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Mikayla's MUST-HAVES!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
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Over the last couple of years, one question keeps coming up over and repeatedly:

“Mikayla, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what sex toy would you bring with you and why?”

I HATE this question on so many levels!  First, if I knew I was going to be stranded, would I ONLY have ONE toy?  Hell NO!  No one “knows” they are going to be stranded – so how can I possibly answer that question correctly??  Second, I am a woman who is always prepared, if I was to go on vacation to this island – the very same island on which I am to be stranded – I would travel with my toys, and ergo more than one would be stranded with me on the island – DUH!

So how do I answer this question?  I tell them I am way too high maintenance to choose only one toy, that a woman needs options, and therefore I have a whole list, would they like to hear it?  They always do, and I am assuming that you would like to also – so here we go.

The following is a list of all the toys that you SHOULD have in your Sex toy box and WHY!  I actually have all of these items in my Sex Toy Box and I use them regularly – so for all of you who ask me on the Discussion Board, what is really in my Toy Box, here is your answer as well!


I do not care if you are married, single, lesbian or straight – EVERY WOMAN needs a basic bullet!  A Bullet is essential on so many levels!  For those who do not know, a bullet is a small, “bullet” shaped vibrator.  Most often, the bullet is connected to a remote via a cord, but some are wireless as well.  There is a wide range of bullets from the basic My First Silver Bullet (which I have) to ones with outer covering, like the Space Explorer Bullet (which I also have) or even waterproof ones, like the Platinum Power Bullet (which I want).

Whichever you choose, the reason for a bullet is simple.  It is a quick, easy way to an orgasm!  Bullets are usually pretty powerful because all the vibrations are centered in the tiny, 2 or 3-inch cylinder, and those vibrations get put to use on you.  Bullets can be used to enhance lovemaking by stimulating the clitoris – which as we all know is “bonus land” for any woman!  You can use a bullet solo to just have a quick orgasm, or they are great for foreplay if you decide to run them all over your body or your partner’s body.  Bullets are an equal opportunity pleaser – men will LOVE the feeling of a bullet on their balls during a blowjob or a hand job.  There is nothing like feeling your man shiver with delight as you tantalize and tease his balls with a bullet during foreplay – ohhhhh momma!


For the same reasons I love my bullet – I also love my simple, no frills vibrator!  For what is the Ryder's Sleek Vibe if not a BIG, GIANT, BULLET!  Anything you can do with a bullet – clitoral stimulation, foreplay enhancement – you can do with a vibrator.  HOWEVER, these basic vibes also have the added benefit of being insertable – so you can have your foreplay tool and insertable too!

These sleek vibrators are wonderfully smooth and sensual and are great for anybody – beginners, advanced players alike – they will stimulate your precious parts with just the sensations you have been craving!  The smooth texture makes insertion super easy – and many women prefer the texture of a smooth vibrator to a jelly or any other type of vibe.  Therefore, you MUST have a basic vibrator!


By now you have heard the statistics – 80 – 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax – and most women report that their most intense orgasms come when they have INSERTION and CLITORAL STIMULATION at the same time.  So, why not have the toy that does BOTH – a Dual Action!!!  Dual Action vibes are my person favorites.  Why?  Simply because they can get me to orgasm every time – and I mean EVERY TIME – and quickly!

For my personal choices I have 2 – I know, I just can’t limit.  I LOVE my iVibe Rabbit; you just can’t go wrong with the standard IVibe.  The controls on the base, no cords, multi-functions – and all that pleasure going just where you need it to.  It is still the cream de la cream of Duals as far as I am concerned!  I just love my little bunny – but if I find a better dual, I will let you know!

My second choice is the Platinum Waterproof Silicone Jack Rabbit.  Why do I need a second Dual?  Variety silly!  Not to mention, this vibe is completely WATERPROOF – which might be important in the whole shipwrecked, floating to an island thing!  This vibrator brings me to my climax in a completely different way than my iVibe, and sometimes I like a little variety in my orgasms!  It is made of Silicone (as opposed to Jelly) and has a different feel all together.  I can use this one in the tub or Jacuzzi – and that is in itself an added bonus.  So yes, you need 2!

