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Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Sex Toy Discussion
Erotic gift ideas for couples

Luxury Gifts | Romance & Foreplay Gifts | Misc Valentine's Gifts

The ‘Lover’s Holiday’ – Valentine’s Day – what better time to give your lover a special, sexy treat! I usually spend my days before V-Day thinking of what toys I would suggest to all of TooTimid’s faithful readers. This year I have some really great finds that I think you will all enjoy and so will your partners. I have a mix of toys for her, couple’s items and even some things for the special guy in your life! So read on and perhaps something on my list will make it to your home for V-Day!

No, I am not suggesting a threesome (unless that is what YOU want) but instead any of the JIMMYJANE LUXURY VIBRATORS! The FORM 6 is a new, waterproof, contoured phenomenon! These vibrators are motorized and super quiet. There is no stronger vibrator that I know of – cause the whole toy vibrates –not just the tip. It is a great investment in her pleasure – and oh what fun it is for you when Jimmy comes to visit – or Jane?

I just LOVE the idea of supporting our troops! With this special MILITARY VIBE the troops can support you and YOUR ORGASMS! This cute, basic, camouflage vibe is the perfect something for the military wife or for any lady who wants to do some under-cover, covert playing! Affordable, simple, great for clitoral stimulation or insertion – this vibe will help you EXPLODE with pleasure!

Not just any roses mind you, but the ROSE QUARTZ, a phenomenal new glass dildo! It is beautiful to behold – and even nicer to HOLD. It has raised swirls for all kinds of pleasure sensation as well as a bumpy, curvy shaft that is sure to surprise her insides. Glass toys are simple and elegant and will show her that you care about her pleasure in a sophisticated way. Invest in glass and you will be investing in your future.

Save the something sweet for an after dinner treat and go the naughty route with your sexy gift giving. My FAVORITE new frisky item is the VIBRAWHIP! Yeah, a whip and it vibrates! Imagine the possibilities when the sensual vibrations are mixed with a flirty SMACK. Pleasure and pain have never been so wonderfully combined!

If you are going to give a gift – give the ULTIMATE! The ULTIMATE PERSONAL MASSAGER is a new item that packs a powerful punch. This massager is excellent for massaging sore muscles, tired feet, stiff necks – and whatever parts need personal attention! This gift says two things – “relaxation and orgasmic bliss!” Massagers are great vibrators, but not all vibrators are massagers – this one is BOTH – and it is beautiful to boot!

What if you could get a toy with BOTH of you in mind? Yes, all toys benefit both partners, but this one is unique. THE TANTUS P SPOT is a 100% Silicone dildo that is very unique! It is angled and formed to not only be a good G-Spot stimulator, but also the P-Spot! What is the P-Spot – the male equivalent of the G-Spot. This toy is great for vaginal AND anal play! Just remember to wash your toy thoroughly (maybe in the dishwasher) before changing ‘locations!’

If you are going to give a book as your Valentine’s Day gift, then give a good one – THE KAMA SUTRA is the ultimate guide to loving, nurturing, sharing and sex. For thousands of years people have turned to the Kama Sutra for advice on positions, orgasms, enhancement and connection – read the book that has been the master sex text for thousands of years!

If you want a little flirty fun, you have got to try the BLACK LIGHT BODY PAINT KIT! With oodles of colorful paint, incense and a black light, what you write or draw on your lover becomes glow in the dark for nighttime fun. Be flirty, be nasty, draw out your fantasies then turn out the lights and see what happens next!

If you want a deluxe gift that will please you and her together or separately, then say “I Love You” with the INFLATABLE LOVE LOUNGER! Yes, this has a hefty price tag, but what price can be put on pleasure? This lounger can be used with the sex machine (yes, a sex machine is included!) or without. You can imagine the possibilities for solo play or couple play when there are two options for penetration! Without the machine attached, the lounger makes an excellent ‘sex sofa’ for unique positioning options!

A sure-fire fun gift for anyone is the SEX PLANNER CALENDAR! This cute little magnetic calendar supplies options for hot sex. Choose your day, the positions you want, the time you want to engage and even get a response from your lover! The planner can be the best thing to happen to you if you just make a date for SEX!

Interested in watching an adult DVD with your lover but not sure how to approach it? Plant the seed of sexiness with THE FEMALE GARDENER. A hot, sexy film with lots of great sex scenes. It has a little something for everyone. However, if you are unsure about watching adult cinema, go the SEX EDUCATION video route. There are tons of titles to try!

If your gal loves toys already, then get her the ultimate dual action toy. The ULTIMATE LOVE BUNNY takes the notion of a dual action to a whole new level with a bendable and adjustable clitoral stimulator. The Ultimate Bunny will give your lover the ULTIMATE orgasm and you can help as much or as little as you like!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions from me to you – but all of them are great choices for that special, sexy Valentine’s Day gift! If you choose, a gift certificate would be a wonderful way to let her choose, or to shop together! Happy Valentine’s Day – from me to all of you!

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