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Sexy Gift Ideas

Posted by Mikayla to Spice It Up!
OK, be honest: how many of you have searched the TooTimid shopping site and thought, ‘Hmmm, I would LOVE to buy that for my wife / girlfriend!’ Or, ‘Wow, it would be so hot to watch my partner use that toy!’ Or, ‘I wonder if I bought that if my husband / boyfriend would be upset?’ You are not alone, so many people think about getting a sexual enhancement product for their partner or for themselves, but get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices! Dildos, Vibes, Lubes, Restraints - how does one CHOOSE the perfect item? Well, look no further; this little article is going to lead you steadfast down the road of perfect sexual enhancement products.

Luxurious Lubes
First, let me clarify a common misconception regarding lubricants: Lubes are NOT just for those women who can’t naturally lubricate. Lubes are a great enhancement for all sorts of sexual activity. There is nothing more spectacular than a little hand job with a slick lube, and nothing helps with new toy play better than a dependable lubricant. Lubes are definitely the equal opportunity pleaser when it comes to sexual enhancement products and picking the right one can daunting at best. Well, as a self-certified lube ‘expert’ I can take the guesswork out of lube choices.

For standard lubrication (i.e. for vaginal sex, hand jobs or any toy play) I recommend quality water-based lubricants. I have 3 favorites in this category: Sliquid Organic Lube, Too Timid Pleasure Gel and Astroglide. Any of these lubes will slick up your sexual activity in a natural, non-staining and non-sticky manner.

For anal play (or for water play or for long sex sessions) I suggest a silicone lubricant. Silicone lubes are luxurious in feel, and are very long lasting. They are the BEST choice for anal sex. Remember, however, no silicone sex toy should be used with a silicone lube. My top choices here are: Sliquid Organics Silk, Astroglide X, and Eros Light Love. I guarantee these lubes to be fantastically silky and long-lasting.

Perhaps you are looking for a little oral sex lube or a massage gel. These make fantastic gifts because they are fun and flirty, and can help break the ice if you are having issues initiating more playful sex! Oral sex gels are great ideas for those who have issues with oral – or just to flavor things up for all of us! Personally, I LOVE Sex Tarts Oral Sex Lubricants. They taste great and are very affordable. Cock Rocks BJ Candy is VERY fun. Like Pop Rocks for Sex. Yummy. If sensual massage is on your menu, then I can highly suggest Kama Sutra Massage Oil or Hot Stuff EDIBLE Warming Massage Oil – two treats in one!

Whatever your pleasure, the great thing about Lubes and Massage Gels is that they are affordable fun for any time of the year!

Good Vibrations
If I have said it once, I will say it again – EVERY woman should have a vibrator. Every woman. Vibrators can be an excellent enhancement to any couple’s playtime or for solo play. They can be used for all over pleasure, and men can enjoy the vibrations as much as women. There are as many types of vibrators as there are – well, women who need them! My suggestions will vary by ‘experience’ – and therefore are designated as such. Newbies: My top choices for beginners are: Vibe Me, Liv, Forever Yours or the Love Bullet. The key to a non-intimidating vibe is something petite, easy on the vibes, smooth and petite. Any of these will fit the bill. Intermediate User: Once someone is comfortable with a vibrator, it may be time to amp up the power, add a little G-Spot stimulation or Clitoral stimulation. My choices in this category are: I-Vibe Rabbit, Passion Wave Teaser, GiGi, or the G-Dream. Any of these Vibrators will give your honey that extra something she desires.

Experienced User: The wonderful thing about a vibrator is that there are so many options, that even when you have had some experience with them, you can always change up the experience by getting a different size, weight, function or power. Here are my favorites for the more experienced vibe user: 10 Function Self Pleasing G, The Big Cherry Vibro Dong, Thrusting Dragonfly, Blue Meta Gell Heart On, and the Impulse Jack Rabbit.

Couple Vibe: There is one vibe that is specifically designed for a couple to use, together, during sex. The We-Vibe is a very unique item that brings pleasure to both partners and enhances sex tremendously! I LOVE our We-Vibe, and highly recommend it.

Couple’s Retreat
Sometimes the best gift you can give another is a gift you also give to yourself. Giving an item that the two of you use together (like the previously mentioned We-Vibe) really puts new perspective on sexual enhancement products. There are some fantastic items for couples (even though any and all items can be used for couples during foreplay, sex or afterplay). Here are my top picks for couple’s retreat:

Fun and flirty sex sets like the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit or the Lover’s Paintbox add a little zip to sex. Blindfolds, Handcuffs or Pink Satin Bondage Ribbon can add some naughty to your bedroom play. Finally, break the ice with sex games like Lover’s Poker or Sex Dice. Any of these items are fantastic for breaking the ice of a new relationship or adding some fire to an established one.

Finally, if you want to take your sex up a naughty notch, then a Fetish Fantasy Flogger might be right up your alley! The Pink Play Heart Paddle and the Red Bad Girl Whip will put you in control of your submissive in a fun and stimulating way!

Visual Stimulation
Perhaps the cornerstone of adult entertainment is adult videos. With a wide range of choices, finding the perfect porn can be a daunting task. I myself am a porn connoisseur, and can lend a hand to finding the perfect flick. If you are looking for more of a soft-porn, erotically based movie that also can teach you a few helpful hints, shift toward: Erotic Dancing: The Better Sex Guide, Incredible Orgasms, Unlocking the secrets of the G-Spot.

If you want something that is specifically intended for viewing by women, then lean toward the Inplulse line of films. I personally have enjoyed Velvet Thrust, Anticipation and Ranch House Lust. They are totally adult features, no holds-barred films with a little more….romance added in.

For the porn purist there are oodles of choices to tickle your funny bone (yes, I meant that as a pun). Some solid choices in this category are: Chasey Loves Rocco (the first porn I ever bought), I Dream of Jenna, Rough Draft, Fallen and, of course, Fuck. Whichever you decide to view, they are sure to be stimulating.

Gift for Guys
Yes, men like sex toys too. No longer are the days when a man’s only sexual enhancement product was a Hustler and some lotion. No, there is a full line of gifts just for guys. I HIGHLY suggest trying to get your man to experiment with Prostate massage. This is such an enjoyable part of foreplay, and a prostate toy can really add a whole new dimension to an oral sex or hand job experience. The Aneros Helix or the Aneros MGX would be my top picks in this category for sure – and don’t forget the LUBE.

Men like to masturbate. Even with a healthy and satisfying sex life – men still like to masturbate. So, it makes sense that a masturbator is a great gift for your guy. Why not give him the joy of playing with a replica of a real vagina! The Extreme Lips or Cyberskin Virtual Vagina. Or, you can go a little more basic and get a Super Head Honcho or the standard Fleshlight. Give your man a masturbator and some lube and he will be thanking YOU more than you know.

Keep in mind, that many of the vibrators or bullets I have mentioned also make great gifts for your man. Imagine giving him a nice, slow hand job and adding in a little vibration action! He would FLIP OUT!

Give the Gift that Keeps On Giving
The point is, when you give the gift of a sexual enhancement product, you give the gift of love. Being comfortable and putting investment in a sexual relationship is truly the gift that keeps on giving. No matter what you choose – lubes, vibrators, blindfolds or masturbators – taking the time to think of your lover’s pleasure says a lot about your personal investment in the relationship. Giving the gift of good sex is truly a gift worth giving!

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