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What To Do When He Can't Get Hard

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
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Let’s be honest, we have all had this experience at one time or another.  You go out with your lover for a night of dinner and drinks.  You have such an amazing time that you have a teeny, tiny too much to drink.  You are extraordinarily horny and really want to have sex!  You make it home safely via a designated driver or cab, stumble into the house, start undressing each other, and then look down to see that his favorite appendage is hanging there in silent defeat!  As the man you have no worries, you know that he will rise to the occasion because he is your wingman and would never let you down!  You, as the woman, look down and think, “wow...what am I gonna do with that?”  You continue your drunken fumbling waiting for him to spring to life – but it doesn’t happen.  Seconds pass.  Minutes pass.  He is just not responding.  It is official:  you have whiskey dick.  Ain’t nothing gonna bring him to the party at this moment.  So, what do you do?  Do you cry?  Scream?  Hide in shame?  If you are the woman who wants sex do you give up on a night of pleasure?  NO!  NO!  NO!  Whiskey dick does not have to mean the end of an amazing night; it is simply a passing roadblock that can be worked around.

So, what do you do when you can’t get him to cooperate?  If your man is having a case of whiskey dick, how can you have some fun until he is ready to play?  Read on and get some ideas to not letting too much alcohol ruin either of your nights!

First Rule:  DO NOT overreact!  Nothing ends the night more quickly than freaking out about this!


Perhaps instead of concentrating on why you can’t get it up, you should think about what you can do for your lover to make her feel amazing!  How about a massage?  Not the typical “5 minutes and now I am horny and want to have sex” too_drunk_what_to_do_when_his_little_soldier_wont_salutemassage – but a REAL massage.  One where you rub and caress her body, actually rub out the knots she may have in her neck and shoulders.  You’ll make her feel amazing and relaxed and the sight of her naked body and those happy, “feels so good” moans just may make your formerly flaccid penis come alive!


OK ladies, here is an important lesson:  just because you blow it, doesn’t mean it will rise to the occasion.  It isn’t you.  Really.  It is the alcohol.  Trust me.  So, you may ask, if he won’t get hard, why do it?  Well, firstly he may react favorably and get hard, which would mean GAME ON!  Secondly, even if he doesn’t get to his full potential, isn’t it arousing to do it anyway?  I know there is nothing quite like giving my man some oral loving despite his state of firmness.  Just beware ladies, if you try to get him hard and he doesn’t, it may give your man a complex.  So, if you try and do not succeed do NOT try and try again. Move on and try again later.

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If your little soldier is not cooperating it does not mean that there are not other appendages that can maintain their stiffness when needed.  Think FINGERS!  If you are hot and heavy with your girl and things are getting to the point of penetration and you just can’t get him to cooperate, use your FINGERS!  While they can’t replace your penis, they do feel amazing when used with the proper stimulation (i.e. tongue or clitoral stimulation).  Start with one finger, then move on to two or even three if she is giving the right signals.  Ladies, if you sense your man may not be able to perform to the level you are craving, don’t panic!  Just reach down, grab his hands and whisper in his ear, “use your fingers baby, make me cum!”  I assure you, it will be fun and orgasmic!


Listen guys, women love oral sex.  It feels amazing, provides direct stimulation to our most sensitive spots, and is the most effective way for a woman to climax.  So, why not take the opportunity to spend some quality time down below getting some tongue time in with her vagina!  Enjoy, indulge, play and bring her to climax after climax!  Don’t rush it – use your down time to make her have fantastic orgasms.  Also, it is a proven fact that many men love giving oral sex so much that it can make them extremely aroused!  Nothing screams, “HEY, wake up PENIS!” Like a woman who is climaxing on your face!


No, I am not suggesting you call your buddy and have him come service your lover.  I am talking about TOYS!  If your lovely lady happens to be a toy connoisseur (and she SHOULD be), then why not take the opportunity to have some mutually pleasurable toy time?  Just because your main man is not ready for his cameo doesn’t mean you can’t offer your lover some fantastic penetrative play.  After all, when you are not available she turns to B.O.B. to fill her needs.  If you have never played with her toys before, this is a great chance to experience just how fun couple toy play can be!  After all, it is much more fun when we have you there with us.  Not to mention that the visualization of her being penetrated by a toy could make your penis jealous enough to want to jump right in!  Definitely a win-win for all involved – including B.O.B.!

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How Do You Play When He Can't Get Hard?
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Date 7/14/2015
My BF is so good at oral. The sex is amazing, but it's mindblowing when he goes down on me.
Date 7/14/2015
rob black
usually dont get that wasted lol but if i do we are we usually just do some oral and groping always good
Date 7/14/2015
back when drinking every weekend was the norm we would just do whatever we could like oral and massaging and handjobs and fingering
Date 7/15/2015
that is why we have so many toys ... nothing gets in the way of our playtime ... we are even waiting on another package from you guys right now ...
Date 7/16/2015
Honestly the best thing ever is oral while drunk <3 Like I just fall sooooo in love with him every time. You're so relaxed and ready for it and mmmm. And by the time he's done, and I suck his cock a little, he is generally ready to go! Best fix :)
Date 7/16/2015
my man n i luv goin out for drinks n now im gonna hav to see bout a penis pump do they rlly work????? luv drunk sex but hate dat whiskey dick lol!

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