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Toys To Keep It Hot In The Bedroom

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
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I am often asked on TooTimid and by my friends and family, “how do you keep it HOT in your bedroom?”  I tell them – VARIETY!  Then they ask, “What are you favorite toys to use with your guy (girl)?”  I tell them – VARIETY!  Those are honest answers.  Many times couples get into a rut.  Why?  Well, we like what we like, and we like to do what works for us or works for our partner.  Even couples who have a nice selection of toys will gravitate toward the “old faithfuls” in order to get the desired results.

While there is NOTHING wrong with going with your faves, it is nice to sometimes thing outside your toy box a bit!  Also, if you are a couple experiencing a bit of a down-cycle in your bedroom, then bringing in some toys can REALLY heat it up!  So this installment of “Mik’s Picks” will address some of the hottest toys out there for couples to try – whether you have toys already or are just beginning!

Spice Things Up With Foreplay Tips For Couples


Sometimes I forget to address those couples who are new to being together, or, who are just getting out of their sexual shells.  There are a variety of card and board games designed for lovers.  They help those who may be a bit shy – or need a bit of direction – to get into fantasies, different positions, admit things they would like to try or just to have a little something different.  This particular game allows you to build a deck of sexual actions so that as you lay the cards down, you are doing the suggested actions.  It is a fun, flirty and quite portable way to break some barriers and have some fun!  Sex SHOULD always be fun!


You know what they say, massage is the gateway to sex and there is a reason!  Being naked, rubbing silky and sensual oil all over your lover’s body – yeah, that leads to sex.  If you are feeling disconnected from your lover – or – just want something super erotic to do, then a massage is a great way to heat things up!  The Kama Sutra line of oils and balms are hands down some of the best quality.  They smell good, they feel delectable, they are long lasting and super affordable!  So, you want to slide into something sexy – then get naked and let your lover’s hands slide all over you!


Sometimes all it takes is something really tiny to make a HUGE difference!  That is why intercourse stimulators are such amazing devices.  Little cock rings that fit over the man’s penis and a little, vibrating clitoral stimulator that will add a little BUZZZZZ to her clitoris!  Just a little extra hands-free stimulation can be enough to make Tuesday night sex AMAZING TUESDAY NIGHT SEX!  There are a variety to choose from, but my personal favorites are the ones that have a buzzing bunny attached.  Something about those little bunny ears makes me horny just thinking about it!  Wanna keep it hot in your bedroom – adopt a bunny cockring!


I did say we were gonna make it HOT in your bedroom, right?  Pleasure swings are AMAZING!  If you have a secure place to mount it, they can bring hours and hours and hours of amazingly different, erotic and downright naughty sex play to your life!  Sex swings allow you to get into positions you never thought of, they make you a bit vulnerable and, well, open – which is HOT.  Your partner will have a different view of you, all kinds of access to your body, and be able to take you as he pleases!  Sex swings are an investment – but boy do you make the money back tenfold once you try them!


Maybe you are not ready to go whole-hog into the sex swing thing, and that is fine.  I do, however, highly suggest SOME sort of restraint kit!  Light bedroom bondage is a great way to amp up playtime!  Whether you get some simple cuffs, some restraints, blindfolds, or full on bondage gear – a little tying makes it so, much fun!  This little bedroom bondage kit has everything a newbie needs – 4 wrist / ankle cuffs, adjustable tethers, a blindfold AND a little flogger.  All of these things can be used on either partner, in conjunction with toys and other objects or alone!  Mix and match but have fun doing it!
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Date 12/7/2015
couples games are fun. i like cardgames like strip poker
Date 12/7/2015
Cassandra May
I wish I was an acrobat so I could use that swing! Hahaha! Anyone use one and know what it's like?
Date 12/7/2015
Me and my husband recently got into bondage and it has been a lot of fun for the both of us
Date 12/7/2015
on datenights, we always try to go do different things and then try different things in bed

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