OK, so maybe a little corny, but that is my mood at the moment.  What is better than a clitoral orgasm?  I know, I know pick me, pick me!  Answer:  a G-Spot orgasm!  If you have not had a G-Spot orgasm ladies, you need to march your butt to the shopping guide or pick up the phone and order a G-Spot Vibe TODAY, NOW…PRONTO!  A G-Spot orgasm is definitely an experience unto itself!

Now, while no toy can guarantee an orgasm – especially a G-Spot orgasm – these toys are made especially to help achieve that goal.  Now I am not always in the mood for a G-Spot orgasm, hence the other Vibes in my collection – but when I am – I have 2 tried and true faves which would DEFINITELY be making it into my suitcase on this mystery cruise!

Here is a GREAT TOY – the Wild G – oh man, I am still thinking about the first time I used this toy!  It has a special tip which is bent just to hit your G-Spot – and it does hit mine – every time, without fail.  It also has a clitoral stimulator – OHHHH MOMMA – G-Spot action AND clitoral stimulation – I must be dreaming.  It ALSO has these pleasure beads in the shaft that spin around and tantalize all the insides of your vaginal wall!  Now you tell me, what in the world could be better than that?  NOTHING I TELL YOU!  This toy will get me to orgasm in 30 seconds or less – and I usually have more than 3 orgasms while using it.  Now if that is not an endorsement, I do not know what is!

I do have one that is really a close second – it is Lucid Dream #14.  This toy really looks odd, but it gets you where you want to go – to that G-Spot orgasm!  The reason I love this toy – of course, its WATERPROOF!  You have to have options ladies – and one of your options should be that it is waterproof.  I cannot stress the niceness of playing with a toy in the tub or pool – not to mention the ease in cleaning when you don’t have to worry about getting it wet!

Now, if you are intimidated by these vibes because of their size or shape – try the Rose G-Spot Vibrator or the Butterfly Kiss.  Both of these products are wonderful, and gave me G-Spot orgasms!

5 Household Items You Can Use As Sex Toys


If you know anything about me at all, you know how much I enjoy Anal Sex – therefore I love toys which can be used for either.  It is rare to find a toy which can be used for either – usually vaginal toys are made for just that purpose and you wouldn’t want to risk anal play with them.  However, I have a few toys which work WONDERFULLY for both vaginal and anal play.

The first is the Tantus Buzz.  This silicone wonder is completely hypoallergenic, hygienic and can be sterilized after play.  This stimulator is 6” in length and 1.25” in girth – which is very respectable for an anal toy.  The Tantus is super smooth – nothing quite like Silicone – and insertion is a dream.  It has a true phallic shape, with a penis-like head, which stimulates you wonderfully!

The Tantus is also wonderful as a vaginal toy – especially if you are into double penetration.  Come on, you don’t know what double penetration is?  Well, you have your partner’s penis in either your vagina or your anus and a toy in the other – or vice versa!  Got it?  Good. Very, very good!  I love the DP and this toy is wonderful for it.  Not too big, just enough vibrations to deliver the orgasms, the Tantus is definitely an equal opportunity pleaser.

My second selection is the Blue Man Cork Screw.  This little baby has some wonderful qualities, the first being the strong suction cup on its base.  Believe you me, I have tried out this suction cup, and it will hold- strong.  You can plant this sucker to the edge of a bathtub and go to town.  Probably an inconvenient toy to have on an island, huh?  Oh well, I will tell you about it anyway.

It has wonderful vibrations, a swirling, corkscrew design which adds to the sensations when you insert it.  It is made of jelly – which makes it pliable – but it is still firm enough to make insertion easy, even for solo play.  The Blue Man starts at 1” at the head and gradually gets bigger – 1.75” at the base – making it a great choice for beginners.  This toy is also great for vaginal use – again the DP comes to mind – or just for a beginners vaginal toy.

I would say both these toys would be great for beginners, advanced players – even MEN who are wanted to try anal stimulation.  They are truly the double duty toys.


That full feeling is not something that everyone enjoys – but I am a woman with unique sensibilities, and I do enjoy being stretched a bit every once in a while.  Therefore, if you are like me, and enjoy that “full” feeling – a Big Boy is on your must have list.  My personal fave – "Real Man" Cyberskin Dream Dildo!  This monster is 7” long and 2” in girth. It is made from Cyberskin, so it is ultra-realistic and super soft!  Equipped with a suction cup for long-griping power – you can mount your “man” on any slick surface and ride until your heart’s content!  I definitely recommend having one of these in your collection if you like the “FULL” feeling – if you don’t – get one anyway – you never know when you will want to upgrade!


