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Sex Positions For The Table

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Most couples are always on the lookout for other places to have sex OTHER than the bedroom!  Why not, right?  We should be trying to enhance our sex lives by finding fun places to get it on.  Personally, I feel that the kitchen table is a place of sexual wonderment where there are so many options for sex that you will never just look at your table as a place to just eat dinner again!  If you are interested in exploring the wonderment's of the dining room table for sexy time – then read on and get ready!
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KEEPING IT SIMPLE:  As a person who believes in keeping my dinner recipes simple, I firmly believe that simple can be the most satisfying!  So, when I think of sexual activity on the kitchen table I first and foremost think of standard intercourse!  Kitchen tables are the absolute perfect height for standard sex!  Most couples find it enjoyable to place the woman on sexy couple having tabletop sexthe table on her back with her butt to the edge of the table, then the man can enter her while standing up and holding her legs!  This provides a great visual for the man – as he can just down and watch her.  It offers variations as well – legs spread, legs tight, she can play with her clitoris – the options are quite nice.  Make sure you put something under her head and be aware that tables can be “sticky” so comfort is key.

If you prefer to start things out with a little oral, that same woman on back position is great for some down and dirty oral sex!  He can sit comfortably on a chair and scooch her to the end of the table, draping her knees over the edge.  Full access pass to any and all oral experiences.  Then, move on to other positions, or enjoy a leisurely 12 course meal!

BEND OVER BACKWARDS:  If you prefer something more “aggressive” you can simply bend your lover over the table, forcing her to lay her chest against it, and do her from behind!  This is a good position to try if you enjoy doggy, but want a little variation from the bedroom.  It also offers the added sensation of the smooth table top on naked skin.  The woman can also, if she desires, bend down and finger her clitoris during the action.

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GET OFF on THE TABLE:  If you have ever been reprimanded in your youth for being up on the table I am here to tell you to get ON the table.  Yes, that is right.  If you are feeling REALLY sexy, get up on the table on your hands and knees.  Yes, you will be too high for intercourse, but you will NOT be too high for a very erotic visual AND oral sex and fingering!  Being presented on a high platform, like a table, is a very sexually charged situation where there are many options for play – oral, fingers or sex toys – you choose!

HE’S WELCUM AT THE TABLE TOO:  This is not just for the women.  Oh no, men can partake of the table activities as well.  For example, if he sits on the edge of the table his penis is perfect for partaking of oral sex!  She can sit, comfortably, on a chair and just devour him completely.  Forcing him to spread his legs a big, she can use all the tricks in her blowjob book!  Taking him deeply, stroking him softly, even grabbing some ice from the freezer for some special BJ fun!  Then, he can give her some protein to boost her energy!

Or, if he is willing, he can lay on the table and YOU can ride him!  Just crawl up and get on top.  The firm table top makes for a non-slip area for you to get on top and ride him with gusto!  Just make absolutely sure your table can handle the weight AND the extra activity!
Handcuffs for couples
Tie Your Lover To The Table And Indulge With Our Sexy Restraints!

GET YOUR BONDAGE ON:  Finally, tables are great places to experiment with a little bondage action.  There are many places to affix restraints and to tie down your lover (either male or female) and enjoy some fun!  Imagine having your lover tied, spread eagle, on your table and she or he is unable to resist any of your sexy plans?  Oh yes, you will never see your table quite the same again!

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Date 11/10/2015
sex on the table is so good! i came home one night and was just so horney that i just put her up on the table and went straight to fucking! one of my favorite places in the house now!
Date 11/10/2015
Kyle W.
lots of fun now that we have a full size dining table
Date 11/10/2015
lol no!! our table is WAAAYY too shaky - I'm too scared to try it! Does counter sex count? That's safer for me lol
Date 11/10/2015
Stephanie Robins
I was getting ready to set the table one night when all of a sudden my hubby picked me up and put my knees down on it and started to eat me out. It was surprisingly the perfect oral position!
Date 11/10/2015
Bondage on the kitchen table sounded wierd at first but actually that would probably work really well

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