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Sexy Valentine's Day 2011

Posted by Mikayla to Spice It Up!
Once again we find ourselves on the cusp of Valentine’s Day – a day filled with romance, flowers, nice dinners out, first dates and, hopefully, HOT SEX! I know that many of you try to make Valentine’s Day special for your significant others, buying new lingerie, making date night plans, or even a special night out. Yes, Valentine’s Day is most definitely a day for lovers – and that means SEXY INSPIRATIONS! Statistically speaking, even couples who do not have regular sex usually have sex on Valentine’s Day. Now, while I am in favor of having frequent, healthy, regular sex – I am grateful that couples do take time to connect on V-Day. I think if you have fallen into a non-sexual rut, or have let the intimacy slide in your relationship, that V-Day is a great time to rekindle that fire! I think that there are perfect items to make your specific Valentine’s Day special and exciting.

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NEW LOVE: Perhaps your relationship is new and you want to surprise your new honey with a little something saucy! Here are a few items that will be suggestively sexy, but not necessarily over the top. Playful sex kits can be a great way to start a little frisky fun. You can opt on something sensual, like Adult Body Finger Paints and what ‘parts’ you decide to paint are all up to you. Or, an adult game can start you on the road of self discovery. With all you need to explore your sexual desires.

ROMANTIC RUB DOWNS: Perhaps you would like to start your romantic night with a little massage action. The Kama Sutra Line offers an abundance of silky and smooth massage oils, edible body creams, and bath products. Some of my favorites are: Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit where you can sample some of their best products for seduction. Or, choose the Kama Sutra Oils of Love the most delicious EDIBLE massage oil I have tried. You and your lover will love massaging each other with this delectable oil. Whatever treat you choose, a sexy gift is a great way to ignite the passion!

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KEEP THE FIRES BURNING: Perhaps you are an established couple and want to do something special for your partner – or – you want to reignite the passion fire that may have gone out. Either way, a great suggestion for the more established couple is adult DVD entertainment. A specific line, designed for women, is a great ice-breaker to adult entertainment. The Inpulse Pictures Porn For Women is a great option. These films provide an X-rated movie with a more feminine appeal. Or, opt for a Sex Education DVD might be more appropriate. The specialized messages and topics in these DVDs can really bring an estranged couple back together.

A BUZZING GOOD TIME: Perhaps you are ready to turn UP the heat! Well, nothing say couple fun like a vibrator. Vibrators are the best equal-opportunity sex enhancement item! They can be used for foreplay, solo play, during sex – you name it! A simple vibe can provide wonderful stimulation that neither of you has ever had. So, what are some top picks? My favorite is the pink Inked vibe that adds a little attitude to the party!

G-SPOT ATTENTION: Perhaps you are no stranger to toy play and you want to VAMP up V-Day with something special for HER! Well, why not try to give her the ultimate gift: a G-Spot Orgasm! Yes, and there are so many to choose from. One of my ultimate faves is Entice Grace silicone vibrator because it is pink, flexible, feminine, and provides great G-Spot stimulation. Or, you can opt for the Rose G-Spot vibrator that is slim and unique, and can be used alone or with a partner’s ‘help.’ Either way, playing together is a great way to keep those love fires burning.

TOYS FOR HIM:Maybe you want to surprise your special guy with a little sexy something. Well, look no further, from Cock Rings to Masturbators or even getting him out of his comfort zone with a Prostate Massagers and rocking his world! Men love to know that you have thought enough of their sexual desires to pick something out for them. Quick word to all the ladies though: Men are VISUAL, and they would love to watch you enjoy yourself with a vibrator or dildo – or, help you. So, it is a win-win situation for sure! Buy a little sexy something to use on Valentine’s Day with HIM and keep it in the drawer for you! Definitely a plus.

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HAVE A HOT HOLIDAY: My hope for all of you this Valentine’s Day is –whether you are just starting your romance or stoking those intimate fires – that you all have FUN with the one you love! Think beyond the flowers and the chocolates and think about your sexual happiness and connectiveness! Think about having some SUPER HOT SEX! You are worth it – and your relationship will be all the better for it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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