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7 Ways To Enjoy A Suction Cup Dildo

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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I think many times suction cup dildos are glossed over in favor of a vibrator or other toy.  This is such as shame because suction cup dildos can be attached to different surfaces and then ridden like a real man!  Whoa!  What an amazing concept, right?  Imagine being able to play with your dildo while having your hands free to stimulate your clitoris, tweak your nipples or even add in a bullet or vibrator for extra stimulation.  Want to try and get some deep, G-spot stimulation?  A suction cup dildo could be the fastest route to the G-O!  If you have never experienced the fun of a suction cup dildo, read on and discover just a few ways to enjoy one!

1.  DIGGING IT DEEP:  Suction cup dildos are the ideal toy for deep, deep penetration where the woman is completely in control!  Whether you are sticking the dildo to a chair, the floor or the side of the bathtub, you can sit 
Beautiful Woman In Beddown full weight onto your man-proxy and grind all around with the dildo completely buried in you.  There is no need to bounce up and down for “his” pleasure because “he” is your own personal ever-erect toy!

2.  DILDO DOGGY:  There is a misconception that you can’t stimulate yourself doggy style with a suction cup dildo, but you CAN and you definitely SHOULD.  Sticking your suction cup toy to a wall pretty much anywhere from the bedroom to the shower creates a ready-to-go doggy style experience where all you have to do is back on up!  Whether you want to simply stand and bend at the waist or kneel on hands and knees, you can use your suction cup toy for some amazing doggy where YOU control the depth and penetration.

3.  HOW LOW CAN YOU GO:  If you are a plan of any squat-and-ride position, then a suction cup dildo is clearly the way to go!  You can stick your erect buddy right onto your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom floor (anywhere there is hardwood or smooth tile) and then simply “sit” down on to the toy and bounce away.  You can squat or get down on your knees because this toy will bend any way you choose and never, ever complain!

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4.  HEADER OR FOOTER:  If you have a headboard or footboard that has a smooth surface you can attach your suction cup stud right to it and enjoy a ride solo OR even have some lovely stimulation while you orally please your partner!  Depending on the type of headboard you have, and how high or low you can attach the toy, you can vary the depth and angle of the penetration.  Perhaps your partner would even like to watch you ride away while he feeds his penis to you!

5.  SIT AND SPIN:  Sticking your suction cup dildo to a chair or bench and then sitting on top of it is a wonderful way to get your sit-and-spin on!  Place the toy near the front of a chair and then face the chair’s back and allow yourself to rock back and forth while you use the hair back for stability.  Or, you can sit the standard direction and bounce up and down.  Either way, penetration will be deep and very visually appealing if you happen to have an audience.

6.  SEXY IN THE SHOWER:  Probably the best place to affix your suction cup dildo is on the side of the bathtub.  The height of most tub sides make it extremely easy to lower yourself down onto the toy, to grind, move, gyrate, or bounce.  Not to mention the lovely warmth of the shower stream cascading all around as you enjoy the never-ending pleasure of playing with your sticky stud.

7.  MIRROR MIRROR:  I bet you never thought about how a suction cup could be affixed to a mirror, did you?  Imagine the options here!  You can put a mirror on the floor, stick the suction cup on the mirror and then watch yourself lower down onto the toy.  Watching your vagina open up to accept it, noticing the wetness as it begins to accumulate and just plain enjoying the view.  Or, if you have a wall mirror or even a portable mirror you can lay the mirror pretty much anywhere and stick the toy right onto it.  If you have a door mirror, you can lay it along the end of the bed, using the footboard for stability, and then you can ride your suction cup friend while peering back to view it in the mirror.  Or, if your partner is lucky enough to experience this with you, he can see the action in the mirror as well while you service him with your mouth!

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Date 4/25/2016
With a partner either dildos or buttplugs with suction cups are a lot of fun because they free up my hands for other things.... Great way to spice things up.
Date 4/25/2016
In the shower is definitely the best way!
Date 4/25/2016
P. T.
I like using my suction cup toy on a chair because it sticks well and its comfortable to ride because I can hold the back of the chair for support
Date 4/25/2016
P. T.
Plus it gives my husband a nice show
Date 7/27/2016
Date 7/27/2016
Love that idea P.T., as well as the shower wall and bed frame!! I can't wait to try these ideas !!
Date 9/22/2016
Stuck to the hardwood floor, with me face down, thrusting away, watching the action.

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