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Sexy Adult Gift Ideas

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Sexy Adult Gift IdeasView Our Romance Collection For Couples!

With Christmas quickly approaching my mind moves to all things Christmas:  cookies, Christmas trees, ornaments and of course – PRESENTS!  We all love to wow our honey with a little something special – and I love to wow mine with something super sexy!  How about starting your new year with some sexy Santa selections – including some of my favorite toys and products to date.  I’ll even give you some ideas on how to wrap them and present them!


Sensual massages serve a dual purpose – they relax and stimulate as well as get your honey naked and sitting beneath you.  Giving the gift of massage oil can be super suggestive as well as sweet.  Some of my favorite products are the Kama Sutra line.  Kama Sutra edible massage cream smells fantastic AND it is EDIBLE!  You can swiftly move from massage to – well other things – in one swoop! I also love the Massage Oil – they are fantastic and smooth and really make you feel like you are getting a professional massage.  These are slightly greasy and require a shower to remove the oil – but hey, jumping in the shower with your honey after a nice massage can really get the fires burning!  My favorites are the Kama Sutra massage oil, and Oils of Love.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  If you are considering a massage oil or cream, I would suggest wrapping it up in a pair of pajamas – your call sexy or sweet – but I am thinking silky or satin – 2 pieces.  Put the oil in the middle and roll up the pants or the shirt.  On the card in the box put a note, write something like:  “Let me pamper you and put you to bed….”  This is suggestive but not over the top sexual.  She will love her pajamas AND the massage – and probably won’t want to go right to sleep Christmas night!


Another idea for a tasteful and sex gift is a Couple's Game.  Why get Monopoly when you can get naked?  She will never expect that the square box she is opening contains a sexy surprise!  Or, you can check out our Romance Collection.  There are many edible treats are sure to heat up your bedroom.  You can become a sexy artist and tease your lover to oblivion by painting her most sacred spaces – then, lick off your paint!  Or, you can buy a romance kit and explore together the tasteful treats inside.  Either way you go – games or activities – it is sure to bring you closer to your significant other in ways you could only dream of!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  If you are getting a couple’s game, you can simply wrap the box and place the card outside.  Just write:  “Wanna play a game?” on the card and she will rip through the paper so quick you won’t believe it.  If edible body paints or a romance kit are more to your liking, you can put the gift in a sexy gift basket.  Put the paints or the kit in the middle and then supplement the basket with a bottle of champagne, champagne flutes, lubricants, or other little things that come to mind.  Be creative and thoughtful.


If you want to go a little bit naughty with your special gift, then I have lots of ideas for you!  Your significant other will be gushing with excitement when she sees what you were thinking of when you picked out these gifts!  My first selection would be some Oral Sex Gel or edible lube.  I LOVE to change up and spice up my sex with oral sex gels – such as Sex Tarts..  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and just need a little something to get it jumpstarted again.  Oral sex gels and edible lubes can do just that.  Plant the seed of sexy in your honey’s mind with one of these simple gifts.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  You can either go with the gift basket idea and place the lubes or gels in a sexy Santa basket.  Or, if you want something a little more “saucy” then you could wrap them up in a box and on the card write:  “A Little Something to eat…..” - this will probably make her think of chocolates or something else, but when she opens it, it will take a second to register and then she should get a big SMILE on her face.

Tips For Better Sex Around The Holidays


Perhaps you want to ring in the New Year with a little change in your sexual style.  Introducing bondage play can really rev your honey’s engine – along with your own.  For women’s gifts I suggest something light and sexy, such as our Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Kit restraint kit.  Or, you can step it up a notch and get an assortment of things; Blindfolds, furry handcuffs, Whips, or even theUltimate Bed Bondage Kit!  Experimenting with restraints and blindfolds can really heat up your sex life!

Sexy Santa Outfit HOW TO WRAP IT:  If you are taking the route of a sexy restraint or light bondage gift, there are many ways to present this to your honey.  I think my favorite way would be to wrap it up in black wrapping paperwith a red or green bow – it IS Christmas – and on the card write:  “Have you been Naughty this year….” – This will definitely get her ripping through that paper in a hurry!


If you want to step up your sexy Santa-ing, then I suggest you start thinking toys!  Perhaps your honey has never used a toy or she has some toys but might like something different.  Whatever the case, TooTimid has the perfect gift for you!  If your honey has never had a sex toy before – start her out slowly.  I would suggest a simple Bullet, or Standard Vibrator.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  If your toys are new to your honey, you have to make the wrapping fun.  I would suggest wrapping the toy in a box full of sexy lingerie.  Sexy Panties are great for that job.  Wrap the box in beautiful paper and on the card just write her name and FROM SEXY SANTA.  It will have her mind racing at what could be inside.  Then, on the inside of the box, on top of all the panties, write:  “I want to get inside your panties…..”  This should surely make her blush, but elicit excitement at the same time!


If your honey has a few toys, it might be nice to get her something new.  Let her know how much you enjoy watching her play.  When a man picks out a special sexy gift for us we get excited to know he thought of it.  For those more experienced players, I would suggest some of my favorite toys.  For dual actions (vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time) I would say the Bumpy Bunny or the iVibe Rabbit.  Any of these toys will have your honey praising Santa over and over and over!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  I would suggest wrapping the toy in a pretty box, then hiding the box somewhere in the bedroom.  Send her on a small treasure hunt for the item.  When she finds the box, the card should say “X Marks the Spot…” and the inside card should say “You’re G-SPOT baby!”  She will have fun looking and you can get creative with the scavenger hunt questions and places!


