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6 Things She Does For You In Bed

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

Women worry about so many things.  We primp and prep and prepare ourselves for any sexual activity.  We read up on the newest sexual techniques.  We buy lingerie and sexy bras and panties in order to seduce you.  We wear seductive make-up, make sure our hair is flawless, light candles and otherwise prepare seduction in the highest degree.  We do all of these things in order to make a sexual experience amazing for our lovers.  You wanna know the funny thing?  None of that is anything that men expect, care about or, sometimes, even notice.

sexy woman lingerie
It is no secret, women love to shop.  We also love to shop for sexy, frilly undergarments with the express hope that our lovers will go completely nuts when they see us all dolled up for them.  The truth is, most men don’t really CARE about lingerie!  Oh sure, they like it and it can be a turn on, but many men (a majority, actually) say that naked is the sexiest thing, or, even, just a T-shirt and panties.

beautiful woman applying makeup
Do you ever see yourself after you have had a night of really good sex?  Hair is tussled and completely messed up, make-up is running down your face, one eyebrow is completely washed off, lipstick smeared and mascara all over the place.  You look, well, like you just had hot sex!  Putting on beautiful make-up and having perfect hair is something that most men really don’t notice too much.  They just know they are getting laid.

intimate couple foreplay
It is true that men do prefer feminine legs (i.e. not EXTRA hairy) but, they will not really notice a 2-3 day stubble.  While we women tend to worry about even a teeny bit of extra hair growth on our legs and eagerly go to shave it off before an intimate encounter, our partners don’t notice it at all.

See What 5 Sexy Things She Is Craving In The Bedroom

romantic couple sexual intercourse
Waxing.  The bane of the female vaginal existence.  Not just waxing but deciding HOW to wax.  Brazilian?  Landing strip?  Little heart shape?  WHO CARES?  Men love that they are having sex and I doubt, highly, than any man is going to say, “oh honey, you shaved a little heart into your pubic hair, I love that!”  Sure, the preference is well-maintained, clean and smelling nice – but as for all the little frilly pubic hair frou-frou – naw, don’t sweat it.

Couple intimate make out
Women LOVE to create an intimate and romantic scene in the bedroom.  Lighted and scented candles, new bedding, silk sheets and even romantic tunes.  For women, this creates a very romantic and sensual environment in which to get their freak on.  For men, eh. Sure, women look delightful under the gaze of flickering candlelight, this is true, but do they CARE?  Is it a “must do?”  Nope.  Hell, leave the television on and let him watch the football game over your shoulder.  No, I am kidding.  Or am I?

couples sex positions
Why do we complicate sex?  Furthermore, why do we think that we need flavored lubricants or extra incentive to play, sexually, with our lovers?  While women may find it fun to paint some chocolate on their lover’s penis and lick it off, most men really don’t need to paint their lover’s breasts to enjoy them!  These things can definitely be fun for a change or something different, but, as the norm?  No thanks.  As for the fancy moves – yes, there is something to be said about trying new techniques – definitely a thing to do.  However, if your “new move” requires a step-by-step printed out guide, then maybe you should just stick to the tried and true.

The moral is…..while adding extras into sex, putting in the effort to look and be sexy, and using a variety of techniques and seductions in bed is absolutely fun and shows how much you care for your partner, most of them are not necessary!  Be present with your lover, be honest, enjoy sex, give him the gift of your time, your body and your effort.  After all, that is all he really wants!

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Date 2/25/2016
I love to put on some sexy lingerie and thigh high tights. It really sets the tone!
Date 2/25/2016
J. J.
I never do my make up, usually I take it off first because it makes a mess... but I do like to put on some music and even some nice lingerie sometimes. Candles are nice too!
Date 2/25/2016
cindy f
lol i tried to shave a cute design once it was to hard so i just shaved the whole thing lol
Date 2/25/2016
loooove to have nice shaved legs for sex! it just makes him feel so mch nicer against my legs :)
Date 7/11/2016
I put in extra effort to get the kids in bed every night so we can have awesome sex at least a couple times before we go to sleep! We have 8 kids so thats no easy task.

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