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Sex Slang: The Meaning Of All Those Hip, Slang Words

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Has anyone ever asked you if you would “like to have your salad tossed?”  To which, after some confusion about not even having a salad, you respond sheepishly, “I guess and I like fresh pepper on it too!”  Then the person who asked laughs at you and says, “No, I mean do you like to have your asshole licked during oral sex?”  Confused?  Well of course you are!  Unless you knew that “tossing a salad” is sex slang for analingus (licking of the asshole, sometimes with the use of condiments).  Sometimes we are not apprised of certain slang terminology and this can make us feel a bit uninformed or, worse, cause us to say “YES” to something we clearly wanted to say “NO!” to! So, read on and find out the real meanings to some of the most popular (and perhaps some obscure) Sex Slang!  Keep in mind; this is NOT even close to a full list!

  This is less slang and more another language. This is when multiple men masturbate and then cum on a single woman at once.

  This is also fairly common nowadays.  It is when a man ejaculates in a partner’s vagina or ass and doesn’t use a condom.  Thereby making a “
creamy” center in her “pie.”

is is a perfectly natural occurrence - but, admittedly - is embarrassing when your lover screams, “Oh my GOD, you just QUEEFED!”  During intercourse air is forced into the vagina and sex_slang_the_meaning_of_all_those_hip_slang_wordssometimes, when this air is released, it makes a “fart-like” sound.  So, in simple terms: a vagina fart.

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My name is Forest, Forest Gump!  Shrimping is when your partner sucks your toes as a part of foreplay.  Why “shrimping?”  Have you ever really looked at a toe?

  No, not the beloved childhood cartoon character.  The WW is when, during oral sex, a woman takes and sucks on her lover’s balls and he then “pecks” her forehead with is cock. 

THE CORKSCREW:  This is a “fingering” method where you cross your middle finger over index finger and then move your wrist side to side in a “screwing” motion.  Then, use in either orifice for maximum pleasure. 

DAISY CHAIN (or CENTIPEDE):  This ingenious move makes orgies more organized!  Partner A eats out / gives blowjob to Partner B who is also eating out or blowing partner C and this goes on and on for as many partners as you wish and can be a mix of female/male or male/male or female/female.

THE FOUTAIN OF YOU:  While a man crouches over his partner facing her/his feet, having her/him lick and fondle his ass, he jacks himself off until a huge fountain of cum spurts all over her breasts and belly (or abdomen for a man) just like a fountain.

  Mmmmm, if you thought you were going to get a hot, steaming Krispy Kreme think again!  This is when after doing it doggie style (either vaginal or anal) the man removes his penis and “glazes” (cums) all over his partner’s butt cheeks.  Doesn’t that sound yummy?

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GOLDEN SHOWER:  A fairly popular phrase, the golden shower refers to peeing on your partner in any way.  This is a subdivision of “watersports” which basically means any sex that involves urination or squirting.

ATM (also called the HOT KARL):  ATM is an acronym for “ass to mouth” and is, as it infers, when a man has his cock inside his partner’s ass, then removes it and she sucks on it. NOT A SAFE PRACTICE unless the penis is washed first, and then it would be more like ATFTM (ass to faucet and then mouth!).

HUMMER:  This is a fairly common alternative word for “blowjob” except that, traditionally, a “hummer” was a blowjob where the person doing the blowing hums during it.  A definite must try activity.

THE MORK:   Please forgive me Robin Williams, may you rest in peace.  To do this move you will take your pinky and ring fingers and stick them into your partner’s ass and then your middle and index fingers will go into her vagina.  Bonus points if you yell “Nanoo nanoo” while you do this move!

THE MOSES OR ENJOYING SHARK WEEK:  Not for everyone, this is when a man will go down on a woman during her period.  The symbolic “parting of the red sea” and all that. 

FINGERCUFFS:  This one always makes me think of that movie Chasing Amy!  This is when a girl will take a man in her mouth and a man in her vagina or ass and she is stuck in the middle like Chinese Finger cuffs.

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  If your man asks you if you would “like a pearl necklace” you had better clarify before you scream “YES!”  A pearl necklace is when a man deposits his cum along your neckline, making a shiny (and sticky) bead of “pearls” for you to enjoy! That is, until it starts to drip off!

  This is fairly common now, but means when a partner “rims” or licks his partner’s butt-hole.

  No snow needed to navigate these slopes.  This is when a woman is taking on two guys, she situates herself between them, takes a cock in each hand and then jerks them off together.  The motion is much like holding two ski poles.

  Ahh, the lovely act of snowballing.  This is when a woman (or man) gives a blowjob to completion, takes all the cum and holds it in her/his mouth, then deposits it into the mouth of her partner.

TEABAGGING:  No, this has nothing to do with whether or not you like a good ole’ cup of Earl Grey.  Teabagging is when a man kneels above the face of a woman who is lying on her back and he then dips each ball into her mouth.

  This is not as much the act of sex as it is deriving sexual pleasure from a person dressed in a “furry” costume.  Yeah, like, getting it on with Elmo.

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