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Our Letter to YOU - Merry Christmas!

Posted by Angela to General / Misc Info
"What do you want more of in the bedroom this year?"
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We want to take a moment to send you our very best wishes on this special holiday. I want you to know from myself and from our TooTimid family, that we consider you more than just a customer.

We appreciate what you do for us. It is because of you that we employ over 15 people with jobs here in Nashua, New Hampshire. I know, you don't necessarily think of New Hampshire as a sexy place, but it is pretty sexy here. (lol!) We do our very best to work for you by bringing you great toys and bedroom advice. The bottom line is that we couldn't do what we do without you! How fun it is to work in a sex-friendly place where it is not uncommon to see dildos and vibrators on desks and blowup dolls hanging from the ceiling?! (Just kidding about the dolls, by the way!).

But in all seriousness, we extend our wishes to you for good health and good cheer. Today, I am going to my boyfriend's parents house, and we are having another yankee swap! I made a "New Year's Eve" basket that I put together. It has a bottle of champagne, 2 champagne flutes, poppers and gourmet cheese. I hope it's a hit this year! Isn't it the worst when you put thought into a yankee swap gift, and nobody wants it? Haha!

As I tell you every year, don't forget to enjoy our special Christmas Day only coupons as well and our free gift...should you find yourself in a "naughty mood" of course. :)

Lots of Love to YOU & A Very Merry Christmas!

-Angela Rosario & All of the TooTimid Family

Enjoy some quick facts about some of our staff:

Cheyenne (Product Development) - Loves fried pickles so much that she ate them 7 days straight.

Ali (Content) - Used to work for a professional costume retail store, and owns a very interesting range of costumes.

Randa (Content) - She is the super quiet observer, but cracks the most sarcastic jokes out of all of us. She has a great sense of humor!

Deana (Product Launch) - Loves video games...No, like, LOVES video games. She even has some tattoos that are video-game inspired!

(Customer Relations) - Have you ever had a sweet tooth? Well, Andrea has the biggest sweet tooth. We always know any sweet dessert loaded with sugar will be a hit for her.

Lyndsey (Customer Relations) - She loves pop tarts...absolutely LOVES them. We know not to touch them when we see a box in the break room.


Date 12/24/2015
TooTimid Angela
I want more oral this year. Yes, I said it! -Angela
Date 12/24/2015
I want to wake up to more head lol ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Happy Holidays Everyone at ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Date 12/24/2015
Horney Ella
Love some of those facts...I love pop tarts too! The cinnamon ones lol! I want a real man for xmas!!
Date 12/25/2015
I want also want more oral! Lots of it!
Date 12/25/2015
I want to tie my wife up!
Date 12/25/2015
Kaitlyn Flores
I'd like some more play time with my husband~ Happy holidays tootimid team ??????
Date 12/25/2015
I need a few things. How about foreplay lasting more than 2 minutes. How about intercourse lasting more than 3 minutes.
Date 12/25/2015
Equal amounts of playing in the front door as well as the back door. mmmmmm howdy! The sign said " liquor in front, poker in the rear!"
Date 12/25/2015
michael g
I would like more pussy from behind , more oily handjobs, more sex of any kind , finger her till she pees w/ joy
Date 12/25/2015
I want my wife to be more open to trying even more tootimid products. I love to play with her body and hear her orgasms.
Date 12/25/2015
Adding toys in the bedroom! Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, TooTimid!
Date 12/25/2015
I want more anal play for both of us and to make pegging part of our sex life... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
Date 12/25/2015
I got what I want after 15 years with the same women :) her to try some new things,,, now we have a hole closet of new things! The funniest thing said this year while shopping "NO that's way to big" tonight? " Ummmmmm that was amazing" maybe she will trust my tastes more or stop being to timid when picking out stuff I can explore her with her with!! Love getting her off before me! Nothing better then a happy wife! Just saying ! Marry Christmas all! Don't push ideas just keep suggesting, it got me farther * giggling! I lick it every time before we start and I know she LOVES that!
Date 12/25/2015
More oral is always great!! Giving and receiving.
Date 12/25/2015
Mary Kirk
Date 12/26/2015
I would like more sex in the new year.
Date 12/28/2015
I want a man who listens when I tell him what I like.

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