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Toys for the Timid!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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You have probably noticed that the name of this site is TooTimid, right?  Brilliant concept and even better company!  An all-encompassing website which caters to all couples wanting sexual enhancement products, advice, or quality information, such as this article.  Many people ARE timid when it comes to sex toys.  They want them, but they are intimidated by the selection or just the process of buying an item.  TooTimid has a fantastic selection of toys for the super Timid – meaning, toys that appeal to first timers and may not seem like a toy.  A way to ease yourself into sexual enhancement products.

Why It's Important To Talk About Sex With Your Lover

My First Silver Bullet

This is one of the absolute best sex toys for shy first-timers!  It is a basic but tantalizing bullet that has 2 strong vibration speeds for you to enjoy!  It is ideal for massaging your clit, inner thighs, and nipples!  The sleek design makes it discreet, easy to store, and easy to use!

Glow-In-The-Dark Paradice

Probably one of the simplest ways to start spicing up your sex life is to find a fun and flirty game or, well, these sexy dice!  Just roll the dice and do the deed!  Multitudes of combinations will have you rolling, laughing and, most importantly, DOING!  You can be as timid as you are and still have fun rolling these sexy dice!

Sexual Role Play Card Game

Many people in relationships have fantasies that they want to explore but they are really afraid to open that Pandora ’s Box.  Fear of judgment or just being uncomfortable expressing those fantasies can inhibit some fun times from happening!  The Sexual Role Play card game can introduce a couple to the idea of role play without the stigma!  You simply do what the cards tell you to do!  Easy and super erotic!  Go get your Nurse on!

Satin Love Mask

A blindfold is an item that can add a whole bunch of spice with minimal investment!  Blindfolds take standard sexy time and amp it up BIG TIME!  Not being able to see your partner, what he/she is doing, makes sex and foreplay so exciting!  Simply reducing the ability to see really does add an edge all couples need to try!

Chili Pepper Dildo

I adore glass toys and I especially advocate them for timid women because, well, they are so elegant and non-threatening who would possibly be intimidated by a dildo that looks like a Chili Pepper!  It is so cute, slim, elegant, smooth and simply looks fun!  So, why not start heating up your bedroom with this glass dildo.  When not in use it makes a pretty display on your coffee table!   Just kidding, but maybe….

Super Head Honcho

Women are not the only ones who can be timid, men can be too.  For some men, buying a masturbator can be a, well, embarrassing experience.  No worries – TooTimid has a huge selection for you to choose from!  This one is a personal favorite as it is effective, internally textured, discreet and just makes masturbation more fun than with, let’s say, your hand!  Once you masturbate with a sleeve you won’t want to just use lotion anymore – so why not explore your options?
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Date 12/21/2015
Nope! I've never felt weird about introducing my partner to vibes! Once I found out how important they are to my sex life, I'm not embarrassed to tell people about it!
Date 12/21/2015
Tina M.
A little. I don't have a problem buying them online but I am pretty shy about taking about them with my girlfriends
Date 12/21/2015
Cassie 570
Love them!!! Once met a guy who after found out i used sex toys asked me to not use them because he wanted to be the only one to make me feel good. he didnt last long lol how possessive can you be
Date 12/21/2015
i am a little bit but i used to be even more shy about it
Date 11/5/2017
Kimberly Smoe
My first toy was a bullet vibrator and it changed my life! I just tried it on my clit at first and I came pretty quickly and couldn't wait to get more. It was also the first toy I ever used with a partner and I used it on my clit to make sex so much more satisfying. I have lots of toys now :) But if you are shy, I highly recommend a bullet!

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