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10 Surprising Things That Turn Her On

Posted by Randa to Men's Issues
10 Surprising Things That Turn Her On

All women are different and are seriously turned on by different things, so it’s best to know what your special lady likes personally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try a few new tricks that you may not have considered turn-ons! Maybe you already do a few of these things and didn’t realize they were turn-ons, or perhaps you noticed certain things would get her hot, but want to know why. Here are 10 surprising things that turn her on!

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1. Red
sexy red shirt
The color red is hot! It’s aggressive, powerful, and oh-so-sexy to see you wear. If you never wear red, give it a chance. You may find that it turns your lover on! You like her skimpy red lingerie, don’t you? There is definitely something erotic about red.

2. Adventure
Adrenalin can be a huge turn-on for ladies, so plan something new and exciting for the two of you! Go skydiving, zip lining, mountain climbing, or white water rafting to get her blood pumping. Not feeling the great outdoors? You could substitute any of these for an arousing game of lazer tag or even try indoor skydiving.

3. Shaving
Man shaving
Some women are into the beards and stubble, in which case, grow away! But a lot of women love the smooth-shaven look. I’m not saying go out and get your legs waxed, but she will definitely notice if you start shaving more frequently. Did you ever wonder if there was any particular reason your partner might ask you to shave all the time? It feels NICE. It’s nicer than razor-sharp stubble, that’s for sure! Anywhere you want her to put her face, you should consider keeping trimmed and tidy at the very least.

4. Pornography
Couple watching TV
Despite popular belief, most women actually find porn to be a huge turn-on. In fact, women are turned on by more types of pornography than men! Watching porn with your partner is not only super arousing, but it is also a great way to spice things up in the bedroom! Ask her what kind of XXX movie she might like and watch it one night as erotic foreplay!

5. Snappy Dresser
Attractive, well-dressed man
Take her out to a nice dinner and put on a suit and tie. Or just wear a nice collared shirt tomorrow! Chances are, you respond when she dresses up a little, right? So turn the tables and show her how fashionable you can be. Just take a little care in the appearance of your apparel – because she would like it.

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6. Groom & Pamper
couple romantic bath
Many women respond to a little grooming and pampering from their partners. Take a shower together and wash her hair and soap her back. Gently comb her locks. As for pampering, offer to give her a massage. Help her release a little of her tension and strain. She will notice your sensitivity. Plus, it gives the two of you more opportunity for physical contact, which is GREAT if you want the night to end with sex.

7. Do Things Together
Couple cooking
Doing things together reinforces the happy, “we’re a couple!” feelings and brings the two of you closer, but you can’t just be around her for it to work. You need to actively participate, even if neither of you are really doing anything particularly fun. If she says, “We need to go to the store,” don’t groan and say, “Are you going to drag me around for hours?” because that is about as sexy as a cold shower. You don’t have to say, “Yippie! Shopping!” but try to see the good in it. You are with someone that makes you happy, and shopping might not be fun, but at least you are with someone you love! Show her that and have a positive attitude. Think about her, not the isles.

But you can do more than just go shopping. Play a game together, or start a new hobby. Turn off your phones and watch a movie, or read a book together. Prepare a meal together. There are little things you can do to bring you and your partner closer together, and she will respond to it.

8. Hugs & Kisses
romantic couple hugging
More simple yet fulfilling physical contact! Hugs inspire feelings of trust, so don’t underestimate its ability to arouse your lover. Give her a REAL hug. Embrace her in a way that NO ONE ELSE in her life can! Passionate kisses that don’t take place right before or during sex are a lot more effective because you are expressing love for her at different times! If you have been together for a while, your kisses might have dimmed to pecks. This is no one’s fault, but make a change anyway! When she goes in to kiss you, devote your attention to kissing her back. Take your eyes off of whatever your doing, turn your head (don’t just point your lips in her direction), and kiss her for real. That being said, if she gives you the half-hearted kisses (we all do it), just give her an awesome kiss to get her attention.

9. Show Support
Thumbs up support
Being supportive of your partner makes you a great friend and a great lover. So, turn on that, “You go, Girl!” attitude! You’ll build her confidence, bring the two of you closer together, help her overcome obstacles, and get her to melt in your arms. Stand by your partner. Be a TEAM. You always have her back anyway, right? Just be a little more active in the way you show it. It can be as simple as, “Yes, I think you would look GREAT with that cut. If you want it, you should definitely do it.”

10. Help Out
Sexy man cooking
Want to turn a girl on? Help her out! It pays to be nice. If she seems to be busy or tired, lend her a hand or offer to take on some of her duties. Not only will she appreciate your help, but this will cut down the time she has to spend on work and increase the time she has for sex! Let her relax while you cook dinner or straighten up the house. The more you help out, the more energy she gets to save for the bedroom!

What Turns Your Lover On?
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Date 3/7/2016
Helpng out around the house defintely makes her hot straightening up always gets me laid
Date 3/7/2016
Ryan Linchfield
Kissing all over, her face, her lips, her neck, even in a romantic was rather than sexy, turns my girlfriend on. Its a good way to express love physically :)
Date 3/7/2016
Gary S.
Surprising her with a homecooked meal makes her life easier and that helps our sexlife
Date 3/7/2016
Love it when my bf washes my hair and back ;)
Date 8/11/2016
She loves it when I help (or just do) the housework; dusting, washing and particularly the vacuuming. It always results in her getting hot and horny.
Date 8/11/2016
I love it when my man kisses my ear or neck than really gives me a long tongue swirl in my mouth!
Date 11/9/2017
Just doing things together seems to really help my desire. I love when he asks about my day or offers to pick something up for dinner. I just like to be close to him after we are away all day, and sometimes he needs space, but when he wants to be closer to me, I want to be closer to him! :)
Date 11/15/2017
Courtney West
I love when we go for a run together or hit the gym together! It's nice to do something good for us and work up a sweat
Date 1/19/2018
I just love my partner more when he goes out of his way to do something thoughtful. Picking up after me or running to the store for something I need is always a win. I think in general we like it when people are willing to do things for us so helping out or doing something thoughtful is always a good start
Date 1/21/2018
I love kissing and cuddling. I love it when he takes me in his arms or snuggles up behind me.
Date 1/28/2018
Just wanted to say, these comments are sweet! Way to keep the live alive! ??
Date 6/11/2018
I would always help out and have for 48 years and I still have to kiss her ass to get laid or a blow job. I have thpught about having an affair, but I just can not do it. I guess I will just keep jerking off.

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