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5 "Strange" Things That Turn Him On

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues

OK, so let me first clarify something:  when I write “strange” I am not referring to unusual fetishes, or things that you may like out of the ordinary (such as golden showers or dressing up like Elmo).  No, what I mean by “strange” for the purposes of this article are things that turn your man on that you didn’t even KNOW could BE a sexual turn on – but yet, ARE!  Sure, men still love all the usual things:  boobs, butts, pretty hair, lingerie, boobs (oh, did I say that already?) – but there are other things that get their engines revving fast and furious that you may not even be aware of!  So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret and tell you 5 things that will turn your man on!


Yes, men love a “girly girl” who can dress up in heels and be all seductive and cute – but – they also really get excited by a woman who can hang with the boys!  You know, go out to the bar, play darts and drink beer with your buds!  Maybe even belch a little – OK, maybe not THAT far.  You get the drift though, right?  Men like it when you can mix in with their friends, spend some time out in the man cave, engage in activities that HE likes with HIS friends.  Yup. Know what is even MORE sexy?  When you can like sports, wear sports team jerseys, and yell at the referees louder than he can!  There is a certain pride in having a woman who can support your manly interests!


No, I don’t mean naked (even though I mean that too).  I mean no make-up, no special hair style, no special clothing – just you.  Face scrubbed, make-up off, hair up in a loose ponytail, wearing an old college T-Shirt (or even better one of HIS T-shirts), smelling clean from just having showered.  Yup.  That will drive many men mad with desire.  Why?  Why does this turn a man on so much?  Natural beauty.  When a woman is all dolled up – sure, she is attractive and sexy.  However, when a woman is comfortable enough to take off the make-up, throw her hair in a pony and don some sweats – yeah, that is super sexy.

Satisfy His Sexual Cravings In The Bedroom

Sexy intimate couple

There is a saying that “you get to a man’s heart through his stomach” and this is almost as true for his libido.  Men love it when their women cook or bake for them.  LOVE IT!  Why?  Well, it connotes a sort of pampering and overall care for them that they can sense.  It also shows them how interested you are in them.  Also (and don’t freak out) it reminds them of their Mothers.  No, not in a sick way.  However, they remember what it was like to be taken care of, and that translates to comfort, love and yes, sexual desire.  Men desire women that they feel are a good match for them – and if you are taking care of his gastroenterological desires, he will follow you anywhere.


No, I am not kidding AT ALL.  Men love it when you have just finished a workout or a run and are sweaty and glistening.  In fact, add in a teeny bit of “post workout smell” and they are all over you.  Why?  Why in the world would he be aroused by your post workout red-faced sweat-a-thon?  It could be that you are taking care of yourself, it could be that he notices your body in the tight workout garb, it could be that the smell of the sweat gets him hot.  Who knows what, exactly, it is but the fact remains, many men love their women when they are all sweaty.  Get to the gym ladies!


I am not talking about full-on, knock-down, drag-out fighting here.  No, I am just talking about a little confident debating.  Men love a confident woman – sexually and otherwise – and sometimes when their woman gives them a little resistance on a subject, and holds her ground VERY well, it ends up being an IMMENSE sexual turn on!  There is something about intellectual debate that can turn any subject into a love fest.  Trust me, it is true.

What Turns Your Guy On?
Let Us Know!


Date 11/10/2015
Bethany H.
Nothing turns my man on like some flirty lingerie and a little dirty talk!
Date 11/10/2015
NOT the thought of his mother haha! It's getting all Freud up in here.
Date 11/10/2015
I like to kiss his neck a little and tell him how much i want him... that will get him going
Date 11/10/2015
Girl 32
He may get turned on by my sweat and stink, but that doesn't mean I am ! Get to shower first. But he can join me ;)
Date 11/10/2015
He likes it when I wear all my earrings and wear darker clothes because I look badass lol
Date 2/22/2016
He gets really turned on when I enact suggestive classics from old naughty movies - like soaping up the car in shorts with huge amounts of lather sliding down (looks like loads of sperm to him, maybe ?), or leaning the side of my buttocks in shorts up against the car while filling it from the gas pump (looks like a big "insertion" to him, maybe ?). Go for it, girls !
Date 2/23/2016
Amen Bethany, A flirty baby doll, a nice bustier, and of course, the garter belt and nylons. The latter turns me on like nothing else.
Date 2/24/2016
little bites and sucking on the side and back of neck,annd rubbing his ass cheeks at the same time,after a few minutes reach around and feel his big stiff cock,I reach in his shorts and start strokeing it.Try it girls
Date 5/22/2016
Jannie Girl
I dry his back with a towel, then reach around him and timidly wrap my hand around his cock as if "asking" if it wants to get hard ? That way I'm not being too aggressive, but letting him know I want it from him.
Date 5/24/2016
Prefer a well dressed women with a touch of daring One that can keep it turned on at home and out. One that draws the attention of men and women alike. Someone that can play without jealousy or insecurity.
Date 10/18/2016
I love it when she bends over and spread her ass and tells me to lick her ass
Date 10/19/2016
He is the hottest when I shower then he showers I put makeup on (makes me feel sexier) while he is showering Then we meet as he comes out of the bathroom With wet hair & clean bodies We enjoy each other after 26 years of marriage it's still hot
Date 12/29/2016
So hot when my wife confidently pulls her hair back in the shower and shows me her hairy armpits. So so hot!
Date 5/10/2017
Mr Vern
I love when she incorporates foot play
Date 5/10/2017
I don't like any of your article I love lingerie Clean just showered Classy make up Bdsm Hrs of foreplay
Date 10/28/2017
Whenever she takes the lead or initiates or gets on top is a huge turn-on for me. It makes me so hot when she wants me as much as I want her
Date 10/29/2017
When I wake up in the mornings and she is still in my arms, I will usually want to have sex. I wake up with a huge boner and her hair will be a little messy and she will have sleepy eyes and be wearing nothing but underwear... idk she looks so peaceful and natural and it just makes me want her so bad! She likes being woken with intimate touching if I'm in the mood so morning sex is big for us.
Date 11/2/2017
I love it when my wife gets horny. She like to Leave her lip stick, and make up on, as if were going out for the evening, smelling of sweet perfume and body lotion. She likes getting naked and lies down on the bed side ways with he knees up at a 45 degree angle and her legs spread wide open exposing her pussy. She gives me that smile and wanting me look and slowly licks her lips , rolls her tongue, sucks her middle finger,and moves it to her clit, in one smooth motion. I just love it! It's like where do I start first !!
Date 1/30/2018
I love the smell of my wife's pussy. all she has to do is let me smell and taste her and I cant get enough
Date 2/5/2018
my wife takes a bath and washes her hair . then she goes in the bedroom and later calls me and says can you help me. i walk in and she is on the bed with her legs wide open and her little vibrator up against her clit and says, see anything you like. i'm gone. i fly onto the bed just to see how wet she has herself. hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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