Perhaps your honey has some toys, but might want to explore another side of her sexuality – her anal side.  There are many products that she can use to experiment with.  If your honey has expressed an interest in anal sex, I would suggest:  Anal Beads, Vibrating Pleasure Beads, Butt Plugs or the Blue Man Corkscrew.  Any of these toys would be appropriate for anal newbies!  Don’t forget the LUBE – when experimenting with anal play, lube is a MUST!!!  Astroglide or Swiss Navy are great bets!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  I would suggest wrapping the toy in a nice box WITH LUBE.  On the card on the OUTSIDE of the box, write: “I want to explore new avenues with you in our relationship……” and on the card on the INSIDE of the box write:  “anal avenues!”  This should at least get a chuckle from her!  Whatever Sexy Santa selection you make for your honey, I am confident that she will love it – and you – for thinking such sexy thoughts of her.  Plus, creative wrapping keeps it fun and suspenseful.  Good luck guys on making your pick!


When it comes to the guys, naughty can be better.  There are many things you can get your naughty boy to spark up his Christmas Eve.  Of course, what is good for the girl is better for the boy….therefore; my first selection would be some Edible Lubes.  I LOVE to change up and spice up my sex with oral sex gels – such as Sex Tarts.  My hubby loves getting oral attention – hey, what man doesn’t?  So, using oral sex gels and lubes can give you the extra incentive you need to continue on.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  You can either go with the gift basket idea and place the lubes or gels in a sexy Santa basket.  Put in some other treats like Condoms, a Cock Ring or even some silk boxers.  Or, if you want something a little more “saucy” then you could wrap them up in a box and on the card write:  “Tasty Treats for My Sweet….”  Surely his mind will be racing with that one.'


It is possible that YOU want to vamp up your new year too.  Dominance and submissive play is NOT just for men – many women enjoy taking control of their man – and men enjoy it too.  If you think your man would like something like that, then there are a bunch of items for you to try.  Step up the game with Blindfolds or Whips!  Experimenting with restraints and paddles can really heat up your sex life.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  Wrap it up in black wrapping paper with a red or green bow – it IS Christmas – and on the card write:  “I am taking control of our sex life…..”  –  This will definitely get him ripping through that paper in a hurry!


Now, if your man goes on business trips often, or perhaps has a bigger sex drive than you, there is a practical and sexy gift that you can buy him.  Male masturbators are really becoming popular now.  Women – DO NOT be intimidated by these.  They serve a wonderful purpose.  My hubby has a few himself, and I am happy to know that while he is away on business he doesn’t have to use his hand!  There are Penis Pumps – such as the Grand Prix penis pump or there are masturbators, such as the Super Head Honcho.  You can even give the gift of a Realistic Vagina – but that is all your call.  In fact, if your honey has always wanted to have a threesome – investing in a realistic vagina can be just the thing to spice up your sex life without the hassle of another person.

HOW TO WRAP IT:  Put it in a box with nice wrapping paper.  On the card write:  “For those lonely evenings without me…..”  When he opens the box he will be thrilled as well as thankful.


Maybe your honey has asked you to watch an erotic DVD with you.  Adult films can spark the fire that leads to a smoldering night of sex!  While I feel that porn has gotten a bad rap for having NO plot or anything of interest, some of the directors have changed their approach.  These directors make adult features that DO have a storyline as well as hot sex scenes.  Peruse our DVD selection and find something that peaks your interest!  There are so many wonderful DVDs for so many types of people.  You're sure to find something that you want to watch!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  I love to give movies as gifts….Erotic and regular…so if you want to make an interesting and tasteful presentation I would suggest making an adult movie basket.  Take a basket, place the movie in the basket, some microwave popcorn, maybe some beers or wine, some flavored lubricant and some silk boxers.  Wrap it in cello wrap and on the card write:  “Join me for movie night?” – I am certain his answer will be YES!!!


It is possible that your guy has expressed an interest in anal exploration.  If so, you can easily get him some items which will tempt his passions.  Anal pleasure is NOT just for women any longer.  The number of heterosexual MEN who are exploring this avenue is on the rise!  For beginners traveling to Anal Avenue, I would suggest Butt Plugs.  Once your man discovers the joy of prostrate pressure he will be putty in your hands!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  I would suggest buying him some sexy, silk boxers and putting the toy in the box with it.  Then on the card outside write:  “Let’s bring our ‘A’ game….”  –  This should leave him confused, until he opens the box!  Surely he will be thrilled that you have taken his fantasy to heart!


Finally, there are many toys for boys which depend on your (or his) personal needs.  Cock Rings, Enhancement Products, Penile Extenders or Prolonging Creams can all be great gifts that let him know you care about improving your sex life.  Plus, these products are not just for men with erectile issues – cock rings and prolonging creams can really be used just to spice things up a bit!

HOW TO WRAP IT:  These can make excellent sexy stocking stuffers OR you can wrap them up with robes, PJ’s, boxers or whatever.  Depending on the reason you have bought these gifts, the card would vary.  Use your imagination.


I hope that these suggestions help you to surprise your honey with something sensual and fun this Christmas season!  Both men and women enjoy getting sexy treats as gifts – it makes the relationship fun and HOT!  Be creative in your presentation – cause unwrapping the gift is half the fun!  Whether you are curled up by the fire, or just basking in the glow of the Christmas lights, Christmas is a time for love and happiness!  I sincerely hope that this season is one full of fun, laughter, love and of course GREAT SEX!

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Date 7/26/2015
amelia g.
i hope he likes what i get him this year!!! this guide really helped so i'm really hopeful!!!
Date 8/4/2015
SOOOOO many things I didn't even think about. Can't wait for Christmas now!
Date 8/8/2015
thinkin im gunna get a rlly nice lelo vibrator 2 treet her

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