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Keeping It HOT When You Are Away!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

Today’s relationships are not always centrally located!  We seem to have more “long-distance” relationships than ever (thank you internet dating).  Plus, so many more people have to travel for work.  This means more time away from that special someone who shares your heart and your bed.  I, myself, did a VERY long distance dating relationship (1200 miles) for almost 2 years and let me tell you, it takes some effort to keep things hot!  So, if you need some ideas on how to turn up the heat while you aren’t there, then read on!

intimate couple phone call
In our world of texting, the actual phone call has taken a backseat to selfies and Instagram!  However, when you are trying to keep the intimacy alive, hearing your lover’s actual voice is a good thing!  It brings the real back into the picture.  You should take time every day to speak, not text, but speak on the telephone to your lover.  Preferably at night when you can get a little saucy if you want to.  Nothing is going to send him to dreamland with a smile on his face faster than if you help him relieve some tensions!  All it will take is to start talking about what you would like to do to him or her if you were together and you will be off to the races in a jiffy!

hot sext
So, if you can’t beat em, join em!  Sexting is a new craze that everyone seems to be very adept at!  It can be very fun – texting those naughty thoughts you are having throughout the day, putting in a little picture here or there to remind him or her of what they are missing while away.  Even naughty emoticons can lend a hand with keeping things super sexy.  The great thing about sexting is that you can do it anytime day or night and no one would be the wiser!  No privacy needed to send your hubby a little sexy or flirty thought while you are feeding dinner to your kids!  Then, once you have more quiet time, BUMP UP THE HEAT and say some reaaaaalllly naughty things!  He will be calling or sexting you before you know it.
sexy woman selfie
New technology can be a bigger blessing than we know.  Gone are the days of taking pictures that you have to download off of a chip, transfer to a picture program to edit, save and then attach to an e-mail.  Nope.  Now you can just click, adjust, edit and SEND all in a jiffy.  You can take a quick boob shot or a nice little dick pic.  Sexy selfies are a great way to initiate any other type of sexy play from sexting to a phone sex call.  Get creative with your sexy selfies.  Use the special features on your phone, string together a little collage, be sexy and seductive.  You can even just send a nice sweet “kiss” picture if you are not up to the nudes or you can get really raunchy.  It is up to you!

kinky lingerie strip tease
Another wonderful addition to instant phone pics is that most cellphones now also come with VIDEO CAMERAS!  Oh yeah!  You can take a cute or sexy little video and instantly send it out to your lover.  Sexy strip teases cause in the mirror on a phone camera or even a little video of you stroking your penis while you look through the pictures she has sent you throughout the day.  These things keep us connected visually and sexually.  Just remember, all videos need to be erased before the kiddos decide to check out Mommy’s phone!

sexy facetime couple
The absolute save-all for long-distance relationships is the use of Skype or Facetime (instant video conferencing).  Here you can see, live time, your lover and he or she can see you.  You can do ANYTHING and I mean ANY THING on Skype!  Start out talking together, seeing how the day has gone.  Sexy talk begins and before you know it, you are both stripping all the way down to your undies or LESS!  Imagine being able to stay connected via a little sexy mutual masturbation show!  You can hear and see each other while you self-pleasure.  Doesn’t seem quite so lonely now, does it?

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Date 3/2/2016
I was in a long distance relationship for three years and we saw each other very rarely it was hard but we talked on the phone alot and used skype and naughty texts were the norm for us ;)
Date 3/2/2016
Baby K.
my husband travels for work a lot and he's usually gone for 5 or 7 days at a time. its hard but we have a lot of fun sexting and chatting on the phone til he comes home
Date 3/2/2016
i do a lot of weekend trips for work and i always send my fiancee flowers and tell her how much i miss her.
Date 3/2/2016
Husband and I work opposite shifts im an overnight nurse and hes an accountant and during the week we hardly see eachother but we leave each other nice notes all week and the weekends are just for us
Date 3/2/2016
i love to send him naughty pics of me while im away. when i get home he wants me even more
Date 9/10/2017
Rhonda Hills
Date 2/10/2019
With Microsoft taking Skype over, is it still a safe venue for mutual masturbation?

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