube and start to stroke his member.  Whisper dirty things in his ear, kiss his neck, or do whatever it is you know turns him on, then let him slowly open his eyes and drink in the sight of you moaning while you pleasure yourself.  He won't be able to resist such a tantalizing temptation, and I'll bet you find yourself on the receiving end of a morning romp through the sheets faster than you can say "Good Morning"!


Perhaps you are not awake enough yourself for a full-on BJ or sex – but you would love to get your man’s engine revving!  Why not cuddle up to him and give him a nice, morning handy!  Yes, a handjob.  From there you can decide how to proceed once he is awake and ready to go.  Simply snuggle up next to your lover, squirt some lube (or spit) onto his member and give him a nice, slow morning handjob.  As he wakes up and realizes you are tempting his treat he will be aroused and surprised and ready to reciprocate!  The key for a morning handy though is to go slowly!

How Do You Like To Wake Up Your Lover?
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Date 9/1/2015
oh man, my girlfriend loves to surprise me with morning head, its the most incredible amazing perfect feeling ever!
Date 9/1/2015
I LOVE waking up to my girlfriend masturbating. It always gets me frisky and my morning wood gets put to good use! She's never lubed my cock up while she's doing it though, I'll have to suggest it for next time ;}
Date 9/2/2015
Yeah, I could get down with a hand job or blow job first thing in the morning. I definitely wouldn't complain!
Date 9/3/2015
i think i may have to try this! my hubby would certainly get a kick out of it! i'm thinking he'd like having me suck him awake the best!
Date 9/4/2015
I'm emailing this to my wife RIGHT NOW. This is how she should wake me up every morning. I think its time to make it a house rule!
Date 9/13/2015
Where are all the DVD's of men and women in their late 50's and 60's, having sex. What you see in DVD's with young people with great bodies is ok, but lets get real. We don't look like that anymore. Woman don't always want something young; they do however like those their own age.

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