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10 Erotic-Looking Foods

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info

Do you ever leave the grocery store feeling a little aroused?  I know I do.  I’m not just excited about all the delicious treats I bought, but my cart is filled to the rim with erotic-looking foods!  Sometimes, all it takes is an elongated vegetable and a couple of round, well-placed fruits to jumpstart my naughty imagination!  So, let’s take a peek at the foods that look just plain sexy!

1.  Bananas
oral sex fantasy woman
This is one of the most visually appeeling foods for obvious reasons.  It’s unmistakably penis-shaped and totally kinky to watch a woman eat.  When it comes down to the naughtiest of the fruits, nothing beats the banana.  Peel slowly to enhance the eroticism.

2.  Peaches
Via corkscapsandtaps.com
Ooh la-la!  Not only do peaches have a cute little line that gives the illusion of two plump butt cheeks, but the soft, seductive feel of the fruit is amazing!  Plus, check out that pit!  There is something remarkably kinky about its shape and texture!

3.  Fudge Pops
fudge pops
Via flickr.com
They make quire a mess, but they sure are delicious and fun to eat!  They are soft and creamy and melty… Mmm.  I mean, who doesn’t love to watch a babe eat one of these?  It's a tasty frozen treat that you suck on and ends with you covered in chocolate.  Yummy.

4.  Kiwis
Kiwi fruit
Via weeklyhealthylife.com
Tiny, round, and with a little bit of fuzz!  Putting two next to one another really completes the illusion.  I just want to hold them in my hands and give them a little rub.  People at the grocery store think I know what great fruit is supposed to feel like, but really, I just like how they feel!

5.  Pears
Pear body shape
Via ft86club.com
Ah, a smooth, gorgeous female figure.  It’s firm on the outside but moist and supple on the inside.  It's an erotic body shape that always give my naughty imagination a jumpstart!  Pears aren't necessarily the kinkiest food ever, but there is an irresistible plumpness about them that just makes them so gosh-darn sexy!

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6.  Chocolate Covered Cherries
erotic chocolate covered cherries
Via fanniemay.com
I don’t even like cherries, but I can’t deny that this is an attractive-looking treat.  The outside appears so elegant, but when you take a bite, you get a wet, goopy cherry.  Mmm - even I am tempted to suck on one of these!  Plus, chocolate is sexy all on its own, and the cherry just adds to the alluring imagery.

7.  Coconuts
Via atlantisjavasea.com
Coconuts are dark and round, and when you crack one open, it's all white and filled with milk.  It doesn't get much more erotic than that!  I’d like to get my hands on a couple of those!  Plus, coconuts inspire hot island beach scenes of dancing ladies in grass skirts.  It just doesn't get any better than that. 

8.  Cucumbers
kinky foods cucumber
Via organicfacts.net
Long, thick, and firm.  Cucumbers are right up there with bananas, but they are a lot stiffer than bananas and add to the erotic illusion.  Pickles are also acceptable, especially because they are succulent!  Both are erotic to check out and sexy to eat.

9.  Avocados
sexiest looking foods
Via eatsxm.com
When you cut an avocado open, you see its plump seed and it immediately takes on a sexier, curvier shape.  The roundness of the seed resting inside the avocado is just tantalizing.  There is something about the rough skin and the smooth pit on the inside that makes me squirm!

10.  Pomegranates
wet and erotic foods
Via fitlista.com
This is an insanely juicy fruit that’s filled with delectably moist seeds.  It makes quite a mess, but the end result is very rewarding.  This is one of the most erotic foods for its unique, seed-filled insides and incredible moisture.  I just want to suck every last one dry!

Sex Or Food?
Can You Live With Just One?


Date 2/29/2016
Oh man, thats a tough one lolol! I guess food :D
Date 2/29/2016
Food but I would prefer both!!
Date 2/29/2016
Date 2/29/2016
sex, as long as i wont starve to death lol
Date 2/29/2016
* food food food *
Date 2/29/2016
Melissa 29
I can't have 1, I need both! LOL
Date 2/29/2016
xX patrice Xx
sex if i can still have chocolate my favorite

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