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How To Wake Her Up In The Morning

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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OK guys, admit it – sometimes in the morning when you look over and see your lover sleeping soundly next to you all you want to do is climb on top of her and get things started!  This is not uncommon and depending on how you go about it, can be quite stimulating and exciting for her too!  Just remember, women often need a warm up, so you can’t just go sticking your manhood into her without some prep.  Here are some ideas of how to wake her up in a sexy way.


Just as it is perfectly arousing for HER to wake YOU up with a blowjob it is equally as arousing for her to be woken up by you performing oral sex on her!  Forget what you have heard about women not being “fresh” in the mornings, as this is just not true.  Your woman is ready and eager for you to wake her up with your mouth.  Sexy Woman WakingSlide yourself under the covers, get between her legs and give her long, slow, delicate licks until you start to feel her wetten.  Then, if you choose, you can add a finger to the mix.  Contrary to what you may believe, women can have wet dreams and waking her up in this way may make her think she is having one!  Imagine her surprise to find you under the covers going at it!  Definitely a win-win for you both!

Sexy Ways To Wake Him Up


Nope, not talking about the alarm clock here, I am referring to the buzz buzz of her favorite bullet or vibrator!  I am not suggesting that you go full-on penetration with her while she is still in a sleepy haze, but I am saying that having a bullet teasing your clit while you are still half asleep is a wonderful way to be woken up!  You will find her spreading her legs and writhing around to make it go where she wants – and soon enough orgasming in her half asleep state.  Nothing seems more apt for a morning warm up than that!  Wouldn’t you agree?


Most women have VERY sensitive breasts and nipples.  If you spend a few seconds exploring her breasts, rubbing her nipples, and perhaps licking and sucking on her gently she is sure to awaken aroused and ready to play.  Just keep in mind not to pinch or suck too hard – nothing says ‘NOT A GOOD MORNING’ like having someone bite your nipples!  Play gently and explore her with your hands and mouth in a gently and mild way that coaxes her gently out of sleep.


OK, so this one is a little risky, but if you do it correctly, you can wake your woman up so she's ready to have sex.  As mentioned above, women need to be aroused first before penetration.  So, make sure you take the time to get her wet (via fingers, tongue or toys) so she's ready for you when she wakes up.  You can always use some lube to jump start play-time first thing in the morning.  Either way, go slowly and be considerate, gentle, and loving.  Some women don’t want to be woken up with sex – so if you try it and she says no you need to STOP.  Otherwise, go slowly and have fun!  Once she wakes up fully, put the fingers and toys away, because she will be ready for the real thing!

How Do You Like To Be Woken Up?
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Date 9/1/2015
Oh no! I cannot be havin sex until AFTER i've had my coffee and brushed my teeth! i mean, this does sound like an exciting way to start the day, I just think i'd be too distracted by having just woke up! idk i guess I cant dis it until I try it!
Date 9/1/2015
Mmm I LOVE the idea of waking up to his tongue on my pussy! I bet that would be the best morning ever!
Date 9/2/2015
I'll take one of each! ;]
Date 9/3/2015
Kristin Qu.
Sometimes my boyfriend will wake me up by massaging my back, butt & thighs. He gets closer and closer to my 'intimate' areas as I start to wake up more, and by the time I'm awake I'm pushing my ass or pussy into his hands! Its the sexiest thing, though I may have to show him this for more inspiration!
Date 9/4/2015
MHM I'M SENDING HIM THIS LINK ASAP. I wanna be woken up like this every single morning! Tho does that mean I gotta do it back?!
Date 9/6/2015
P. White
definitely adding this to my list of ways to wake her up!

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