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Top 3 Roleplaying Ideas For Couples

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
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Just about everyone has a sexual fantasy.  Living out your sex fantasy is a fun and adventurous way to bring a little more excitement to your boudoir.  There are lots of different kinky bedroom scenarios out there, and you've probably heard of (or even tried) a few already.  Watch our video to hear about some of the most popular roleplaying sexual fantasies for couples to discover how you can try it out in your bedroom and what props you'll need to turn your naughty fantasy into a reality!

4 Role Play Ideas Any Couple Can Do

Schoolgirl Bra & Skirt Set

Uh oh!  You got up late and you were late for school!  You barely had enough time to slip on your short plaid skirt and tie top Schoolgirl Uniform.  Now, the handsome professor has asked you to stay after class for detention.  Become the sweet, submissive pet you KNOW he hungers for by letting him dominate your every desire.  Who knows - if you are VERY good, you might get a little extra credit!  Convince him you deserve an A this semester by showing him what a meticulous student you are.  The skirt has an elastic waist to fit most sizes, so there is no excuse to not wear your uniform to class!

Wild Butterfly Love Rider

If you want to pass the course, you'll have to give it everything you got!  Show your teacher just how badly you need the credits by letting him possess your naughty body with the Wild Butterfly Love Rider!  Give him the remote to this hands-free vibe so he can control your every desire.  He doesn't give out rewards to just anyone, so you'll have to work hard for his pleasurable praise!  Let him tantalize you with the seven different vibrations while you follow his instructions!  With dual clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation, you'll be begging for more classroom duties!

12" Leather OUCH Impression Paddle

You'd better be a fast learner, because if you aren't, you'll have to be punished!  Your instructor will have no choice but to give you a good spanking with the 12" Leather OUCH Impression Paddle!  If you don't focus on your studies and behave yourself, he'll have to give you a lasting mark on your rear!  Hey, it's better than an F on your transcript, right?  Don't worry, a little punishment is good once in a while.  That will teach you to be good!  Or will it?  Either way, you are in for a good lashing with this classic disciplinary tool for mischievous students looking for trouble.

Charlotte's Fetish Wrist Cuffs

It's the fuzz!  You'd better run!  But no one is above the law in this county, and you were caught red-handed with stolen goodies.  You're going to the station, but first, you've got to be cuffed!  There is no way you are slipping away that easily!  Because of your soft, supple flesh, the officer will cuff you using Charlotte's Fetish Wrist Cuffs!  These handcuffs aren't hard or rough like your typical restraints, making them ideal for first-time criminals.  These cuffs are spongy on the inside and size-adjustable to fit most all offenders.  These may be comfortable, but don't even think about trying to escape with this officer on duty.

Bondage Bar

You've got a lot of stolen goods on you, so now it's time for the full-body strip search!  Now it's time to spread 'em using the Bondage Bar!  Spread your legs, bend down, and open up to your arresting officer as he explores your goods for the items you swiped!  The wrist and ankle straps are adjustable, so nobody gets out of a thorough body search!  If he has any reason to think you are hiding anything more, he just might have to probe you a little deeper.  You have the right to an attorney, but you might want to save yourself the legal fees and let him check you out.  After all, it is his job!

Slap Happy Baton

The warden has to keep order in his prison somehow, right?  We can't have any out-of-control inmates causing trouble.  Prepare for an intense punishment with the Slap Happy Baton!  With this bamboo disciplinary tool, you won't get away with any naughty behavior.  Your guard will have total control over you.  The baton is split down the middle and has a firm handle, so get ready for a substantial spank.  Let him lick you into a law-abiding citizen with this stick of justice.  Who knows, maybe you'll be up for parole a little early for good behavior!  But you'll have to be really, REALLY good!

Ginger Pheromone Cream

In need of a little boost?  You're in luck; the doctor is in!  It's not a liver shot he recommends - you need a hefty dose of Ginger Pheromone Cream!  Ginger is a natural libido booster as it gets the blood flowing to all the right places.  Your handsome doctor recommends you rub this cream over any part of your body, preferably right before bed.  But every prescription comes with side effects, and this pheromone lube may cause a significant increase of sexual arousal!  No need to worry - the doctor gave you the number for his private line and you can call on him for anything.

Asylum Speculum 2 Pack

It's time for a check-up, so hop on the table and let the doctor take a good, long look at you!  A good doctor always ensures you are healthy inside and out, so he's going to need the Asylum Speculum to finish the physical.  So, it's time to open up and let the doctor in!  Give him a front-row viewing of your most intimate places with this sanitized tool.  To be absolutely sure you are in perfect health, he'll have to feel around with his some of his other tools.  He knows exactly what's inside now, so he is sure to touch you in all the right places.  Your physician always come prepared, so this kit comes with two specula in case he needs to take another look.

Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer

The best part of having such a thorough doctor is that he has access to the most high-end medical equipment available!  To end your physical, he'll have to feel deep inside of you.  To ensure every bit of your vagina is filled, he brought the Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer with him on this house call!  No part of you will be overlooked with this tool.  It even has a bullet vibrator for the clitoral stimulation that every good doctor incorporates in his exam!  This penis sleeve can help give him a harder erection, ensuring he gets to feel every bit of you with his entire length.  This pounding is just what the doctor ordered.
What Is Your Favorite Roleplay Fantasy?
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Date 5/1/2016
Love this article, def gonna try some of these things/ideas
Date 4/21/2017
Just getting my partner into roleplaying. I love it, he's still getting into it. so far so good!
Date 6/26/2017
love it!! very inspiring ;)

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