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3 Sex Positions To Give Him A Show

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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In case you did not know this, men are extremely visual creatures.  There is a reason why the term “eye candy” came to be.  This is not to say that women are NOT visual, we are, but men are much more so.  Men get aroused by visualizations first and foremost and, if you give them visualizations during sex, it will increase their arousal!  Men love to watch their, um, parts interacting with your parts.  They love to watch you give them oral pleasure.  They especially love to watch you self pleasure!  All of these things rate “hell yeah” on the manly scale of awesomeness.  So, if you want to know a few tried and true positions to get his heart racing, try these 3 next time you are in bed with your guy!

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Spontaneously Sexy Moves!


Men love it when you take control and get on top.  Firstly, they get to SEE you – all of you.  Secondly, it is hot when you take control.  Thirdly, they can touch you.  It is the trifecta of awesome sexualness.  If you want to maximize the visualization, then reverse cowgirl (you on top,3_sex_positions_to_give_him_a_showfacing his feet) is definitely the way to go.  This way he gets to watch his member sliding in and out of you.  He can grab your hips, he can stroke your back, and if you lay all the way forward he will get a most awesome shot of the action!  This surely ranks #1 when it comes to getting the whole picture!


Another tried and true favorite is woman on her back at the side of the bed.  This position offers him (a) the opportunity to spread your legs and watch his penis going in and out of you (b) your boobs bouncing up and down as he thrusts into you (c) you can pleasure yourself while he is thrusting and he can watch that too!  Just make sure you watch him watching you!  It is exciting to see his excitement!


No, not woman on top missionary, but definitely woman on top.  When you sit astride your man he gets to watch all of you while you, essentially, use him to get pleasure.  You are gloriously naked, your boobs are set free (or perhaps you are in slinky lingerie) and he can watch you ride him.  For an even better visual, if you can manage it, lean BACK onto your hands and open your knees.  In this position he can watch himself sliding into you (much like the reverse cowgirl) but it is even better because he can watch your face as you are getting off on him.  Definitely a great position to be in!

How Do You Give Him A Sexy Show?
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Date 8/4/2015
stace 50
doggy style is best bc he gets to see my ass n pull my hair n some times we use a mirror n it makes us both so hot
Date 8/31/2015
My GF is so hot when she touches herself in front of me. Sometimes it's just for foreplay but sometimes she makes herself cum! It drives me crazy.
Date 9/1/2015
Lillian M.
It's fun when I'm on top because my hair is all over the place and he can see me moan and watch me cum on him and see my breasts bouncing up and down as I ride him.
Date 9/2/2015
He loves watching me masturbate ;)
Date 9/3/2015
trenton P.
omg watching her ride me is the best thing ever
Date 9/21/2015
Tyler James
I sit on the ground the a pole inbetween my legs and she is inverted and slowly slides down and performs oral sex it is absolutely hot

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