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Tips for a Wild and Sexy Summer

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
How To Have A Sexy SummerView All New Sex Toys!

So here we are in JULY and the weather is finally getting warmer.  Here in Chi-town the weather has been unseasonably cold and not at all ‘summer like’ – but it is getting better.  When I think of summer, I think of breezy nights outside on the porch, romantic walks by the lakefront, skinny dippin’ in the pool or even picnics at the beach.  No matter what you choose to do, one thing is for sure, SUMMER IS A TIME FOR LOVIN’!  What can we do to spice up those summer days and nights?  How can we make this summer the sexiest ever?  I have lots of ideas – and I am sure to spark some original ones.  Put on your short shorts, lather up with sun tan lotion and hang ten for my list of summer MUST dos.


Ahhhh yes, the beach.  Warm sand, bright sun, bathing suits and SWEAT.  Yeah, I said that – sweat.  When the heat is on, the sweat happens, and that means spectator sports.  Beach volleyball is a favorite for two reasons:  bouncing boobs and sweaty men.  Women love sweat.  Not ‘stinky, I didn’t take a bath today sweat’ – but ‘I am a mega jock, look at me spike the ball’ sweat.

So, if you are thinking about how to connect with a special someone this summer, try outdoor sports.  If you prefer not to sweat, swimming is always a pleasing activity.  Surfing, snorkeling, or just plain swimmin’ in the pool – all of these activities are great ways to spark some frisky fun.  Get you gal in a swimsuit and jump on in – the water is FINE.


Picnics, BBQs and bonfires are also great ways to get snugly with your love-dove.  Get out that plaid blanket, pack a picnic basket full of fun goodies, some wine (or beer) and snacks and head out to the beach.  Invite your pals – or just that special someone - and make a day and night of it.  Be sure to bring extra blankets so you can venture out on your own while everyone else is roasting marshmallows.

Spending the nice, cool summer night with your new love interest is a great way to spark a flame.  In fact, I have spent many a night slumbering (or not) on the beach with a special someone.  I have two words of advice here:  make sure you have bug spray – bites in private spots are NOT fun and make sure to have a blanket, sand in your panties is very, very uncomfortable.

5 Ways To Enjoy The Sexiest Summer Ever


While skinny dippin’ is a rite of passage for most young couples, it doesn’t have to end with youth.  Skinny dippin’ can be a fun activity for any age.  Of course, skinny dippin’ can be just a manner of frisky foreplay OR it can be a full course menu.  If you choose to take your nekkid escapades to the full level, let me give you some advice.

First, if you are in a lake or pond – refrain from having sex.  These natural bodies of water contain every kind of parasite and bacterium – getting them in your vagina or penis can be very uncomfortable and lead to infection.  IF you are going to have ‘water sex’ then best stick to chlorinated waters.  The chlorine can also cause a reaction – but it is overall less dangerous than pond or lake waters.  Also, if you are contemplating ‘under water oral action’ – pools are your only option.  I wouldn’t put lake water in my mouth on a bet!

Water sex and foreplay can be really wild.  If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard – and are sure no one can see you – then have at it.  Why let the young ones have all the fun – jump in and take it off.  Just make sure you filter your pool after!

Sometimes simple is better.  What better simple pleasure is there besides walking hand in hand with your lover on a warm summer’s night?  If you are lucky enough to have a scenic place to walk (such as a lakefront) then that is the way to go.  Have a romantic dinner out and take a long, leisurely walk.  Talk about life, love or nothing at all.  Stop to kiss and connect.  Flirt, fondle and be frisky.

Sometimes I think that we forget how important couple time is.  How important it is to just ‘be’ together.  We do not always have to do something, we can just walk and talk and be together.  Summer is a perfect time to reconnect and make time for each other.  The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and we are more in the mood for love.


Summer is a great time for tasty treats as well.  Popsicles, ice cream, sodas, floats – mmmmm... I am thirsty already!  So what do summer treats have to do with summer sex?  Well, if you have ever watched a girl eating a popsicle, then your mind should be in the right place.  Try eating a frozen treat and then kissing – or doing something else.  Playing with cold sensations on hot nights can be super stimulating.

Plus, going to your local ice cream shop together can be a ‘blast from the past’ – a time when couples went on dates and shared their ice cream sodas.  I know it is more fun to share than to have your own!  Less calories and closer proximity to your lover.  It is all good with ice cream in the middle!


Finally, my favorite summer activity – stormy weather sex!  Nothing makes me hotter than thunder filled nights cuddling and loving my hubby!  Leave the windows open a bit, let the breeze come in and hit your sweaty bodies.  Listen to the rumble of the thunder and use it as your own personal sexy soundtrack!

There is nothing better than making love during a stormy night – and summer is a time for storms!  Don’t be scared of the storm – use each other for comfort and have a frisky evening while the weather outside is frightful!

These are just a few of the ideas to spark up your summer.  Try to remember to reconnect, take time for each other, squeeze private time in between all the other obligations.  Summer is a time for rest and relaxation and just being together.  Use the nice weather and the longer days as inspiration for your relationship.  Be sexy, be sweet, be together and be HAPPY this summer!

Happy Summer Lovin!

What Do You Love About Summer?
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Date 5/30/2015
i love the weather. it is almost always nice so its easy to go out and do stuff together
Date 6/3/2016
I love swimming! Never had pool sex tho ;)
Date 6/17/2016
My wife in a bikini :)
Date 7/7/2016
Lisa Jacobs
Vacation, the beach, suntans, and swimming!

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