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8 Oral Sex Techniques to Try on Him

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
8 Oral Sex Tricks To Try On Him Spice Up Oral Sex Edible Lubes & Gels!

Are you giving your man oral ovations?  If not, you SHOULD!  In almost every poll I have ever read that addresses what men want MORE of in bed the number # 1 answer is always:  more blowjobs!   Women, come on, admit it – you know that you just do it out of “obligation” or because you want him to go down on you.  How many of you REALLY love to do it?  The thing is, if you really learn to do it well, you will love to do it because it will make HIM feel so tremendous!  You will see the power and the enjoyment that it can give to you!  Oral sex is a truly intimate moment for any couple, and knowing some special tricks of the tongue will help you to blow him AND his mind!  Take a look and discover my 8 Oral Sex Techniques to Try on Him!


When you are about to give your man head, do you just JUMP right in?  That seems to be the inclination, but I say don’t.  From whatever position you are in, just take a moment to rub your hands all over his shaft.  Grab his balls and give ‘em a little tug.  Gently stroke him – not enough to be jacking him off – but enough that he knows you are there.  Just take a minute or two to become acquainted with his manhood – this is especially important for new lovers!


Sometimes a little gesture can make all the difference.  Did you ever think of putting your tongue in the hole of his penis?  Yes, THAT hole!  This is a very sensitive spot for your guy, if you run your tongue around the tip of his penis, and stick the tip of your tongue there, gently, he will have sensations he has never felt before!


If you are not using your hands during oral sex, then you need to get with the program, girl!  But, instead of just stroking him back and forth, try a new move – twisting!  First, make sure that his entire shaft is slick with your saliva (middle of the BJ is a good time), and place your dominant hand around his shaft in a full fist.  Then, continue to suck, lick and tease his shaft but at the same time, twist your hand around his shaft working up and down, twisting all the way.  He will LOVE it!

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Have you ever watched a blowjob in porn?  Have you seen when the girl is just covered in spit?  Men LOVE this.  If your guy is on his back while you are pleasuring him – gather up some spit and drool it all over his penis!  Yeah, I said it!  This not only feels fantastic to him – the slow trickle of spit falling over his shaft and balls – but, it also makes him think you are salivating for him!  No, really!  Also, it makes for great lubrication for the Twist and Shout maneuver!

Intimate Couple Oral Sex Tips

It is true, men love a good deepthroating!  However, not every woman can do this.  Sometimes the gag reflex is just too high and you can’t take him down your throat, despite your best intentions.  So, you can “fake the feeling” of deepthroating by this little trick.  As you are sucking on him, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, then bob him in and out of your mouth as far back as your tongue will allow.  This gives him roughly the sensation of a deepthroating and you won’t gag!  However, ladies, if you CAN do it, then DO IT!


OK ladies, here comes the lecture.  You have given your man a fantastic blowjob with all the attentions and skills of a professional!  You now have one, more thing to do:  swallow.  Not only that, but once he has emptied himself into your mouth and you have swallowed every tasty drop you KEEP ON SUCKING – GENTLY.  Yes. This period of time after orgasm is an extremely sensitive time for your man.  Most women just jump off like – JOB DONE!  No, no, no!  Enjoy this time.  Enjoy his shivers as you continue to lightly suck him.


Do you know what the “frenulum” is?  On the underside of your man’s shaft, by the head, there is a little patch of skin called the frenulum.  This is a highly neglected, but sensitive part of your man.  If you are sucking and licking his shaft and take a moment to massage this bit of skin, well, the rewards will be amazing!  Be gentle ladies, not too hard and make sure not to press – just massage and go about your regularly scheduled BJ action at the same time!


Here is a secret ladies, when you look up at your man from your spot on your knees or between his legs with his penis in your mouth:  he goes NUTS!  There is something sultry and seductive about a woman peering up at her man while giving head.  Or, if you are taking a stroke break, look up at him then, too.  It will be a turn on for both of you – because when you see the look of desire in his eyes, you will know that everything you just did to pleasure him was going to come back to you – TENFOLD!

What Are Your Favorite Techiques?
Let Us Know!


Date 8/17/2014
J in FL
I appreciate the tips you send in my email. They really get me to thinking ! I never thought I'd be ssying this to a sex toy company ! But, the advice offered is all in the right spirit and wording I am comfortable with ! Thank you for making mutual pleasure a good learning experience.
Date 8/18/2014
Don't forget to rim his ass and maybe a finger in it but make sure you use enough spit for lub.
Date 8/18/2014
I love hearing such positive reviews! :)
Date 8/18/2014
Kathy Kwaak
I love giving my husband BJs!!!! I do it as often as I can. He goes crazy when I love him with my mouth and tongue and I get a fantastic reward from him! :)
Date 9/8/2014
I like to use some good flavored body butter on my face. I put it on like I would lotion. So as I am going down on him you can roll it on you face like you are just worshiping it and all you doing is giving it a good taste. And it helps me build up spit. Just a tip I have learned. Maybe it will help y'all. Also it helps some with gagging.
Date 1/27/2015
It's truly my pleasure to give my man a blow job, whether he's going to go down on me or not. My question is why is it hard for some men to 'get off' this way? Not all men are like this I'm sure. I sometimes wonder what I'm doing wrong. I've used all those techniques too.
Date 3/2/2015
I'm sure glad I seen this site. Great love making tips and instruction. I have to agree with one of the other ladies here that all men are not that easy. Most guys can explode from the wind blowing. I love giving oral to my lady that I'm with. One would think that a woman with two kids would know how to please a man. But the case isn't true one bit. When I go down on my girl I put myself in their place and think how would I want to be licked. It works every time. My girl try's to shake me off and I know she is enjoying the moment. At times I have to drive this train and be in control. I have to be in a certain spot to feel when it's time to ejaculate. She asks what can I do. One would think you shouldn't have to, but it all new for all folks.
Date 9/11/2015
JB in FL
Giving head can be tremendously sensuous, on the way down, before you even get to his penis and balls ! Feel his belly hair and warmth on your face, as you "squiggle" your lips down his belly. Enjoy his natural scent, which is wonderful when he is clean and fresh. Revel in the little sounds he makes as you give your first lick. Pause to tell him how intimate this part is. No need to make the male organ the immediate focus of your attention when you can share all this kind of foreplay, too.
Date 9/11/2015
The well explained 8 points will be such great gifts that I can give my man. I love giving him oral sex and he knows it and loves it when I take him right down my throat and swallow his cum. With the right man and this is the right man I find I can do everything he loves. I can hardly wait to practise the 8 new suggestions
Date 11/20/2017
Love this!

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