Yes, I am afraid if I were stranded on a deserted island, I would still want to have anal sex – a lot of anal sex.  So I would be needing my tried and true anal toys.  I think it goes without saying that all couples – straight and gay – can and do enjoy Anal Sexy nowadays.  I think we also know that the products for Anal Sex have really hit the boom – there is more for solo play, couple play, dual play, strap-on’s – you name it!  Anal sex is where its at!

So, for me, I would have to say that I would bring my Vibrating Pleasure Beads with me first and foremost!  These are like anal beads but on a flexi-strip and they Vibrate!  Added bonus – this toy is WATERPROOF!  Obviously if you are at all apprehensive about anal play, soaking in the tub and then using the toy would be a wonderful way to ease yourself into Anal land.  The beads themselves get gradually larger from the first to the last – but they are still relatively small when compared to other toys.  This makes for smooth insertion and wonderful sensations!  Definitely a must have for anybody who is into Anal play, or for anybody who is interested in trying it out.

I also firmly believe that anybody – and I mean ANY BODY can benefit from anal stimulation.  Therefore, I would be totally remiss if I did not suggest an Anal Plug (Vibrating or Regular) to you. Anal plugs go into the rectum – just a bit – and gently stretch the anal canal in preparation for Anal Sex, or just for some added pressure down there.  Many men find that having a vibrating plug inserted during a blowjob or sex can really heighten their orgasmic experiences.

I think Anal Plugs are the most overlooked toys in the sex toy business simply because they do not look like they “do” anything – but they do!  Anal Plugs can used to simply stimulate the prostrate during oral sex – or can be fully inserted for the total experience.  Any way you want to play, Anal Plugs are GREAT for women, men – straight or gay!  They are a MUST HAVE in any toy box!  If you have not ventured into anal land, now is the time to do it!


If you didn’t know already – I am married, so that means on my vacation, I would definitely need to pack stuff for my man to enjoy.  I firmly believe in equal opportunities and providing toys hubby benefit from as well.  Also, let's face it - is he going to remember these things?  Probably not.  Thank god has me to remember.

My hubby has 2 great “go to” toys which would be a must for him on this island.  The first is the Black Jack Stroker!  This pump is wonderful not only for the man – but for his partner!  Penis pumping is not just for the erectilly dysfunctioned (yes, I made that term up) – it is for firming, lengthening and generally strengthening the muscle which is the penis.  You will love the extra size that pumping will give to your man after he pumps – and he will love the sensations while he pumps – in a phrase – it is ALL GOOD.

This pump provides suction (always good when talking about a penis toy) – vibrations (double the pleasure) and a twisting action provided by the stroker sleeve which is lined with pleasure bumps!  I mean, does your mouth really do ALL THAT?  I know mine doesn’t!

The second item my hubby would want to bring is his Fleshlight Masturbator.  I know, looks odd – it does. I mean, who would have thought it – a giant flashlight that you put your penis in to jack-off?  Well, no matter how it looks – my hubby swears that it works – and works well!  This masturbator is made of cyberskin for that ultimate, realistic feel; it accommodates all sizes and is easy to clean.  While this one does not provide vibrations or any added frills – my hubby says it offers a realistic feel – and that is very, very nice!  Plus, the suction he got from it was ultra realistic – so he says!

These toys are wonderful to have on hand for those nights when you are tired, having your monthly cycle or perhaps when he is out of town – or you are – or when you are searching the other side of the island!  I know nothing can replace YOU – but these come close – my hubby swears it!


Finally, if you want to get closer to your lover while spending quality alone time on this island, it is important to have couple’s items.  This would include Sexy Adult Games!  This is a WONDERFUL way to reconnect spiritually, emotionally and physically with your partner through a sexy and sensuous sequence of question and answer cards or a playful board game with naughty instructional cards!

Or, you may want to spice it up and try some light bondage!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Door Jam Sex Sling and my Furry Love Cuffs!  Now, I know there will be no doors on this island, but hey, you will make do, right?  Maybe use a tree or something?  These easy to use cuffs will add the spice to your sex life by providing just enough kink to make it interesting.  Tying up your lover is an extremely sexy way to spice things up – and being tied is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone!  There is nothing quite like being tantalized by your lover while you are helpless to stop them!

