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Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Browse & Purchase Condoms Discreetly

Although this section may seem a bit elementary for some of you, our goal is to start with the basics.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of our core business we do not sell to those under the age of 18, but after reading through this section you may want to be that cool aunt or uncle that helps protect their nieces or nephews.  We encourage anyone, who feels this information may be useful, to print it off and share it with others.

What tips do you have for using a condom?

First be sure to use a new condom before each and every sexual act.  Use only latex condoms because lambskin condoms provide no protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  If you are allergic to latex, try polyurethane condoms.  Open the package carefully, never bite, use fingernails, or use scissors to open.  Put the condom on once your penis is erect, but before it gets near any body opening to avoid exposure to any fluid that can carry diseases.  Once the penis is erect, hold the condom by the tip and unroll it until it covers the entire erect penis.  Most condoms today have a "reservoir end," but if it doesn't, squeeze the tip of the condom to remove any air. If your penis is not circumcised, pull the foreskin back before putting the condom on.  After ejaculation, hold the condom firmly near the base of your penis and carefully remove you penis from your partner.  Finally, remove your condom and through it away, do NOT flush it down the toilet.

How do I store and take care of my condoms?

Exposing condoms to heat, humidity, or sunlight may cause the latex to break down which will make it more likely to tear or rupture.  Make sure you store condoms in a dark, cool, and dry environment.  Most condoms are safe for about 4 years.  Nonetheless, check the box to see when they were manufactured or when the will expire.  Different manufacturers will label the differently.  If you don't know how old the condom is, through it away and spend a couple of extra bucks on some new ones.  It may be the best few dollars you'll ever spend.

What do I do if the condom breaks?

First you must remember to stay calm and not panic.  Do not attempt any sort of douching to "clean things out."  It is very likely that this will push the sperm further into your body.  Something that you can do to help neutralize some infectious agents is to cover the entire genital area with a contraceptive foam that has a high concentration of spermicide.  Next you may want to contact a doctor if you think you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease or if you are concerned that you may become pregnant.  After that, try to think about what you did that may have caused the condom to break so you can do your best to avoid the situation in the future.

How To Have Casual Sex

What if I am allergic to latex condoms?

There are many people who are allergic to latex.  If this your situation, do not use lambskin condoms, they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).  Use a polyurethane condom.  Polyurethane condoms contain NO latex allergens.  To read more about polyurethane condoms click here.

What if my partner does not want to wear a condom?

Communication is one of the biggest factors in having a successful relationship, regardless if it is sexual or not.  For many people though, talking about sex can be awkward to say the least.  Just always keep in mind that you are discussing your health and safety, don't get too wrapped up in the fact that it is a sexual conversation.  One of the most difficult times to discuss safe sex is when you are right in the heat of the moment.  Try talking about it when there are not as many emotions involved, maybe on the phone or just during the middle of the day when nothing is really going on.  An easy way to bring the topic up would be to mention something that a friend told you or something that you saw on TV that relates to safe sex.  No matter what you do, always make your feelings, thoughts, and desires very clear.  Oh yeah, and your partner mentions that condoms don't feel good because they are too tight, let them know that stores do carry larger condoms.  If those are too tight as well, maybe you should try telling your partner that they are, "too BIG for you then as well."

Not protecting yourself? Read this!!!

Among American's ages 25-44, the leading cause of death is now AIDS.  One person dies of AIDS in this country every 15 minutes.  Every 13 minutes another person in this country is infected with HIV.  1 out of every 250 people in the United States is infected with HIV.  For men between the ages of 25-39 the numbers are even more scary, 1 in 92. There are currently over 1.25 million Americans that have HIV right now.  The number of teenagers that contract HIV doubles almost every year and one of the most alarming statistics is that approximately 80% of Americans who are infected with HIV don't even know it yet.  Over 12 million times a year doctor's in the United States diagnose people with sexually transmitted diseases.  Over 3 million of those diagnosed are teenagers.  The most common STD is chlamydia which reaches over 4 million new people every year.  2% of Americans are aware of the fact that they have genital herpes according to recent studies, but the real number of Americans that have genital herpes at this time is 20%.  25% of females have human papilloma virus (HPV) which makes them 10 times more likely to develop cervical cancer later in life.  One of the most shocking facts of all is that over 66% of all these people were infected before the age of 25 and that only 13% of Americans who were surveyed where using a condom every time they had sex.

What are some other forms of protection?

STD's can be easily transmitted without having intercourse.  Open wounds, small cuts, as well as, broken and severely chapped skin can easily allow fluids and STD's to pass from one person to another.  Therefore we recommend that you use other forms of protections as well for various sexual acts.  Latex gloves, otherwise know as surgical gloves, and finger cots help protect you from allowing STD's to pass from tiny cuts, hangnails, and other exposed areas on the fingers and hands.  In order for these devices to be most effective, we suggest removing any rings that you may be wearing and keep your fingernails neatly trimmed.  Another for of protection that is used mostly during oral sex is a dental dam.  A dental dam in it's most simple terms is a small, thin piece of latex.  You will want to place this small piece of latex over the vagina and anus during oral sex and make sure that it always stays between your mouth and area that you are performing oral sex on.

What are some examples of safe and unsafe sex?

Although you may laugh at we people define as "safe," here is the list.  Phone sex, watching and reading pornography, fantasizing, hugging, dry kissing, massaging, masturbating (yourself), and using sex toys (only on yourself).  Some things that are obviously "unsafe," are vaginal intercourse without a latex condom, anal sex without a latex condom, sucking a women's breast who is lactating, and the sharing of sex toys without properly cleaning them between partners.  Some things that might surprise you are acts that are only considered "partially safe."  These acts include stimulation of the penis, anus, or vagina with your hand, french kissing, anal sex with a latex condom, and vaginal sex with a latex condom.

How Do You Protect Yourself?
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Date 1/18/2016
There is always a risk, but the best way to lower your risk of STDs is to be in a monogamous and serious relationship with someone!
Date 2/11/2016
Janet W.
Always get tested after spending the night with a new partner!
Date 6/10/2016
Ive had chlamydia got it from a new partner his ex had it. Made me very cautious!

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