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Sexy Things To Try On Your Next Vacation

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Two words: hotel sex!  Yup, it is not a myth, sex on vacation is so much HOTTER!  There is something about being away, relaxed, in a new environment where you don’t have to make the bed that just begs for SEX!  So, before you go on your next getaway, read on to discover some great ways to add a little sexy spice to your vacation.
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  You check in to your room and look around.  To your joy there is a private balcony overlooking a peaceful naturalistic view!  Sure, you and your lover could sit out there and relish the sunset. OR, you could have SEX out there!  Yep!  If you have a private balcony it is the perfect answer for some in-nature loving.  Depending on how daring you are, you can go out completely
sexy_things_to_try_on_your_next_vacationnude and let it all hang out.  Or, you can wear robes and simply snuggle in together.  Either scenario is risqué and adds something different to your vacation sex!

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GETTING JIVE IN THE JACUZZI:  One thing that I absolutely love about hotels – especially upscale hotels – is that they often have luxury suites that have Jacuzzi tubs!  Jacuzzi tubs or whirlpool tubs are great places to have a little under water fun!  Pack some candles and place them all over the bathroom, fill up the tub with some soothing warm water, pour some champagne (hey, you are on vacation!), and sink in together.  Allow the water to wash away your stresses and allow your hands to caress each other in the bubbling water.  If you feel ambitious, have some water sex. Many possible positions.  Or, if you are lucky to have a lot of room on the side of the tub, you can take turns giving each other oral!  The gist is:  enjoy and relax.
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  Often when we are on vacation we have a sense of mystery about us.  We are foreign to the surroundings, no one knows us, we can wander around aimlessly, holding hands and enjoying the new scenery in complete anonymity.  This means that when the mood strikes you for a little sexy fun – take it!  Perhaps you are walking on a nature trail in a state you have never visited – why not detour just a tad and take advantage?  Quickies are great ways to spice up nature walks and what better time to do it than on vacation?  Or, if you are in a new city exploring, why not take advantage of something frisky and sexy and check out the local strip club or burlesque show?  Do something different and allow your sexy vibe to shine through!


Date 5/1/2015
Mindy N.
Date 5/7/2015
Have vacation in 2 weeks. Gonna call tonite and see if i can change our room to something with a little more privacy. Now to try and convince my lady to be more adventurous. i LOVE public stuff so i am hoping she will be willing to try it. this way i can have safe, public, morning sex. my 3 favorite things.
Date 5/30/2015
the jacuzzi and waterproof vibrators together are such a good idea. don't have one right now so i'll have to invest in one. any suggestions?? i knew waterproof existed but i never thought about buying for use in a jacuzzi. definitely taking advantage of that idea to spice things up. my man is going to be soooo surprised when i bring out one that is water safe!! hopefully he likes it.
Date 6/13/2015
Can we just talk about how awesome it is that you don't have to clean up or make the bed the next morning???? My FAVORITE part of vacations, haha. Good time to try out all sorts of new stuff. Plus you're already out of your comfort zone in a strange place so it is perfect for figuring out what you do and don't like.
Date 6/27/2015
What an excuse for a vacation ... I am now going to send this to my hubby in hopes that he will think so too!

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