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Get Kinky in your Bedroom

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Spice Things Up With Sex Toys For Couples

Let me preface this article by stating:  I make NO judgments on what anyone else finds enjoyable in their own bedroom as long as it is legal and between two consenting adults.  What I may find to be ‘freaky’ may be mainstream for someone else, and vice versa with what I find acceptable in my bedroom.  To each his or her own!  Now, with that being said, this article will touch on just a few sexual interests or activities that are a bit on the wilder side – not even close to all those out there.


I was once told by a sexual partner that I was ‘freaky’ for giving him a blowjob with ice cubes in my mouth.  He thought that it was on the border of torturous!  With my previous partners, I had NEVER heard this activity described as odd – but he definitely was turned off by it.  So, if you are a cold connoisseur you may be considered sexually ‘freaky’ by some people.  You have to admit though; using ice is hardly the oddest sexual practice out there.

Experimenting with cold and hot sensations is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to spice up normal foreplay.  The body reacts to a cold touch – nipples become erect, stomach muscles tighten, a clitoris gets tight and hard, testicles shrink and a penis becomes aroused.  Conversely, a body reacts equally well to a warm touch.  Muscles relax, cold nipples thaw, a clitoris engorges with blood and a penis becomes aroused.  Using ice cubes, cooling gels, warming gels – all of these can help enhance and step up your foreplay.  Whether it is ‘freaky’ to use ice on your lover – well, that is up to you.

Kinky Couple Play


There was a post on discussion forum once that asked “if any men enjoyed wearing women’s panties?” and quite a few men responded that they do or have.  Now, it is not really considered odd if a woman likes to roam around in her partner’s boxers or t-shirts; no, quite the opposite.  Many men would find that uber hot.  However, put a man in your thong and there MUST be something wrong with him, right?

I tend to think about it this way:  most women’s underwear is silky or soft, lingerie is silky and soft, and we like the way it feels on US, why wouldn’t a man like the way it feels on his penis?  Sure, there are boxer shorts, but a man’s member tends to get lost in the fabric, while a woman’s panties hugs a little tighter.  Now, while I will admit, I do not find thongs particularly comfortable and therefore, do not understand why a man would want to wear one with more ‘stuff’ to put in it.  However, to each his own.

There are many men who like to wear women’s lingerie as well.  Why?  Well, what do men really have to wear to bed?  Silky boxers or those animal themed thongs – which, personally, I find a bit ridiculous.  Sure, it is fun to imagine your man raising his elephant’s trunk while on your honeymoon, but for everyday use?  Women have so many more options.  Silky pajama sets, silky or satiny sleep shirts, sexy thongs and tops or even boyshorts.  IF a man wants to feel the silky and elegant softness of his woman’s undies, who are we to say it is odd?


I remember watching an episode of “Sex In The City” where Samantha was dating this man who was very into baby talk.  He called her breasts ‘titty witties’ and used other ‘baby talk’ during their lovemaking.  Samantha could not get into the baby talk, and hence, the relationship ended.  For some people, baby talk or baby play is a serious interest.  While I really cannot explain WHY some find it erotic to either talk like a baby or act like one, I can only guess that it has something to do with nurturing the inner child.

When people engage in baby fantasies, one person is always the baby, the other the caregiver.  So, if you have a need for someone to completely take care of you – then baby fantasy might be your freaky thing.  Some people even go so far as to wear a diaper, drink from a bottle, and do their ‘business’ IN the diaper for the other person to clean up.  While I am not sure how this ends up in sexual satisfaction, let me assure you, it does.  Would this activity top your ‘freak-o-meter?

Best Sexual Bondage Positions For Beginner Couples


I am sure that most people have at least heard of ‘horse or pony play’ right?  I am not talking about a quick ride on the back of your lover to the bedroom.  No, I am talking about totally acting and dressing like a pony.  Persons interested in pony play wear stirrups, head gear that looks like pony hair, harnesses for the partner to ride on them.  There are special shoes that have real horseshoes on them and clubs where these persons go to ‘play.'

I have never really understood the attraction of pretending to be an animal – nor have I discerned how this activity can become sexual.  I suppose riding on the back of your partner does have a certain sexual appeal in that your private parts are rubbing against their most likely naked back.  The notion of being used might be somewhat appealing to others or, conversely, the ideal of being a ‘faithful’ ride might be the attraction.  Whatever the reasons, people who engage in animal play are truly devout to their activities.


The final activity that I am going to discuss is the relationship dynamic of MASTER / slave.  This is not the same thing as DOM /sub – although it is very similar.  This dynamic is very close to my heart, as I had a relationship that was a MASTER / slave relationship, and we lived this way for many years.  Although I am not in that kind of relationship now, I certainly understand the appeal of it.  In M/s relationships, one person is clearly the Master and the other the slave and the roles are stereotypical to these roles.  The Master rules, the slave obeys.  In true M/s relationships, this dynamic permeates through their life in all aspects – sexual and otherwise.

This type of relationship can take on many forms.  The demands of the Master can be simple – or they can be complex.  Everything from housecleaning, cooking to sexual subservience can be key in this type of relationship.  There is usually rules and punishment for breaking the rules.  Much like a parent and a child, what the Master says, goes – and if the slave fails to listen or obey, there is punishment.  Relationships such as this are usually gratifying for both partners – even though it appears that the Master has all the perks.  While most times the Master is male, it can be the reverse as well.  For some people, this type of set-up is totally freaky; it is a matter of understanding the attraction of it.  I do and so do many others.

Obviously, this is just a small sampling of some unusual sexual practices.  As you can see, these range from fairly timid (hot and cold play) to an entire lifestyle shift (Master / slave).  Some may be thinking, “Oh man, those ARE freaky!” while others may think, “I enjoy a little pony play, what the big deal?”  It is all just a matter of opinion and preference.  While I think it is fairly obvious that some things do ding a little on the freaky meter, if it is something that you enjoy, have at it!

In a world where there are so many interests and sexual appetite ranges – why not indulge in activities that really do it for you?  IF you have a partner who is also into it and understands and applauds your interests, WHY NOT?  Enjoy, go to town, be the freak you are meant to be!  I say, go forth into your bedroom (or horse stall) and enjoy your sexual interests!  There are worse things to be doing with your Friday night – enjoy your freakiness!

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Date 7/6/2016
My husband and I have always been into dominant/submissive roleplay. There is nothing sexier than him taking control!
Date 7/6/2016
i like wearing womens panties... they are very sexy and my wife thinks its fun

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