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Top 10 Sex Tips

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Top 10 Tips For Good Sex

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Everyone seems to have their Top 10 tips nowadays!  I have seen plenty a top-10 for sex tips roaming around the internet and most of them make me go, “huh?  What are they thinking?”  Do you have to be outrageous to have a tip that will actually help your sex life?  NO!  The simplest “tips” are the things that we have forgotten to do or have not thought of doing.  Here are MY Top 10 Sex tips!

1.  Make Time For Sex
Intimate couple sex
Via picture--sex.tumblr.com
Stands to reason that you won’t have a good sex life if you do not make time for sex!  I don’t care how you do this, but do it.  Put it on the calendar, reminder on your cell phone, make it every Wednesday night.  I don’t care how, just make TIME for sex.

2.  Pucker Up Buttercup
Romantic kiss
Via permeate.tumblr.com
When we take the kissing out of sex we are losing intimacy.  Kissing is the first things most couples do before having sex for the first time; and the first thing to go after a relationship is established.  Don’t.  Stop.  Kissing.  Ever.  Got it?  Good.

3.  Give Pleasure To Get Pleasure
erotic lover sexual intercourse
Via bvconimp.tumblr.com
Don’t be selfish people, don’t go for your own O, go for your partner’s!  Statistically speaking, when we concentrate on pleasing our partner we get more pleasure ourselves.  Conversely, when our partners realize that we are trying to please THEM, they want to please US.

4.  Leave The Bedroom
sexy couple fun sex
Via moan-s.tumblr.com
Sex ONLY in the bedroom is boring.  Leave the bedroom.  Take a shower together, do it on the kitchen floor, do it in your car – just LEAVE the bedroom every so often.  This doesn’t have to be an every time experience, but if you do it on your couch once every few months it may just save your sex life!

5.  Oral Sex Is A Must
Foreplay oral sex
Via superkrispies.tumblr.com
Come on people, oral sex is a MUST DO for BOTH OF YOU!  Oral sex is an extremely important, intimate and erotic part of sex.  When we take oral sex OUT of our sex life we don’t get as excited about sex.  More oral sex is the rule – not less.  Enjoy it, practice it, relish the opportunity.

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6.  Get In Touch With Yourself

kinky couple sex
Via couple-platonic.tumblr.com
Sex doesn’t have to mean you do not touch yourself.  Women, especially, can have much better sex if they are willing to give their clitoris a little helping hand during the act.  Men, too, can benefit from a little self-stroking during a blowjob.  Show your lover what you like and get in touch with your sexy side.

7.  Go Sexy Shopping
intimate sexy lingerie women
Via bethebossworld.tumblr.com
This means SEX TOYS!  Whether you shop online or in an actual store, going shopping for sexy supplies can bring your sex to a new level.  Picking out some toys, lubricants, lingerie or all of the above is the way to go.  The anticipation will kill you!

8.  Cop To Your Fantasies
50 Shades Of Grey
Via entertainmentweekly.tumblr.com
Everyone has fantasies when it comes to sex.  Some may be fairly standard and others may be a little outside of the box.  Either way, it is important that you can be honest with your partner about what you want to try.  Who knows, he or she may really enjoy it too.

9.  Talk Dirty

Kinky sex dirty talk
Via melbournedominant.tumblr.com
Trust me on this, a little dirty talk can vamp your sex WAY up!  Especially if you are not usually a talker, telling your lover some naughty whispering can really make things sizzle.  Don’t use the easy words either – really dirty it up with the raunchiest words you can force from your mouths.  Just watch how excited your lover gets!

10.  Whole Body Experience
romantic body kissing
Via thebadboys.tumblr.com
You need to pay attention to your lover’s entire body.  Their neck, shoulders, breasts, chest, stomach, knees, butt, thighs, vagina, penis, toes – EVERYTHING.  Massage it.  Kiss it.  Caress it.  The whole body is an erogenous zone, don’t just concentrate on the main parts or the “hot spots” concentrate and give pleasure to your whole lover’s body.

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Date 3/2/2016
I like to start with a nice massage and gently kiss her neck. She loves it.
Date 3/2/2016
some sexy lingerie and a little dirty talk always gets my bf going!
Date 3/2/2016
I sit on his lap and rub myself against his crotch until he gets nice and hard and I kiss his neck and ears and then he's all over me
Date 5/19/2016
She finally gave me one of my fantasies when she wore just one of my button down, dress-white shirts to bed. She got so turned on by turning me on that it was fantastic for both of us.

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