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Keep It Sexy with Erotic Kissing

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Have you ever heard the phrase, “a kiss is just a kiss?”  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth!  A kiss can be so much more than “just” a kiss!  Think of every “first kiss” you have ever shared with a special someone.  The moments before your lips meet, the butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach, the anticipation and the downright impatience you may feel!  Then, your lips touch and you begin to meld into one another, the heat slowly rising, the kisses becoming more fervent, your hands grabbing each other’s hair and exploring your bodies!  That kiss is not “just” an anything!  That kiss is the beginning of something.  A relationship – a new, great love – or a hot night of sex!

Think about how powerful a kiss is.  When we kiss we use all of our senses: we see our partner, feel them, taste them and hear them!  This is why kissing is so extremely powerful and arousing.  A kiss is never just a kiss but sometimes we forget keep_it_sexy_with_erotic_kissinghow important kissing really is!  Couples who have been together for many years sometimes neglect kissing as if it is no longer important to foreplay, or even an option for just maintaining a healthy, flirty relationship.  Kissing is an activity that demonstrates our desire for someone.  It is normally the very first intimate experience we share with a partner.  When we don’t kiss, it is sort of like putting up a wall with regards to our intimacy.  This is why it is so important to keep our relationships fresh, fun, and sexy with erotic kissing!

So, what is “erotic” kissing?  Well, as you may imagine it is the kind of kissing you would do with a partner with whom you wish to engage in sexual activity.  So, not the kind of kiss you would give your grandfather!  You may be asking yourself, “Um, duh, why do I need someone to tell me how to kiss?”  Well, friend, there is more than one way to kiss, more than one style, and more than one PLACE on the body to kiss.  So, it makes sense to explore other options with regard to kissing!

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There are 2 non-negotiables when it comes to ANY kissing:  Have good breath and soft lips!  This means you've got to brush those teeth (and tongue), chew some gum, gargle with some Listerine and have good breath!  Also, invest in some ChapStick or lip balm to make sure your kisser is in prime shape for planting some on your partner!


You never want to just JUMP right in to a kiss, especially a first one!  You want to delay the moment a bit.  This allows you to feel each other’s energy and anticipation.  So, when you are going to kiss your lover, hold yourself in a position that is JUST about kissing.  Look deeply into his /her eyes, feel their breath catch.  Take your hand and move it to their mouth, gently rubbing your finger along their lower lip.  Then, move your hand to the back of their head (or neck, or waist) and pull them closely toward you.  Next, gently touch your lips to theirs with almost a chaste kiss.  Move your nose around theirs before you go in for the next kiss.  As you touch lips again, this time make sure that the kisses get more heated with a stronger press, a longer duration, and with more tongue exploration.  Make sure to grab their head and body and pull them into you as you do so.  The key is to make the first part of kissing a very slow and passionate experience so that the heat and need builds between you!


While this move may not be for everyone, it is always worth a try.  There is something super sexy about being kissed and having your partner nibble a bit on your lower lip.  Gentle, little, playful nips in between deeper kissing.  You do not want to hurt your lover (or draw blood!) but you do want to gently pull their lip just a bit.  It is also very sexy to make a little moan or growl while doing it.  It just makes things a little more carnal in nature.  Make sure your partner likes this before you make it a regular part of your kissing repertoire.


This tip is more for the men (but women could do it too).  Nothing makes for a sexier start than to have your lover come up behind you, wrap his (or her) arms around you and begin kissing and nuzzling the back of your neck (the nape)!  This spot is SUPER sensitive and erotic, and feels wonderful when kissed oh, so, gently.  Meanwhile, your hands can roam all over her (his) body, finding the most sensual spots to caress.  As you become more heated you can move around to the earlobes, gently licking and kissing around them and the side of the neck.  Using a firmer touch (and this varies by partner) and almost a sucking sensation.  Finally, landing back at the mouth and by this time she/he should be ravenous for a very sensual kiss!


Any woman will tell you, there is something really enticing about feeling super desired and even “taken.”  If you and your lover are out and about somewhere (like maybe a dance club) or even in your own house, you can make her feel like you desire her immensely by just one, simple move.  Get up close to her and before you kiss her, grab her hands and gently raise them above her head, placing them against the wall and “entrapping” her.  Then, start to kiss her slowly, then more passionately, all the while keeping her hands above her head pressed against the wall while you press your body into her.  Note: this can also be achieved while lying in bed.  You simply would hold her hands down against the mattress above her head while you're on top.  The feeling of being desired and almost helpless to resist is one that is very enticing to many women.


Men do not have all the power when it comes to kissing.  Oh no!  Women can get in there and raise the erotic bar too!  Here is a trick which will have him begging for you to give it to him full force.  Sit on his lap facing him (or, if you prefer, stand with him pressed up against a wall).  Begin kissing him gently on his forehead.  Then move to his eyelids, cheeks, chin – pretty much ANYWHERE but his lips.  Gentle kisses.  Taking your time going from one spot to the next.  Run your fingers through his hair or hold his head firmly between your hands.  You will feel him melting beneath you, getting more impatient to have you kiss his lips.  When you sense this, move to his lips – gently kissing them – and then use your tongue to outline his lips.  This will have him literally holding his breath waiting for the full on kiss!  Oh yeah baby, it is getting HOT in here!

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Date 6/13/2015
Linda Rey
Good kissers make great lovers,,,,,

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