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All About Edging

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
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Since the award-winning show Orange Is the New Black brought it into millions of homes, edging has risen in popularity.  Rapidly.  For men seeking more pleasure in masturbation and orgasm, this is the answer.  Edging can even diminish premature ejaculation and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  So what is this magical masturbation technique?  Read on to learn All About Edging!

To put it plainly, edging is an orgasm control technique.  Typically a solo act done by a man, he stimulates himself sexually but slows or momentarily stops masturbating just before ejaculation.  He will then resume masturbating, continuing this process of reaching the “edge” of orgasm, holding off for as long as possible before experiencing an intense climax.  Edging may be known simply as orgasm control, or by fun other names like “surfing,” or, “peaking.”


CONTROL:  The ability to control your own orgasmic release is a serious skill!  Imagine the sexual experiences you can enjoy when you have the power to keep going!  You will gain the knowledge of knowing exactly when you are going to orgasm, and manipulate yourself to hold off.  You can have long-lasting pleasure and simultaneous orgasms with your partner.  Talk about intimacy!

INTENSITY:  The more you build up sexual tension and continue to reach and retreat from the edge, the more explosive your orgasms will be!  Think about it as a big tease.  You get to learn all about how your body handles pleasure and end with a BANG!

PREMATURE EJACULATION MANAGEMENT:  Those who are experiencing premature ejaculation may find that edging helps to minimize these symptoms.  Some can even overcome mild to moderate premature ejaculation by learning about (and feeling) their point of no return (PONR).  The more familiar you become with your body’s reactions to certain strokes, pressure, etc., the more you can discipline yourself.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION MANAGEMENT:  We’ve discussed the many causes and solutions for ED, but when it comes down to it, one of the main factors for ED is your blood.  Blood flow, to be exact.  For whatever reason, your blood flow is being blocked from filling the penis and making (or keeping) it erect.  Edging increases blood flow to your penis, by sustaining your erection for longer periods of time.  This enriches the penile tissues and increases healthy blood flow.

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KEGEL STRENGTH:  By combining the sensational understanding of edging, and the muscle vitality you gain with Kegel (pelvic floor) exercises, you will be unstoppable!  Or, very stoppable!  You will increase your arousal and orgasm manipulation by feeling your PONR and have strengthened pelvic muscles to stop your impending ejaculation.  Or use them to push through a powerful O.  This combo is sometimes called “Ballooning,” where you continually push more blood into your penis to increase resilience and, in some cases, size.


START WITH YOURSELF:  Edging can be done during intercourse or masturbation, but it’s always best to start solo.  You’ll want to get a sense of how you become aroused, locate your special spots and maybe even learn some new techniques for pleasuring yourself.  This is about your control afterall.

INVEST IN A GREAT LUBRICANT:  Edging requires proloooonged stimulation!  You may only last a few extra moments when you start, but pretty soon you will be adding minutes to your sexual stamina.  We at TooTimid recommend using a silicone lubricant, like Astroglide X, when you are masturbating with your hands, and a sturdy water-based lubricant, like Pjur Man Waterglide, when using a Masturbator or silicone toy.

WITHHOLDING:  You want to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, and then reduce the stimulation.  This requires you to learn the sensations of your PONR and often requires practice!  It might take time to learn all the signs, but hey, you still get to orgasm!  You should avoid intense stimulation until you know your limits.  The head of the penis and the perineum tend to be very sensitive, so avoiding direct stimulation to these hot spots will help prolong your play.  Take it slow - if you move to quickly, it will be very difficult to avoid the PONR and continue!  You don't want to stop all stimulation unless you are very close to orgasm, but not at your PONR.  This is because the ultimate goal is to extend your pleasure during masturbation and sex.

Once you have learned the signs of an impending orgasm, you will be able to reduce stimulation without eliminating it.  Then, you and your partner can enjoy incredible, longer-lasting sex!  So have fun with it!

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Date 10/22/2014
I am personally a HUGE fan of is an artform afterall!

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