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Sex Toys For Your Health

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Of course we all know that sexual enhancement items, specifically vibrators, are for intimate enjoyment, but how many of us know that sex toys are also an important part of female (and in some cases, male) health? Yes, it is true. Sex toys are not just for orgasms anymore – they can actually make us stronger and healthier. So, let me give you a few reasons why every woman needs to invest in her sexual health – and in sexual enhancement products.

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ORGASMS FOR LIFE: Yes, it is true, orgasms are fantastic. However, they are fantastic for more than just the feeling. According to the JMAA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) having orgasms (whether alone or with a partner) relieve tension, can calm cravings, provide mild aerobic activity, burn calories, can help you to sleep, and can help to manage pain (like with menstrual cramps). Clearly, there are more reasons to have an orgasm on a regular basis than just the feeling. So, the next time you are feeling stressed out after a long day at work – what should you do? That’s right – take a bath, have an orgasm or two! If you are having menstrual cramps – that’s right, have an orgasm! Can’t go to sleep? Yes, orgasm. It is true; orgasms help our physical and emotional health.

STRAIGHT FORWARD PLEASURE: I am often asked which toys are best for just a simple orgasm. Well, the truth is, orgasms are not really ‘simple’ – but a complex physiological process. However, if you want to know what I think the quickest route to get there is: Dual Action Vibrators . Yes, for most women we need / want a combination of clitoral attention and insertion, so a dual action is the quickest route to get there. I would choose a hands down favorite, the I-Vibe Rabbit. It is a proven winner! Or, you can peruse the duals and find your own. You really can’t go wrong with a dual action.

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WORK THOSE PC MUSCLES: The vagina is made up of a very unique circular muscle structure, called the Pubococcygeus muscles, or PC muscles. Men have a similar set of muscles, and it i is equally important for both to exercise them. Just like any muscle in your body if it is not exercised, it can get weak. Weak PC muscles can mean a whole host of issues, including but not limited to urine leakage, erectile issues and lack of ability to orgasm. Contrarily, strong PC muscles can increase erectile strength, increase the ‘tightness’ of the vaginal canal, control urinary incontinence, increase orgasm strength, and provide better stimulation during intercourse for both partners. It is a win-win situation.

WORK OUT TOGETHER: For women, a great way to exercise these muscles is with Kegels (the squeezing and release of the PC muscle – as when we are starting / stopping the flow of urine). When these exercises are combined with a sexual enhancement aid, such as Weighted Orgasm Balls, they become much more effective. It is the equivalent of lifting weights. Similarly, a Prostate Massagers like the Aneros MGX Massager can work similarly for a male. Either way, we should all work to strengthen those PC muscles! Placing the items into the vaginal (or rectal canal) and then doing the exercises works wonders for the PC muscles!

TOUCHY FEELY: Finally, there are a whole host of Clitoral Creams and Enhancers that can add to sexual health by increasing libido, decreasing stress (due to difficulty orgasming or maintaining erections) and increasing blood flow to the penis or clitoris. Two of my favorite products are Viva Cream For Women and Max Size Male Enhancement Cream. Viva cream increases the blood flow to the clitoris, and increases arousal, making orgasm easier to achieve. Max Size works similarly by increasing the blood flow to the penis, and making the erection stronger and longer lasting. Both products can assist in mild sexual dysfunction in this manner.

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AN ORGASM A DAY: The truth is, sex is important to our emotional and physical well-being. There are numerous health benefits to not only having sex, but also to enjoying sex. So, why not invest in your future sexual health and exercise your sex muscle – you will benefit and enjoy it at the same time!

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