You will also need a good, quality massage oil, such as the Kama Sutra Massage Oil – because after all those long days of searching for food on this island, you will both be in the mood for a sexy, sensual massage.  This massage cream smells enticing, feels silky smooth, is NOT greasy –and will help you rub your lover to a state of bliss!

I realize that on a deserted island that there would probably be no electricity - or they would have phones – so these last items may be a little moot.  HOWEVER, I would have them with me when I got stranded, so I am going to include them in my list.

I believe that couples can benefit greatly from watching some sort of erotic adult DVD.  I know, no everyone likes porn – so that is why I say “educational sex DVD” as well.  I firmly believe that porn is not only good for foreplay and excitement purposes, but that it also can teach couples about how to have sex in a raw state.  Porn actors do one thing – and they do that one thing well – they have sex.  So, when you watch a porn, you get so see these attractive (for the most part) actors and actresses in their element – and you can learn a lot – plus, it probably will heat up your bedroom.

Educational Adult DVD’s are light porn – showing couples in love who are engaging in sex, but the shots of the act are more tasteful.  This can be arousing, but because the purpose is for education, there is no “close ups” or “money shots” – simply instructional viewpoints.  Many women prefer the educational DVD’s for this reason.  You can learn a lot from these, and if you are more timid, this might be a way to start introducing porn into your sex life.


Since I doubt there will be a gift shop on this island – it is most important to remember to bring your own sexy accessories!  This includes:  batteries, Lube, a lighter and Candles.  Since a majority of sex toys are run by battery – it is important to know what kinds you need, and either put in fresh ones – or – bring a whole pack of new ones.  I usually buy them by the brick and pack a whole brick just to be safe!

Lube is another MUST HAVE!  It doesn’t matter if you are having Anal Sex, vaginal sex or toy sex – lube is a must.  Most people have a favorite lube – mine is Astroglide – but there are many others. Pjur Bodyglide is excellent!  Anal Lube is great for anal or sex toy play.  The most important thing to remember is to always use the right kind of lube for the purpose.  NEVER, EVER use a Silicone-based lube with a Silicone or Cyberskin toy – it will erode the toy!  However, if you are getting down and dirty in water – Silicone Lubes are your best bet!

Water-Based Lubes are GREAT for regular sex, but they do not hold up for Anal Sex – a Silicone-Based Lube is your best bet – with the exception of Astroglide - this is long lasting.  Consider what your activities will be and pack accordingly – but I believe you should have some of each in your Sex Toy Box so you are always prepared.

Oral Sex Gel is the final must have.  Something as simple as Sex Tarts Lubricant can really turn up the heat by adding some taste where there previously was none – to ORAL SEX!  This is one of my favorite ways to make oral sex more fun than it already is – and is a great way to entice a newbie into more oral sex!


Now that we are all ready to pack – we can set sail without fear that we will be stranded without a way to entertain ourselves!  Now, while not everyone will actually have ALL of these toys in their personal collections, I hope that I have given you an idea of why these items are in mine.  Choosing sex toys for personal preferences is so important – and having variety is too.  Sex toys do different things, stimulate different areas, enhance sex in different ways – in a phrase, SEX TOYS ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL!

I hope that I have inspired you to pick out at least one new toy for your collection.  Whether you are in a relationship, or enjoying toys for solo play- spicing up your playtime with a new toy is so exciting.  Try to get yourself out of the mindset that “a vibrator is a vibrator is a vibrator” cause honey, they are not all the same!  If you have a partner, go online together and shop – just looking at toys can be a super sexy and stimulating way to spice up your foreplay – and eagerly waiting for your new toy to come can bring sexual tension to your sex life!  So have fun, be safe and have lots of good, old-fashioned fun in your bedrooms!

I have one final thought, if you ever think you will actually be stranded out to sea there is one item that you MUST have beyond all others – a blow up Sex Doll – especially one with BIG BOOBS – she may be the only way you will safely get from ship to shore!

Happy Vacationing Everyone!

What Sex Toy Would You Want On Your Deserted Island?
Let Us Know!


Date 6/15/2016
id bring my wand! its rechargeable :)
Date 8/3/2016
lol can't pick 1 either! Love this!

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