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Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Sex Toy Discussion
Great adult gift ideas for lovers
Christmas time is almost here (oh CRAP – that was fast) – and Christmas is a time for hot cocoa, snow angels, ski trips, roaring fireplaces and LOOOONNGG winter nights! Christmas is a magical time of year when the best in everyone is presumed to be evident, giving takes precedence over getting, and lovers are more in love than any other time of the year! Christmas is a wonderful time for lovers and for special gift giving.

When it comes time to pick out that special – just from me for you – gift for your lover, how do you know what to pick? Do you do the sexy lingerie route – or think of something a little “out of the box?” I think that all women (and men) really love getting something sexy from their lover – and I have just the products to consider. Even if you have never bought a sexual present for your lover – fear not – it will be a big hit! Sending sexy says you care about your sexual future – and the newest or more established couples can benefit from a little sexy something. Read on and find out MY top picks for Sexy Santa Selections!

Any couple can benefit from a sexy gift – and sometimes the best way to go is fun and frisky. Toys for couples are wonderful ways to keep warm during the winter months. I have a few favorites that would add spice to any Christmas stocking. My first suggestion is a FEATHER TICKLER! Any sexual item that adds sensation to sex is a great way to begin – and going soft is always the best choice. This is not your Mom’s feather duster – this little feather tickler can be used all over your lover’s body to tempt and tickle them to new ecstasy!

Going from soft to ….HOT, is my next suggestion – a LOVER’S CANDLE! Not only does this wonderful candle add soft, romantic light to your snuggle time, it also melts into a unique sex wax / massage oil! Yes that is right, melt the candle for ambience and pour the melted liquid down your lover’s back for a warm massage moment. Giving a gift of this sort guarantees that your lover will know just how much you wish to pamper her (or him).

If you prefer to get something a little less “hands on” then consider a fun COUPLE’S GAME! TooTimid has everything from question and answer type games to games that beg a little…..action! A COUPLE’S GAME can bring the two of you closer in ways you never expected. It provides not only connection time but also can get you out of your comfort zone and into the HOT ZONE!

While you may be considering getting some nice shiny jewelry for your loved one, consider something sparkly AND sexy! There are some wonderfully erotic ‘for women only’ toys available now. For example, JENNA’S VELVET JEWELS Vibes come in two sizes –big and small - one to fit your lover’s tastes and needs. These silky smooth silicone vibes are adorned at the base with bright faux jewels. Pretty and satisfying – these vibes say “satisfy with sparkly” and will do it better than you ever knew!

A new, great option for women who want to experiment with sexual enhancement products are GLASS DILDOS! These products are as beautiful as they are sexy! A GLASS DILDO can be used in many ways – including heating and cooling to provide new sensations. The newest GLASS DILDOS come in a wide range of sizes and unique colors and textures. One of my favorites for form and function is the GLASS GEM OPAL WAND. This pretty blue and clear dildo has what every woman wants – size and texture. The swirls on the head and the beads on the shaft are extremely titillating! Plus, since it is not battery operated – many more timid gals find glass less intimidating. Say “I love you” with a sparkly, glass dildo – you both will benefit!

If glass is not your thing – then perhaps a softer option will do. The DOC JOHNSON RADIANT GEMS collection is a wonderfully ‘feminine’ option for a sex toy. These soft, supple toys come in a variety of styles from the MR. G SPOT toy to the ROUND PLUG or the THE ‘REAL’ GEM. So whether your honey is into anal or vaginal – or you just want to try – the RADIANT GEMS collection has something for every gal!

It is a joke of sorts when women buy ‘massagers’ at stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart. Most people assume the massager is for ‘private purposes’ not the typical back ache. The interesting thing about true massagers, like the ADAM AND EVE MASSAGER or the HITATCHI MAGIC WAND is that they are excellent for those leg cramps, muscle aches or even menstrual cramps. They are also absolutely fantastic as a vibrator! They are fairly intense vibrators, but they are worth it for the double duty.

Of course, you can opt to get a ‘real’ vibrator – if you think your lover would be interested in one. Remember, vibrators are sexual enhancement products, NOT replacements. Feel good that you are supplying your lover with an option for her to explore herself sexually. Vibrators are excellent tools for couples – and they are a whole lotta fun too!

If this is going to be a Christmas gift, then I sincerely suggest that you invest in a quality vibrator – one that costs a little more but is well worth it in the end. A great example of a premium line of vibrators are the JIMMYJANE VIBES. These vibrators are unique in that they are motorized – and this motor vibrates the entire vibe – not just the end or tip. The motor will also never give out – it will last as long as you will. These vibes are simple and sleek and very, very quiet – practically silent.

For something more on the line of a massager is the LELO LUXURY LINE. These uniquely shaped vibes come in a variety of ergonomically correct styles one for every discriminating taste. Made specifically to enhance a woman’s pleasure – and for the woman’s body – these vibes do not disappoint!

Perhaps a no-fuss, traditional vibrator is where your love’s heart lies. This is great, cause there are hundreds to choose from. DUAL ACTIONS, CLITORAL STIMULATORS, COUPLE’S AROUSERS – any and all of these are just a click away for your stocking stuffer! THE JOLIE Mini-MASSAGER, THE BLUSH CRUSH, THE CLEOPATRA BULLET – any or all of these items are just examples of what your lover could find in her stocking this year. Try to decide if your lover would like something smaller – like a BULLET, or larger like a standard vibe. If she is no stranger to toys, then try a DUAL ACTION. Wherever her heart lies, it will definitely lie with you after you give her this sexy gift!

Of course, women are not the only ones getting Christmas goodies this year – men need some sexy lovin’ too. Men can benefit from a toy for you – or they can have their own toys. If you want to get something you can use together – COUPLE’S AROUSERS can enhance sex for both of you. Little vibrating cock rings tempt and tease not only your man, but you as well. Plain COCK RINGS can be the extra something that he is desiring. If you are thinking of something super sweet just for him, check out our selection of MASTURBATORS. From real feel to realistic vaginas – these say “I Love You” in a different sort of way! Men masturbate – we know it, they know it – make him happy with a sexy something just for him!

Whatever you decide to get for your lover, think of their wants, needs and desires. Let them know that you are thinking of them in that special way this Christmas. Couples who play together, stay together – so why not bring your play to the very next level. Make merry this Christmas – and get your honey something sexual or seductive! Take a moment to peruse the shopping guide to find just the right something for your partner and make this Christmas the beginning of something wonderful! Happy Holidays from me to you – and may this next year be the best ever – in and out of the bedroom!

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