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Orgasm While Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Posted by Kaitlin to Women's Issues
We are all, already hot and bothered by the trailer for the up-and-coming Fifty Shades of Grey film.  I mean, even if you wanted another actor to play Christian Grey, you cannot deny Jamie Dornan's incredible body as he struts around in just those worn out jeans.  Yes, please!  So, I can imagine what will be going through the minds of millions of ladies (myself included) when watching him and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) playing the part on the big screen.  What if I told you that you could make your viewing experience even more erotically stimulating?

What if, when you're watching the push and pull of Christian and Ana's relationship - and you know, all the good stuff on screen - you could add even more pleasure?  Intimate pleasure.  What if you could feel a little extra each time you adjusted in your seat?  What if you had an orgasm while Mr. Grey was taking Anastasia for the first time?  So hot!  I
invite you to connect with the characters in an even deeper sense than just watching him dominate and her play submissive.  Let yourself get a little wild and discover how to Orgasm While Watching Fifty Shades of Grey!


These pleasure-ready balls don't appear in the Fifty Shades world until the third book, but I'm guessing you've heard about them!  Known by many names: orgasm balls, Ben Wa balls, pleasure balls, geisha balls, etc., these mystical beads can provide not only pleasure right now, but increase your long-term sexual satisfaction!  They can be used for pleasure (feel the sensation of your muscles working as you hold them tight), as a reminder of someone who made you wear them (Mr. Grey), AND they can help strengthen your pelvic floor (Kegel muscle) to make your orgasms stronger than ever before!

Fifty Shades Silver Pleasure Balls

Full Price Only $43.95
Can you get any closer to Mr. Grey than with orgasm balls designed right from the books?!  These Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are smooth, sleek, and heavily weighted to strengthen your pelvic floor.  These pleasure balls are weighted to provide a sexy struggle to keep them inside while you watch the movie!

Couture Eclipse Orgasm Balls

Full Price Only $25.95
These orgasm balls are encased in silicone pockets with a sturdy retrieval cord at the base.  The Couture Eclipse Orgasm Balls also contain small metal weights that swirl around as you move, offering some very stimulating sensations!  These are the perfect size, shape and light weight for new users!


Did you know that we offer a wide variety of creams and balms that can enhance sensations in your clit?  These clitoral creams are specially formulated for women's most sensitive sexual spot.  They increase blood flow and offer warming, cooling, and tingling sensations.  You'll squirm in your seat picturing Christian playing with you and you only!  When you've got a bit of these enhancements driving you wild, just try to stay still!

Wanna Be Explosive Clit Arousal Cream

Full Price Only $10.95
Increase your arousal and feel the difference with the Wanna Be Explosive Clit Arousal Cream!  Just a little dab rubbed on and around your clitoris will provide sensational pleasure without anyone knowing your secret!

Viva Cream For Women

Full Price Only $22.95
Wriggle in your seat as you feast your eyes on Mr. Grey!  Build your arousal and excitement with this blood-pumping, non-hormonal blend of herbal extracts!  Viva Cream is a long-time favorite of shoppers!


Shhh.  If you're feeling particularly frisky about the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, sneak your own personal stimulation into the movie theater with a wireless remote vibrator!  When the action gets hot and heavy on screen, you'll have an orgasm waiting at your fingertips! Just be sure to test your vibes before sitting in those stadium seats.  Slip the remote into your jacket pocket, your purse, wherever, and place the vibrator into your undies and enjoy!  They're completely wireless so you don't need to keep your hand down your pants the whole movie! If you want whisper-quiet vibrations that won't sound like you're getting a prolonged phone call, take a peek at the two vibrators I've tested below!

Body & Soul: Life, Love & Lust Vibe

Full Price Only $70.95
This vibe is sleek, metallic, and oh so sexy.  It comes with a good sized bullet and an easy-to-operate remote control.  With TEN vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions, the Body & Soul: Life, Love, Lust Vibe is my top pick for silent but sexy bliss!

10 Function Tantric Remote Control Vibe

Full Price Only $63.95
Feel the velvety smooth finish of the 10 Function Tantric Remote Control Vibe all over you at the movies!  The one-button remote cycles through 10 delicious vibration patterns and speeds, and shuts off after you hold it for a moment.  It's quiet, durable, and molded to fit a woman's curves.  The perfect companion!

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